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@markrittman How can I get my Amazon Echo to control my wifi kettle?

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This guy – MarK Rittman https://www.google.fr/search?q=mark+ritter+echo&ie=utf-8&oe=utf-8&client=firefox-b&gfe_rd=cr&ei=JbxsWM2eJKv_8Afnx6uQAg#q=mark+rittman++echo+kettle managed to program his Amazon Echo to control his Internet connected kettle.


I have no idea how to go about this. Does anyone have any idea how to do it? Or how to find all the instructions to do it?



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Hey Bakfodder! Long time no see!


Anyhoo, you can indeed do that with Echo, Siri and quite a few other devices. As you're local (to the UK) the easiest is to go get Hive from British Gas (https://www.hivehome.com/alexa) .. What "hive" is, is literally a secondary device (much like your router) that connects to a bunch of other devices like thermostats, adapters that your kettle could be connected to.. The gimmick in question would be: https://www.hivehome.com/products/hive-active-plug


How is works is..


1) You have an internet connection, so can connect to the "hive systems"

2) You get a Hive hub, which is pretty much like a router, but it plugs in the mains, the back end of it plugs into the internet router so it can talk back to hive.

3) All the Little devices you get e.g. light bulbs (I'm not kidding), mains adapters, thermostats, movement sensors etc... All collectively talk to this new "hub". They get told to be turned up or down, switched on or off by it.

4) You need to download the hive app (from the apple App Store or google play store), sign up with the serial number of that hub so they know it's you and not some stranger.

6) When the app is up and running you turn your devices on and off, thermostats up and down by sending messages from your phone / tablet, via the internet... The hub in turn checks its queues messages from your and actions them... VOILA... Instant cuppa tea in Dymchurch whilst you're in Angola.


As lovely as IoT (as they call it, Internet of Things) is, and I'm an advocate too. The Proof of concept has been proven time and time again that even someone so much as uttering "Alexa ..." "ok google" "hey siri" over the television is enough to get it to react.


Anyhoo, hope this helps in some way :-)





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