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1Life - Impossible to communicate with gym / cancel membership - Do I have to pay?

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TLDR version: I refuse to pay my month notice of gym membership because I couldn't reach anyone there for 6 weeks. Impossible to explain this to the gym as they won't reply to me, only get automated replies.



Full version:


I should have read this subforum before cancelling my membership, for the good advice of sending a recorded mail. But I havn't :( so I'd appreciate if you could give me advice. Here are the basic facts:



-2013. I stopped going to the gym


-Sept 2016. I finally decided to cancel my membership, yes I know I'm an idiot.


-I called them every week, left messages with my membership number, etc... no call back, nothing. (i have evidence (phone records))


-I visited the gym, got told the membership guy is on holiday, also get told he doesn't always respond to messages, also got told he doesn't deal with cancelations. unfortunately I got told that in person so no record.


-Called my bank to cancel the DD as this was the only option.


-Finally, got contacted by the main company, 1life, as - surprise! - they couldn't collect my payment. Unfortunately these were threatening letters, text messages, and recorded messages.


-I e-mailed them and left them a telephone number. They never called the number I asked them to (keep calling my mobile instead which I can't access in office hours), and left more threatening messages.


-I finally got a reply to my email around the 20th October, they said they accepted my cancellation request as of my email to them, but I'd have to pay the last month of membership.


-I replied that I don't accept that and I asked that my cancellation date was entered as September which is when I tried to contact them initially.


-The didn't reply but they passed my "debt" to a collection agency instead and added 20£ to it.



All in all, they sent me just 1 e-mail, over the last 5 months. Rubbish customer service, unable to even process simple information and reply to messages.


Do I have to pay? I'm not concerned about the money and I can afford it, but it makes me rage inside to be treated like dirt by a company I've already paid much more than was due to them.


I'm kind prepared to go to court just to prove my point. I'm happy to produce all the emails to them as well as records of the calls I made and proof that they just never called back the number I gave them.


Is it worth it though? What do you think please? Should I just shut up and pay up :( ?? Is there any other way out?


Is this going to screw up my credit rating for something so stupid ( I don't have any debt )


Are they entitled to my money when they can't even provide basic service?


First world problems, I know...


but thank you in advance for your advice.

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What is the name of the gym.


What is the name of their powerless debt collector?


What was the last letter you received from them?


IGNORE, the powerless tame debt collector.


They can do NOTHING.


Your credit file will be perfectly fine, they can't touch it as your gym agreement is NOT a credit agreement.


There will be NO court either, not unless they want to be exposed by a judge.


And NO, they're not entitled to your money, at the very very most, all they can ever claim, is one months payment, nothing more!


Stop talking/emailing them.


Let us know what the last letter was you received, and who the gym is please.

Who ever heard of someone getting a job at the Jobcentre? The unemployed are sent there as penance for their sins, not to help them find work!



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Thanks a lot for the fast and encouraging reply!


The place is 1life gym North Kesteven [Edit: can't post a link as I don't have enough posts]


The debt collector is ARC Europe limited.


Received their letter today, dated 30th Dec. Previous letters were from the gym itself.


I did already email them to let them know why I refuse to pay, hopefully they'll get the message, but I'll follow your advice and ignore further threats. Will update this thread if there are any news.


Thanks again!

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Hi Kyo,


We're well-acquainted with ARC. The collect for David Lloyd gym when folk don't pay DL's ridiculous 3 month notice requirement !


Given the appalling standard of customer service provided by the gym, I think you're right to ignore any demands from the gym and/or ARC.


Keep us posted about contact and/or demands.


Generally speaking, gym issues will not affect your credit files at all. This has been the case since The OFT took AMSL to the High Court in 2011.



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