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    • I agree with the guys, funeral expenses first. This is a website I used when I was dealing with probate for my mother and my OH found it useful too. If you scroll down a bit, there's a list of priorities in order. Barclays can't change that.   https://www.bereavementadvice.org/topics/probate-and-legal/insolvent- estates/   And another one from the government's Money Advice Service, scroll dow to Step 3.   https://www.moneyadviceservice.org.uk/en/articles/dealing-with-the-debts-of-someone-who-has-died   HB
    • The 'test, test, test' call from WHO specifically applies to just ''suspected cases'' and those who recently had contact with confirmed cases. WHO isn't calling for speculative testing.   I assume Prof Tobyjug is referring to a PCR test but as testing the entire nation for anything is a fantasy it doesn't matter much.
    • The Three-Body Problem https://www.amazon.co.uk/Three-Body-Problem-Cixin-Liu-ebook/dp/B00S8FCJCQ/ref=sr_1_1?crid=3C1EMC34CA27V&dchild=1&keywords=3+body+problem&qid=1586240421&sprefix=3+bo%2Caps%2C229&sr=8-1      
    • I don’t see some users posts, but since they’ve been quoted .........   I agree (in parts) with 2 contributors postings.   WHO says “test, test, test”, so more tests ARE key. That is part agreeing with one contributor.   I also agree with cjcregg. One has to understand the limitations of a test : (sensitivity, specificity and its positive and negative predictive values - which involves sensitivity / specificity AND prevalence!).   One also has to understand which test, to apply those limitations. a) RNA NAAT? (Commonly called PCR, though PCR is a tradename, so ‘PCR’ is to ‘NAAT’ like ‘Hoover’ is to ‘vacuum cleaner’) b) Antigen testing? c) Antibody testing? (If so, IgM? IgG? Both??)   Knowing which test(s), their limitations, and thus what the result actually MEANS is more important than a blanket statement of “test everyone!”, (and repeatedly ??! ) .... especially as it allows prioritisation of who gets what test to maximise benefit, until “testing for all” is more than a pipe-dream .....   Would you repeat a positive IgG test? If so, in what circumstances??
    • Just out of interest, how long did it take you to formulate this conclusion? I'm not looking for a particularly accurate answer, just round it up to the nearest nano second.    How is this going to work then?   Where are the medical personnel and laboratory staff required to undertake this massive project going to come from? Now this is just a stab in the dark but I'd imagine they'd be quite busy at the moment.   Even South Korea, who are recognised as having one of the most aggressive testing policies have only managed to test 1% of their population. You clearly have no conception as to the scale of what you're proposing.   Even if it was possible to plan, organise and execute it would take years to achieve, by which time all the data would have been redundant and completely meaningless. I was tested last week and it took 2 days for the result, which by the time I received it was already out of date as I was then and now just as likely to be infected as I was when I took the test.   Think about it.    
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Admiral insurance change of car

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Hey all,


Looks like this forum is the answer to all my problems.To be honest would like to thanks dx100 uk & Martin 2006 for all their support in answering all the queries posted.This forum certainly points you in the right direction.


So to begin with Admiral insurance i received the renewals pack for my multi car insurance ,the price they quoted me looked too high,so like usual i rang them to check if it was their best quote, i told them i got a quote elsewere which was 2200 ,my quote was 2500 ,so the gentlemen applied some discounts and quoted me a little above 2200 (wish i had said 1200).


Now the interesting part on my renewals which i noticed was that the cars were kept at my old address although i had called to change my address a couple of times,once i asked the advisor why this was as such he said theagent might not have changed this and would need to check further ,so when he put this address in where i was living it bought the quote of 2200 to 1100 (Lucky me) which i was pleased with.


However my concern here is i am with them from over 7 years & have changed the address twice in a year & also have changed the car ,i queried this with the advisor that if the "Post code where kept" hasnt been changed over this year then its not my fault and i had paid the wrong premium during this address change to which he replied he will have to check the call(i remember calling & changing my address in june which he confirmed) He further advised he will have to go through the call log & will come back to me with an outcome.


Now i know they will try to put this on me saying i have not updated the details & its my fault which i dont think it is coz as soon as i moved to a different address i had called the insurance to change this & the agent has onfirmed.


I just want to check what the insurance company can do in this case to prevent them from giving me a refund?

i m sure they have their own tactics in relaying this back and putting this on my head




Shall i complaint?

Will they accept their liability?

what should i wary of when they call me back?

how shall i proceed?





Any help or direction is much appreciated again


As always many thanks again

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I should proceed by being straight dealing and honest about everything. Don't start complaining until you know what you are going to complain about. In what way would being wary make a difference when they call you back. If they call you back.


I'm very pleased that you like the advice given on this site. No doubt then you have read our customer services guide and also you have call recording equipment and you record all your calls.


Far too many people – in fact most people don't bother to record the calls. Then they lived to regret it. If you had recorded your calls giving the address changes to the insurance company then you wouldn't have any problems or any worries about it.


If you like the advice we give on this forum then I think that you need to start implementing it.


Let us know what happens as things develop – but of course when they do call back, you will be recording it, won't you?

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Think you need to remember that when you phone an Insurers call centre, that you are speaking to someone connected to a telephony headset trying to listen to you and make sense of what they are seeing on their computer screen. In the background they have display screens showing 50 calls waiting in a queue and they are targetted to have an average call duration of say 5 minutes per customer.


Most Insurers customer service staff are not going to spend over half an hour with such calls, resolving everything in one phone call. Plus they normally have restricted authorisation as to what they are allowed to do and would need a supervisor or manager to enter their authorisation for a backdated change on the policy.


Following your call with Admiral, it will get referred to someone who will take the time to see what has happened. If they find a mistake, they will correct it from the relevant date and if this produces a refund, they will process it to the account Direct Debits are made from.


If they come back to you with an explanation about why a refund is not due, then ask for a full breakdown in writing stating out how the premiums have been calculated for the year, with full details of how the policy changes affected the premium.


Hopefully you will get this resolved asap and if necessary for compensation reasons you can complain about them not applying the refund earlier. They might issue a payment to reflect the mistake.


Come back to let us know what happens.

We could do with some help from you.



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Many thanks again.I shall definitely record the conversation when they call me back(Thanks bankfodder) .I shall see what they have to say and leave the feedback here . breakdown of insurance sounds a good idea unnclebulgaria 67.

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If you have any of the previous paperwork to hand as well which can give you all the details re price/address/time period etc, with regards to what your after claiming refund for.


I always keep mine for many years afterwards just in case....

I don't suffer from insanity, I enjoy every single minute of it!!

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