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    • was her cr edit fi le shot anyway when she took this loan out?   dx  
    • in this instance DCBL are operating as mere powerless debt collectors, a DCA.   a DCA are NOT BAILIFFS and have  ZERO legal powers on ANY debt no matter what it's type.   if their client really had a debt in your name, they'd contact you themselves.   as long as they know your correct address it is safe to ignore silly threat-o-grams.   and tell the others that too.   dx      
    • Hello all.  I'm looking for some advice if I may.   I received a Notice of Debt Recovery dated 26th May from DCBL relating to an alleged debt of 71.08 that apparently I owe to East London Energy/Engie. The problem is, I don't recognise the debt at all and when I moved out of the property I lived in which was served by ELE/Engie, my account was all up to date as I pay by direct debt. I even left them with my forwarding address, which they still have on their records and the closing bill was sent to that address.   DCBL are saying that ELE have sent me correspondence about this debt that I've failed to respond to. But the first I have heard about it is the DCBL letter itself. It's totally flummoxed me.   Here's the problem though, ELE never, and I mean, never, answer their phones. I have called about 30 times, no word of a lie, every day since receiving their letter. Not once have I got through to someone. They're not responding to my emails either.    On the local residents group on facebook there loads of households moaning about the same thing. Lots of them have received these letters, some have managed to get through to speak to someone, some have been told it's an error, others have been told 'you owe the money, tough pay it'.   Everyone is complaining that they can't get through to ELE to speak to someone. I don't know what to do.   Apparently if I don'y pay DCBL by 10th June they will review my case for legal recovery. It all seems desperately unfair, especially when I was the one who was informing ELE when they messed up their billing or failed to take a direct debit. I'm scrupulous about my bills. If I genuinely do owe the money I would have gladly paid it, but I just can't understand where this alleged debt has come from.    Does anyone have any advice? I'm at a loss but really don't want to pay DCBL for this debt I have no knowledge of and their added administration fee. 
    • Hi all, I hope you are all well in this strange time? I'm trying to assist my cousin in a complaint that she has with the PDL Uncle Buck, and I've reached a stumbling block. Loan Amount:       £400 Charge for Credit: £350 Agreement Date: 05-Oct-2018 Disputed Balance: £276.79 From initial information I've seen it's been a comedy of errors with there administration side, but for her, misery. Original Payment schedule sent out to her started from 26.03.2019 - she questioned this. They never replied, so took it as that was 1st payment date. 7th Nov 18 she gets a Missing payment and a charge. Questions this, they adamant charge stands as it was a clerical error, she again disputes. 3 weeks of in arrears messages, they eventually agree to refund £15 - but now insist on I&E as she missed the payment - no change in circumstances. She asked for 3 days grace til payday. No reply.  Default notice issued. This eventually gets it self sorted and they missed payment was factored into the remaining. Dec 18 her fiancee passed away, no way to afford the payments & funeral costs until insurance settles  - UB continue to harass despite telling them the issues. Some how she finds the cash an pays something towards the balance, just to stop the harrassement. She loses her job in Feb 2019 - informs people she owe money to, that now on uni credit. UB state that if she pays x amount they can do a payment plan as she's already in arrears. I told her it's against FCA Conc regs, she emails them - nothing back. No chase emails / calls or anything till end Apr. Settlement offer - pay £355 and we will take care of the remaining balance of £535 she emails them to say she can afford £50 pcm based on the the settlement - they agree. August she gets a statement, remaining balance £235 - they had not used the settlement figure as this was to be paid in full only and also incurred missed payment charges(?) I write an email for her email requesting DSAR etc sent on 1st Sep - acknowledged 10th Sep - info sent through 10th Oct - Account was placed on hold from sept til receipt of DSAR. DSAR shows - comment of being financial difficulty, on UC, payment schedule - 9 call attempts, 4 CPA attempts (she requested this to be cancelled 2mths after taking out loan) list of charges and interest after being informed on UC and put into payment plan. Complaint goes off - complaint partly upheld - £235 still outstanding. Complaint again. Account on Hold again. Fast forward to Jan 2020 - Complaint still being looked into will have response within 6weeks.. Email received - Settlement remaining Balance £320 (they added further charges!) can do 40% settlement in 2 payments. Email goes back stating it's under investigation, would accept £150 settlement but over 5 payments. No reply. 21st Feb - Email Settlement remaining balance £276.79 - can offer settlement figure of 195 but require a payment of £55 within 3days --- this is still despite her being on UC and no reply to settlement. She replies - stating can not afford £55, can do £10 pcm to settle. - They accept, but the balance is now 266.79 and not the 195. No acknowledgement. Payment schedule issued for 10pcm totaling 266.79 -- questioned again - no reply or acknowledgement. March - she notices that UB is no longer on one of her Credit Reports. I told her to check Credit Karma & Totally Money - Both show that they are marked as "Settled"  £0 balance from 03/03/2020 So left it as that. May she gets a call from UB collections, chasing £266.79 as she's defaulted again on her agreement (note - they've never acknowledged any questions) - she informs them that as far as she and her credit reports are concerned she owes nothing. Also stated that even if she did - it should be written off, incorrect balances and reporting and as it's gone against CONC where they insisted on a Payment to set up a payment plan. Person raises a complaint on her behalf and said she is going to get the Credit reports amended as it was a clerical error. 26th May - Sum Of arrears notice " On 05-10-2018 you entered into a fixed sum credit agreement with us under which you borrowed £400.00 repayable by 6 monthly instalments. Your arrears under the loan agreement The opening balance (which is the total amount that is due and owing under this agreement) at the date of the previous Notice of Sums in Arrears (dated 26-11-2019) that we sent to you was £318.27. On this date, the payments that you had failed to pay when due under your credit agreement amounted to £259.29. We are required to periodically send you Notices of Sums in Arrears, at intervals of not more than six months, while you remain behind with the repayments due under your credit agreement. The balance now due under your loan agreement on the date of this notice is £266.79. The total amount of your arrears (the sums that you have failed to pay in full when due in accordance with the terms of your loan agreement) is £207.81" 29th May -  We acknowledge your complaint and are sorry to learn you are dissatisfied with our service. Uncle Buck Finance LLP T/A Uncle Buck (the Partnership) was placed into Administration on 27 March 2020. I confirm that Paul Boyle, David Clements and Tony Murphy of Harrisons Business Recovery & Insolvency (London) Limited were appointed Joint Administrators of the Partnership. They are licensed to act as Insolvency Practitioners by the ICAEW. They are bound by the Insolvency Code of Ethics when carrying out all professional work relating to an insolvency appointment. Today - Final Response:   How Uncle Buck understands your complaint You are unhappy that according to your credit file the balance of your loan had been settled and now you have been advised this is incorrect due to an error made by an agent. Our Investigation and outcomes  An email was sent to you on the 21/2/20 offering a settlement figure of £193.75 against your outstanding balance of £276.79 and that if accepted this would close your account. We advised that we needed a payment of £55.35 to hold this settlement offer. You responded to the email the same day advising that you were unable to take advantage of the offer and asked if we would accept your original offer of £10 per month. We responded on the 24/2/20 asking you to complete an income and expenditure form. This was sent back to us the same day. On the 25/2/20 we advised you that we accepted the offer of £10 per month.  You then responded with the date you would be making the payments, confirmation of this was sent on the 26/2/20.  You then queried the amount outstanding; Claire then spoke to you to discuss why the balance was not the £193.75 as this was a settlement offer. < She has never spoken to anyone about this. -- the person who raised the complaint said an email was sent out! As previously advised the agent who made you a partial settlement offer on the 21/2/20 made an error and added a code to your account which meant that your credit file was shown as partially settled. This has now been corrected. I apologise that this error was made and will be upholding your complaint.  However, I can not agree to write off the balance due to this error.   At no time did you receive correspondence from Uncle Buck advising that your balance had been paid.  You were advised on several occasions after this date what the balance was and a payment plan was agreed. Please contact our collections department to discuss the arrears on your account by the 11/5/20.  If no contact is made then collections activity will commence and your account will be removed from write only. This is our final response. Please note, any complaints raised to the Financial Ombudsman Service (FOS), will be directed to Harrisons Business Recovery & Insolvency (London) Limited.  They are no longer dealing with any complaints raised for the Partnership. And that's where I come to a block - they are saying that FOS will not deal with this complaint, really do not know what next steps are for her to get this resolved. Am I correct that they should not be asking for a payment to agree a settlement especially when someone has declared financial difficulty Any advice would as always be grateful  
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JD Williams and Lowell - advice please?

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Hi Guys,

I seem to be in quite the similar situation to OP.


I received a letter from Lowell around a month ago and called to speak to them.

My account claiming I owe £323.33 for an account opened in 2009.


There are regular purchases and pay offs over the next 12 months and then didn't use them for a long time.

In 2012 I then logged into my account to make another purchase and suddenly noticed a huge balance,

not knowing any better I paid of some of the balance, covering the cost of the goods but was arguing about all the charges.


IIRC they actually dropped some of the charges at the time as they couldn't provide me with anything that said I agreed to them.


Around the middle of 2012 I remember getting a phone call from a debt collection agency who said I owed, at that time, about £200 to Premier Man.


I again said I was happy to pay it if someone could show me what or where I had agreed to those charges.

I think I got a generic copy of the T&C but they were dated as 2012 and they couldn't provide me with T&C from when I signed up.


I've not used premier man since and I've moved house three times since then but

last month got a letter from Lowells saying I owed £323.


I dont have that kind of cash so I called them and spoke to them.

I explained the above, Premier Man couldn't provide me any details,

the other agency couldn't provide me any details

but if Lowell could provide me details I'd gladly pay it.


At that point the girl on the phone said if I paid her £150 there and then they would wipe off the debt completely.

Had it been right after payday I might have done it but, again, I dont have that kind of cash laying around.

I told her the same thing, get me a copy of the T&C, something showing I'd agreed to them and what the charges are.


Yesterday they've sent me a second letter saying my account is on hold until Premier Man provide my Credit Agreement but have provided a copy of my statement dating back to 2009

if I would like to get in touch to "propose affordable payments".



T he last transaction where I bought actual goods was in 2013,

more than 30 charges of £12 "admin fee" and some months

- january and february 2013 for example

- I've been charged the admin fee twice.

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stop talking to fleecing DCA's on the phone


and have


please don't hit Quote...just type we know what we said earlier..


if everyone stopped blindly paying DCA's tomorrow

the biggest financial industry in the UK, DCA;s would collapse overnight.



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Hi All,


I was just wondering if I could get some advice.


in April this year I received a letter from Lowell requesting £323 for debt to JD Williams.


Some history

- JD williams (premier man) first contacted me about 3 years ago saying I had out standing debt,

at the time I asked them to send me a statement and a copy of my agreement where I agreed to the £12 administration charges on my account.

They could not provide them and I never heard from them again.


About 2 years ago I heard from another debt collection agency with the same thing,

again I asked for a copy of my statement and the agreement - I never heard from them again.


Around April this year I heard from Lowell, who had bought the debt from JD Williams and were seeking payment.

I informed them I had had this conversation with JD Williams and the other debt agency several years ago and neither of them could provide me with any proof why I owed this money.


Lowell have now provided my account statement but have been told by JD williams that I signed up too long ago and they no longer have a copy of the agreement I would have agreed to.


Looking at the actual statement it starts in Sept 2009 but there are already charges on it so I assume my account was older than that.


Back when JD Williams first contacted me about the outstanding payments my question to them was what the administration charges were for, some months there are two lots of charges, some months one charge, some month no charges.

For example, between September 2010 and Sept 2011 - there are 12 admin charges despite making 5 payments of over the minimum required.


The last goods I bought were in March 2013, the first in over six months, which is when I noticed all the addition charges and interest and got in touch with them.



At that time, I believe, we agreed to a partial payment to cover goods and interest and I paid £102 in August 2013 and I never heard from them again after that, until the debt collectors started calling.


Lowell today acknowledged that the admin charges do look strange and dont make sense and that there are some double charges that they will take off and reduce it to £170.


As far as I can work out from the statement:

Opening ballance of -£44 at the start of the statement in 2009

between 2009 and 2014


£483.87 worth of goods and postage

£193.45 worth of interest charges

£564 worth of administration charges.

I've paid £859.16 over the years


Leaving balance of £338


My argument is

I've paid for all the goods, postage and interest and all the pre-2013 late charges (plus a bit more) when I spoke to premier man back in 2013.



The remaining balance is administration charges and interest on those charges that they can't provide any evidence for me agreeing to or a copy of the T&C I would have agreed.



I hope all this made sense.



Any advice for what to tell Lowell when they call back would be appreciated.



I really dont have £300+ to pay for some shirts I bought 4 years ago!



Although I'm sure many of us are in the same boat.



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stop talking to fleecing DCAlink3.gif's on the phone !!



and have




send lowells a CCA request

please don't hit Quote...just type we know what we said earlier..


if everyone stopped blindly paying DCA's tomorrow

the biggest financial industry in the UK, DCA;s would collapse overnight.



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And set about reclaiming all these "admin" charges aswell plus interest at the rate you were paying.

You can d/l a CIsheet from here(just click it and read all the posts).





I am not legally trained or qualified, any advice i offer is gleaned from experience and general knowledge, if you are still unsure after receiving advice please seek legal advice.




GEMHL Settled

Barclaycard Settled


Spml Reluctantly withdrawn

Blackhorse pre 31-7-06 Demand removal sent 23 8 06. ICO ordered removal jan 2007....REMOVED:lol:

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