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    • £3000* as your contribution (Excess) to the sum insured.   If you are on fully comp. you’ll get your repairs, their repairs (and costs) and have to contribute £3k*.   If you are on 3rd party (fire & theft) you’ll get their repairs (and costs) and have to contribute (£3k* AND all of your repair costs), [unless you don’t want your car repaired when you’ll just pay the £3k*]   * £3k if the total exceeds £3k, the total value of the claim if the claim doesn’t exceed £3k : why it  is important to find out the value of their claim and if their claim is appropriate or inflated.
    • I think you're conflating the discussion with your own view of what open borders means.  Obviously I don't think it's sensible to allow people to come to the country and claim whatever they can - They can't even do that now.  If they have a job, and are able to support themselves then that is what I would say is fair enough.  The real issue with selecting who comes to the country is that you can't devise a system that selects people fairly, and it would need some human intervention down the line.  How do you decide who is of benefit to the country etc.. I think if we go down that route, that is where I feel uncomfortable.  Even if we adopted an Australian points based system it wouldn't reduce immigration, and the hole notion of only allowing people that earn above a certain sum of money to come to the country is plain silly - As if the amount of money someone earns is the mark of their character.  And as we know, we rely heavily on low skilled seasonal labour.     Your point is moot because our low skilled workforce have no reason to move to another country unless the standard of living is equal or better to ours.  I did read the other day though that the UK provides the greatest number of immigrants from any other country to Australia.   I would suggest that the foreign aid everyone likes to grumble at is a way to improve living standards in other countries.
    • I dont care what race, colour, creed, sexuality or personal religious beliefs anyone holds and just like I dont believe anyone should be penalised in any way for their purely personal choices and beliefs, neither do I believe they should expect or be given benefit or preference over any others based on them.   Real non-discrimination in my opinion.   If a person is a benefit to our society - I don't care about their purely personal choices. If a person is not a benefit to our society - I dont care about their purely personal choices.   ... and that certainly is not anything approaching Nazi-ism in my opinion. Sounds more like real world socialism to me than most self-proclaiming socialists I hear and see.     Are people who make 'profit' - all 'bad' - are they heck as like Are people who say we should give everything away to those more 'needy' - all 'good' - are they heck as like and in the vast majority of those cases most are nether of the extremes of 'good' or 'bad',   .. although it is arguable that those who consciously make a personal choice give away all their personal belongings other than perhaps the absolute minimum they NEED - to those more needy ... are 'saints' - if their personal choices accept that, and whether officially acknowledged or not.     I agree it would be great if the world was at peace with itself and everyone, and no-one went hungry or feared for their childrens futures, and there was no greed, or fear or hate or even want - but this is the real world, and we have to deal with it in real ways.   Not even Star Treks federation is close, let alone the reality we need to deal with.
    • This will be won’t pay more.  The Ex-husband got his ex-wife to go to mediation to sort out the financial side because they own property together.  The ex-wife did not like what she heard from the mediator and would not cooperate. So they wasted 3 visits. Afterwards she arranged another mediation meeting but just for herself without the ex-husband involved and paid over £120 to tell the mediation service how shit she thought they were. Then told the ex-husband what she had done.     Now here’s a new bit of information at the moment the ex’s have one of their houses up for sale, can my sister put a lean on the house?  If yes, how does she put the lean only on the ex-wife’s part of the money
    • I have had to fill in a declaration a few times. southern Water are the worst performing Water provider in the UK. They have even been investigated by the Serious Fraud Office.    I have no doubts there will be many vulnerable Southern Water customers with similar issues who are not aware there Watersure Tariff has been wrongfully  removed.   The culture within Southern Water as I have experienced lacks transparency. The Customer Service Manager used language that removed all blame from Southern Water. Instead of saying they would accurately re bill me he said he would look into the overpayments Inhabe been making!!
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new car contract changed without our knowledge

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My disabled wife ordered a new car and it was agreed with the sales man and the sales manager that the car would have premium paint which would cost £450 extra however the salesman said if she signed the sales contract she would get the premium paint free of charge .

A deposit was paid and a Contract was then signed by my wife and the sales manager which clearly stated the car was to have the premium paint .

A few weeks later when she rang to inquire about a delivery date she was told by another salesman that the contract had been altered without her knowledge and the car was to be supplied in standard paint can they do this or is it breech of contract

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If the original contract stated that the premium paint job was to be included in the price paid then any alterations without your express permission would be a breach (IMO)


You should have a copy of the contract so any changes will not be on there, As this would seem like a breach, you could cancel the contract due to their breach and get back any money paid.

If you are asked to deal with any matter via private message, PLEASE report it.

Everything I say is opinion only. If you are unsure on any comment made, you should see a qualified solicitor

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No they cannot alter a written contract in any way without both parties agreeing and signing to confirm approval of any alteration.


They are in breach of contract. You can force them legally to comply with the original contract or you can terminate the contract and demand a full refund of the deposit.

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