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    • they cant just change their mind as to what condition was breached, it has to be given on the screen ticket ad the NTK and match one of the conditions on the signage at the time.   If I employed you to cut my grass and you did a rubbish job of that and I decided to sue you for not watering the flowers I cant suddenly change my mind when I realise that is a loser and say that you didnt cut it in a nice stripy pattern when there was no such mention of that condition in the agreement.   GOGW is admissible to show that thier client doesnt really have a contractual claim for the sum at all. they will say they are being generous but the truth is they are abusing the courts to try and coerce you into paying money that isnt actually owed and they know it. half of what they ask for is unlawful under the terms of the POFA but they do like to try it on as it mitigates their costs of the actions they lose
    • so just follow the advice given in the other threads and if they are stupid enough to threaten court action you respond to that but nothing before that.   The barriers might have been removed due to a loack of planning permission so chack with the council. If they know nothing about any of it then enquiries to the land agnets/management co would be in order.
    • "Dear Simple simon" as Simon Renshaw Smith owns the company   drop the reference to your lawyer. if you had one he would be writing this letter dont ask for an explanation,  it only repeats what you say 2 lines later anyway
    • you ignore this begging letter. Also yu check with the council about planning permission, if you cnat find it on the planning portal you ask the council planning dept about any applicatiosn for that address. You cnat assume things but you can state that you do not belive they have the necessary contracts/permissions/consents because they have failed to provide them when requested under CPR 31.14 now there is a thing called Standard Disclosure for all civil proceedings (CPR 31.6) so they cant wriggle out of it so easily as that includes anything that adversely affects their case so if they wont produce their contract with the LL then you can say that you believe they have failed to do so because it aversely affects their case. they are then caught by the "when did you stop beating your wife" impossibility.   make sure that you have all documents you need to avoid them throwing it back at you but generally there wont be an equivalent if you arent the driver!  
    • Here is the section which applies. Internal VAT Guidance. https://www.gov.uk/hmrc-internal-manuals/vat-business-non-business/vbnb41720 The Sheriff’s Officer organises the activities of the bailiffs and, where necessary, the sale of the debtor’s goods. In some areas, they are a salaried employee of the Under-Sheriff. In others they are a self-employed sole proprietor or partner working either full- time as a Sheriff’s Officer or part-time as a Sheriff’s Officer with other business activities such as an auctioneer. If they are not an employee their services are taxable. The position of bailiffs is similar to this. The other people involved in High Court debt recovery work, for example locksmiths, auctioneers or removal men are also regarded as making taxable supplies in the course of their businesses. (b) Nature and value of supply The total fees and allowable expenses payable in respect of services provided by the different people involved are set out in the relevant Sheriff’s Fees Order. The value for VAT purposes is the amount each person gets as their share of the statutory fee and any expenses charged. The full amount charged, including tax, is recoverable from the debtor.
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12mts old ECO Scheme Boiler Packs In after many issues with exaust water pipe

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Sorry this may seem like a long winded question,

but I have tried to explain as best as I can.


In March 2016 I had a new combi (condensing) boiler fitted under the “Green Deal” due to me being disabled and my old boiler being quite old.



The company that fitted it was ESI Scotland Ltd.



At first I was more than happy with what appeared to be a great job, however, there soon appeared problems.



The waste pump failed and water was leaking all over the cupboard.

When the company came out to check they stated that it was as a result of condensation on the exposed pipes and put lagging around them. The leak continued.



Someone from “Green Deal” came to inspect the completed work, but were not happy with several things, wires had been left dangling and not clipped, the exhaust pipe looked as if it was too far out and of course the leak.



They arranged for someone from ESI to make good the repairs,

the guy who came to fix the exhaust pipe just literally pushed it into the wall.



The next person stated there was no leak despite showing him images of where the water was dripping.

Eventually the leak became so bad that we had to have a bucket under the pump to catch the water which we had to empty twice each day. They decided to replace the pump.

The carpet in the cupboard was ruined and had to be thrown out.



All then seemed to work fine until Just after the bells on New Year

we noticed that there was no hot water.



On opening up the cupboard we could smell gas.

The Gas Safety Engineer came out and slapped a “DO NOT USE” sticker on it.



After contacting ESI they came out and stated that the issue was with the boiler and so was a manufacturers problem under warranty. T



oday Vokera came out and after spending some time examining the boiler decided that the issue was not the boiler but the exhaust.



ESI then came back out and after removing the exhaust discovered that it had disconnected internally and although they have made a temporary repair (which they say will be fully rectified tomorrow)



I feel that this is a result of shoddy workmanship particularly as a result of them shoving the pipe in when they came to repair it.



Over the New Year I had no hot water or central heating but did have a Gas Fire which I had to have on almost continually to keep the house warm.



Due to my disability I am unable to keep my body temperature regulated properly so relied on this fire to help, now I dread my next Bill.


Who can I complain to if there is anyone?

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the installers



we had the same

wont name them because they came up trumps later on.

if I said enerysavingtrust

would you know who I mean






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