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When did comparison sites start doing Credit Searches?

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So yesterday I was taking a look at my Noddle credit report and when I checked the section for previous searches I noticed that in early July there were about 21 searches all done on the same date. I was rather puzzled by this and at first I thought something serious was going on, but when I checked the names and Purpose of the searches it began to click.

The purpose was mostly "General Insurance" but some were marked as "Identification Check" and "Quotation Search", and the names were things like,

"Lexisnexis Risk Solutions Uk Limited

Insurance Quote - Www.Lexisnexis.Com/Ukconsumer"


"Covea Insurance Plc (Cr Bsb)

Provident Insurance (Cr Bsb Api)"


"Quote Me Happy.Com"




And other Insurancy sounding names.


And then it hit me, that was when I was searching comparison websites because my car insurance was coming up for renewal! Now I know I searched a few comparison sites, but 21 searches? Digging a little deeper I found that some of them also seemed to be for my previous address that I haven't lived at for nearly 3 years. It seems that old companies are keeping my details on file and even years later they're running searches, even if they don't seem to be contacting me about it.

Even weirder, the date of birth shown on some of the searches is my brothers rather than my own. I have run insurance searches for him with his details, but that was also his name and address (Just in the same browser session) so something seems to be going wrong there with the same browser session not changing all details.



This all just seems a little strange to me. Should a comparison site be running credit searches like this just for me getting some quotes? Should insurance companies be carrying out credit searches even years later like this?

Could 21 searches on the same day, even if they're of these types, have a potential short term impact on my credit score?

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These are only searches that can been seen by you...

They also do Credit Card searches to match you to deals...


It won't affect your credit history because they are queries


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There is a slightly sinister side to comparison sites regarding collection of data. They are selling to companies who are not even part of their panel. So for example you get a car insurance quote and your information is sold to companies who don't quote or even use that comparison site to sell Insurance.


I have heard of several cases where Direct Line have used information from comparison sites to dispute claims being made, as the information was different to what was provided to DL. As far as i know DL don't quote on comparison sites, but they are certainly buying the information.


People therefore need to be very careful that the information entered on comparison sites is correct at the time it is entered.

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