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We have several concerns about our current landlord and current house.


1. two windows smashed due to a fault.

There has been a product recall in which the company who installed them will replace all of these windows.



Our landlord response is to come by with some gloves and a box.

Only the ones which already broke, the others are still at risk of spontaneously shattering.


2. no current gas certificate. no gas certificate since we moved in, if there is one it is fraudulent.


3. black mould, my asthma has increased from mild to severe.


4. I am currently disabled and been told by doctors to move out of the property.

We had seven months left on our lease.

Our landlord insisted we stay to the last month even if we offered to pay the remaining months.


5. He set up our next landlord on our behalf.

We decided not to go with them, but he brings the landlord we rejected around to our house on the pretext of making repairs while also asking us about where we are moving to. Feel pressurised.


6. We gave three months notice so we could relax and not be bothered during the move.

(due to disability) he had the estate agent bringing people around for the whole three months.


7. The latest is he is pressuring us to move out early but also pay the rent when we aren't living there.



Now that the estate agent found interested people.

For example, we expect to move in one week, but we are paying for another 2 months.

We haven't had the all clear, credit checks etc but he wants to know NOW what's going on.

(we had a delay due to the landlord he set us up with. so instead of having a relaxing three months we had about 10 days.)


8. Had doctors letters saying the house isn't suitable, need to move.

The house cannot be adapted for my needs.


My question really is

we are tempted to go after them, for the potentially dangerous window

(two have broken glass overhead, plus one in tact but same brand that shattered already),

the lack of gas certificate,

our deposit being in their bank not protected,

black mould growing where a pipe was leaking for two years.


The thing is we are disabled and any retaliatory actions or stress would increase health problems.



Scared that calling environmental health will spark a chain of events when the whole point is we want to be left alone to peaceful quality of life.


However, it is nagging at me, the potential dangers to the next tenant.


Where do we stand as well due to the other issues with paying the rest of the contract?

I.e after we move out we will still be paying about 6 weeks.

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Is the letting agent a member ofa trade association like ARLA? If so they can be hauled over the coals regarding the gas safe cert and the deposit not being held properly. If they arent in a trade association then you can shop them to the council for being an unlicenced deposit taker

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They aren't under an agent anymore. They are in the UK.

Also when we moved in there was a broken couch, which we noted and gave to them on the inventory list. Now they want to charge us to replace the couch. It's also three years later and a secondhand couch with no receipt. So even if we had damaged it there is no way we could claim on insurance, check what the value would be, check depreciation.

They arrange everything for us, such as viewings, they are always there and have pre-arranged a time which we are supposed to fit into.

Also say if we are not there then they will come in themselves.

We angled for repairs for a while and now they are having them done but not saying is the day ok. just we are coming in.

Think they were threatening to withhold a reference, we pay and it's ok we can move out. Right now what we are scared of the most is not being able to rent another.

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Also started arranging viewings four months before our contract end. talking about deposit now one month before

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