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Lowell/? court claim- old Littlewoods CAT 'debt'***Claim Discontinued***

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^ I'm not sure what the above means, sorry!


Had my telephone mediation today.



I stated that I have still never received an itemised list of items purchased and when and how much they cost etc...



Lowell's claimed that the piece of paper which just states how many items were purchased and how much I owe and nothing more is enough proof to go to court.



I stated that I wasn't going to hand over £1400, with only a generic statement of an account with a £1000 limit and no list of purchased items and I was therefore told that the matter will probably proceed to court.


Obviously worried about this but I doubt there's anything I can do at this point.



Any advice at all would be appreciated!

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why did you say YES to the mediation?

they've not supplied a default notice??



and that's fatal to their claim.


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Hi everyone, had some good news, at least I think! I had received a letter from the court with a proposed court date, but shortly afterwards came a letter from Lowell with a signed court document stating that their client had advised them not to pursue the case, and a signed court document stating that they wanted to withdraw the case!


I then went to look at my credit report on Noddle and I requested them to remove this alleged debt from my credit file. A short time later I got a letter from Noddle stating that Lowell was refusing to comply with this and so they couldn't do anything, and advising me to speak to Lowell directly.


I am obviously now wanting to get this removed from my credit record, please could anyone advise on how this could be done?


I am eternally grateful to everyone here for all of the kind help and support, it has really helped me out and I am so glad that at least this is over with.

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Good news jon delighted for you.


Just because a claim fails does not mean you can request default data to removed..2 complete separate issues unconnected...you did default and that will remain until its 6th anniversary,


Good news on the court claim though and I have amended your thread title to reflect the outcome.





We could do with some help from you.



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