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    • Might be worth talking to local Council Housing again about options, if your Mother is unable to occupy the house for a period due to essential repairs being required.  But find out from landlord first whether they can confirm in writing if alternative housing is available while the house is undergoing works.  The landlord might not have any other properties available or is unable to offer any alternative housing options due to covid-19.    The landlord can increase the rent but there are rules regarding this.  See https://england.shelter.org.uk/housing_advice/private_renting/rent_increases   Guidance about homes being fit for habitation.   https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/homes-fitness-for-human-habitation-act-2018/guide-for-tenants-homes-fitness-for-human-habitation-act-2018   Housing is quite a complex area and you might want to contact Shelter the housing charity, if the local Council Housing cannot assist first.     The work to the house is likely to take months and if  it is started in the next few months, given Covid-19 restrictions (social distancing), your Mother might find herself not able to occupy it over the Winter including the Christmas period.   I suspect many contractors such as electricians have a backlog of work due to the lockdown and when the lockdown is lifted, they will prioritise the work they have already agreed to.  The landlord may therefore struggle to arrange the works, unless they have friends who work for them regularly.     
    • Thank you. You haven't told us the value of the car. Also, who did you actually bite from – meaning which company or trading name did you pay the money to – what name appears on the receipt. Also, how did you pay? This has been going on for over two years and I am rather surprised that you've allowed it to go on so long. You probably will have to issue a claim – that it's probably only worth doing if you know that you can enforce the judgement. Have you checked the trust registry for other judgements against this company? https://www.trustonline.org.uk/ unfortunately it costs money to access the database – but I'll bet you that there are a stack of judgements against the company – and it would be interesting to know how many of them are ever enforced. Have you looked on Google and have you looked on trust pilot to see what is being said there? As far as I can see if, the TMO doesn't have any particular powers which means that if they find in your favour and the trader doesn't comply, then you have to bring a full claim and start again. With the financial ombudsman service, there is a fairly direct route to getting a judgement – although of course there is still always the problem of enforcement. I'm quite sure that a court would pay regard to the decision of the TMO and so I'm sure that your chances of success will be much better than 95% – and as I am sure that you have paid more than £600 for this vehicle, you would be able to transfer up to the High Court for enforcement by High Court Enforcement Officers – take a very rigourous approach to enforcement and whose fees are very high – typically £2000 – but to be paid by the defendant if the HCEO execute a successful enforcement. If they are unsuccessful then the cost to you is only about £66.   Will be very happy to help you with your claim and it would be fairly straightforward – but you will have to consider the risk factors which include your claim fee – a hearing fee (unlikely to happen) cost of transfer up to HCEO and the general hassle of doing it all with probably a fairly real chance of being unable to enforce the judgement. I don't know how much the claim fee will be because you haven't told us the value of the vehicle. In exceptional circumstances you can claim litigant in person costs at £19 per hour (I think). These are generally only available in the face of unreasonable behaviour by the defendant – and this may well be an example where the court would apply its discretion in your favour. So if you decide to bring a legal action then you should start trying to work out how much time you have spent on the whole thing – and make sure it is all moderate unjustifiable and not simply a money grab.
    • as long as these fleecers have your correct address then let them willy wave.   dx  
    • It's been a while since I heard from CRS but despite me requesting that they don't use my email address they still opted to send me an email saying they are preparing a file to send to their solicitors to issue a letter of claim because I haven't contacted them.   I sent off a CCA to the debt owners at the end of April but again I am awaiting a response.   No texts yet. Do I sit and wait and see?    
    • chargeback is 120days (total 540 days) - debit cards this is a section 75 under the CCA - credit card there is no limit other than 6yrs limitation.   dx  
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Well, if chubby means I am a chick magnet, they should be queueing at my door.


Nope! no one there. Perhaps it's because I look drop dead ugly



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