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NCP - Birmingham Airport drop off carpark

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As a taxi driver, I sometimes go to BHX 5 times a day in summer, so im no stranger to the chaos there.


This August I was dropping off a family of 8 AND picking up a family of 7 at same time. Both families had many young kids


As i entered the drop off carpark, I noticed my clients waiting on the left by the disabled park bays.

There are 12 or so bays and 10 were vacant.


The park has become very busy and dangerous this season due to more flights and its always a worry that someone will get run over, specially as its a free for all with cars going in all directions


The car park is opperated by NCP.


i pulled into a bay and whilst unloading cases etc, a copper who had been leaning against a fence came to me and asked if I had a disabled badge

I told him we cant have them


He asked why i was parked in a disabled bay


I explained about the mayhem and the danger to the kids and I have a duty of care etc


He said those people are nothing to me, and I have no responsibilty to them


He continued to be arrogant and rude, asking why I thought I had a right to do as I pleased and park anywhere etc


He demande to see my driving licence and then said he WASNT going to write me a parking ticket, but WOULD be reporting it to NCP who own the park


On the way home I thought about it and then googled the POLICE and CRIME COMMISIONER for West Mids Police


I asked the Lady how I submit a Freedom of Information request

She asked why.



I told her I want to know how much public money is spent policing PRIVATE car parks


She wanted to know why, so I told her the story. She was MOST keen to assist me.


I said I would wait and see if I got a ticket, which I didnt.

Police have NO right or jurisdiction in a car park like that.


I normally dont park in disabled spaces, but under those circumstances I felt it was safest option.


2 weeks later, whilst dropping off a Lady with a plaster cast on one leg, a NCP opperative became abusive because I was using a disabled bay without a blue badge, even though passenger was on crutches and had booked passenger assistance/wheelchair


He took my car details and said he would issue a ticket, but i never got one.


Seems like they all love being Hitler

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no such thing a BB's or disabled bays on private land

purely tarmac graffiti




please don't hit Quote...just type we know what we said earlier..


if everyone stopped blindly paying DCA's tomorrow

the biggest financial industry in the UK, the whole DCA industry would collapse overnight.



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just keep any paperwork you have about these event safe as the bandits may try their luck later on.



We havent had any complaints about Birmingham in the same way as we do about VCS at Robin Hood and Liverpool.


The problem with "disabled" bays is that businesses are forced by planning law to have them

but they dont have any meaning in law in England. ( do in Scotland)



I am disabled but dont qualify for a blue badge, my father is old and does qualify due to frailty, normal for his age so the entire system is flawed

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