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BW Legal Letter, re Excel Parking 2013!

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Morning Caggers,


Received a letter from BW Legal yesterday re an alleged parking offence at an Excel car park dating back to 2013!!


The Excel parking letter is stating that "Your account has been passed to our legal team"


BW Legal have said the following:


Contravention Description: Parking without displaying a valid ticket/permit

Contravention Location: Peel Centre, Stockport Anpr Charging Scheme Std (60-100)


"We have been instructed by Excel Parking Services Ltd in relation to the Balance Due for the above PCN.


For the avoidance of doubt, the Balance Due includes the £100.00 PCN charge plus Our Client's initial legal costs of £54.00, which are detailed in the car park terms and conditions.


As you have failed to make a payment or raise an appeal within 28 days from the date of the PCN, the Balance Due remains outstanding and we require payment in full within 16 days from the date of this letter. If you fail to make payment or provide reasons for non payment within the specified timeframe, we will seek Our Client's instructions to commence legal proceedings against you in the form of a County Court Claim Form in the County Court.


What you need to do next

It is important you contact us to resolve your account. We are keen to work with you and one of the quickest ways to review your account is to register on our Customer Portal by visiting [web address redacted]. On here you can make a payment, advise us of any disputes against the PCN, upload documentation to support your dispute and communicate with us via web chat.


Call us today on 0113 323 4479 if you would prefer to discuss your account with one of our helpful team.


County Court Proceedings

In the event County Court proceedings are issued you may be liable for Court fees, further solicitors' costs and statutory interest. Should we successfully obtain a County Court Judgement ("CCJ"), this may have a detrimental effect on your future creditworthiness and employability. Our Client also reserves the right to commence enforcement proceedings against you for recovery of the Balance Due.


Your faithfully

BW Legal




i'm guessing this is a file under B issue or have things changed?


Thanks in advance guys

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i'd be sending the one line denial letter on many BW threads here already



it appears they are more likely to issue a claimform

to people that totally ignore everything.

even on a speculative invoice this old.




please don't hit Quote...just type we know what we said earlier..


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It is unlikely that the original demand was POFA compliant


so sending a letter saying that there is no keeper liability in this matter and that any claim will be defended as being vexed.


Excel have been losing claims where defended recently and judges like to keep an eye on such things to ensure uniformity of decisions

so they wont be in a hurry to spend money on a doomed court action.


It is a numbers game,

90% of people pay up without a squeak and then 85% of thsoe that get taken to court dont defend the claim.


If it looks like you are one of the small number of awkward ones they will probaby not bother.

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thanks guys, received another letter, so i'll send the one liner in and see what happens . . .

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