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Getting our Deposit Back for a New Car

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Hi all


I know the answer would normally be "no" that we arent entitled to our deposit back.

However, bear with me.

We dont NOT want the car, we just dont want to deal with the dealership anymore.


Myself and my partner went into a natiional garage to purchase a new Nissan car.



When we went in it took over 4 hours, but they said that we could take the model that was on the forecourt, that was brand new.



it was available as they were geting the new version in.

He told us that they had various small upgraded features such as Chrome pack etc.

I am currently 9 months pregnant and the wheel had just fallen off my 3 year old car, so we really needed to change it as I didnt feel safe anymore.



We were happy with this car

we paid a £1000 deposit to help us with the finance application.

This was on a saturday and we were told we would hear back monday about how it went.



Tuesday rolls around and we get told we are approved for finance and everything is fine and we would get the car in a day or so.



However, they had decided that we were no longer getting the one in the forecourt because the manager had changed his mind due to there being more "upgrades than he realised" on the car. :!:



Therefore, the paperwork we had signed for the car we were going to get was not for the car we would end up with.


he kept changing the dates and we had to continually chase him up.

Long story short, he has changed the date we are getting the car 6 times.



I am now due in less than a fortnight and we sTiLL have no car after being told it will be "a couple of days."



Its been three weeks now.

We keep getting the excuse they are "waiting for a government contribution" even though they have admitted that the dealership are messing up the paperwork and it keeps getting sent back to them.



We have had to chase the guy each time a promised date rolls around about 2-3 times at least to get an update.


They have also been very dodgy and for example,

have tried to get ME to forge my husbands signature on DVLA documents for a trade in as the v5 is in HIS name.



Then today he (the salesman) actually messaged me to ask how much the car was (for the paperwork) because he had forgotten. :!:

Half the paperwork handed to us at the dealership wasnt signed or gone over with us.


I could go on and on, but I'm sure you get the idea.

My husband called today and said we were no longer comfortable and wanted to cancel the car and go to another garage.



He took the huff and said they would not be returning the deposit and that he didnt "know why we were so upset." :mad2:



I have put a complaint in with head office now, as we are getting nowhere with the dealership.

Does anyone know what else we can really do for the timebeing?


Thanks in advance!

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The answer is probably – yes – you can get your deposit back.


Read our customer services guide and implement the advice there. Have further telephone calls with them and see what you can get recorded.


Write to them immediately – by email if you can but also by post, recorded delivery. Explain in short bullet pointed form exactly what has been the sequence of events and that you have now decided not to continue with them and that you want the return of your deposit. Say that you want it back in seven days. Let us know what they say.


Meanwhile, how did you pay the deposit? Was it by credit card? Debit card?

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Simply you signed a contract for car A and they want to give you car B.

That's a breach of contract on its own.

I suppose the car on the forecourt is identified in the paperwork with unmistakeable markings (vin number, registration, exact model, colour, etc.), or did they just described it as "a Nissan"?

The manager can change his mind as much as he wants, but he's got to give you the money back or the car you bought, not another car of his choice.

I'm hearing more and more nonsense about car dealers, and I'm gobsmacked that some people defend them.

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