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I have seperated from my partner ex partner just over a year ago and some how I'd allowed her too put all of our debts into my name.



Shock horror when we split up she stopped paying for them and I today had a bailiff call from Andrew jones enforcement.



They've apparently sent out 6/7 letters too my previous address but I have only received one at this address.



today he visited and has told my partner if I don't phone him within the hour he is going too be back too arrest me.


Firstly the debt is £410 from council tax. The original amount owed was £80.


I have had bailiffs send back debts previously due too the fact I have ADHD and severely struggle too deal with such people.



I accept the debt but am struggling financially as I have recently been through court to gain custody of my eldest child [removed - dx].



However I have not yet been able to start claiming for her child tax credits etc.

I have sold my car, tv everything worth anything except my phone during this time.

Everything in the house is owned by my partner.


Firstly can the bailiff arrest me ?

Secondly am I classed as a vulnerable person with ADHD as it is classed as a mental health disorder ?


What's the best plan of action from here he is due back shortly an I have no idea what to do ?



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I am sorry to hear of your recent problems.


The council tax debt of £80 has attracted a Compliance fee of £75 and an Enforcement fee of £235. Correspondence had been going to your previous address and unfortunately, the legislation provides that the local authority can issue a summons against you at the 'last known' address.


As the debt is for council tax arrears, there is NO right to force entry. Sadly, many bailiffs do threaten arrest, they should not be doing so and they damn well know it. Although the threat is a 'hollow' one, the fact of the matter, is that many times, these 'threats' do encourage payment.


It would be for a court...and NOT a bailiff to consider an arrest warrant. Each year, almost 3.6 million Liability Orders are issued. There are cases where a person is sent to prison but these are very rare indeed and will NEVER happen for debts such as £80 !!!! I can assure you of that.


As you do not have a car outside, you should be writing to Andrew James Enforcement and explaining to them that you have ADHD. It is important to provide some documentary evidence. A payment proposal should be outlined in the letter as well. With any luck, they may return the case back to the council. Take one step at a time.


Any questions, please post back.

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The bailiff cannot force entry or arrest you, follow the advice given by BA, and do not let him/her in. Are you working or totally reliant on benefits or is there a new claim as you now have responsibility for a child? If so make sure you claim Council Tax Relief, and any single person discount to be applied to your bill.


This case is relevant what is discussed on here regarding correspondence to old addresses.:



We could do with some help from you.



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The bailiff: A 12th Century solution re-branded as Enforcement Agents for the 21st Century to seize and sell debtors goods as before Oh so Dickensian!

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