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    • doc legal letter 3.pdfdoc legal letter 3.pdfdoc legal letter 3.pdfHi    I have lost my job in Dubai back in December 2021 and moved to UK. I have personal loan with ADCB bank for £52k and the last payment i made is in Dec 2021 along with my end of service of benefit. I couldn't pay for the last 5 month because i hardly have any saving after each month. I am planning to take out a new loan in UK once i have a good credit score to pay off that UAE loan amount but that will take an another year.   Now i have received an legal notice on 23 May from a lawyer from Dubai ( Legal notice without prejudice) saying if don't payback the full amount with 7 days they will commence legal proceedings for the recovery with Dubai international financial centre court (DIFC ) Small claims tribunal).   Do i need to respond to them?
    • The payment they are talking about is the dd they set up on my account without my knowledge in march 2014 not 2015 !      
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    • So Johnson is moving on from partygate and feels he should deal with issues the country is facing, rather than resign for the culture in No10 or misleading the commons.   The Good Law Project has issued a legal letter threatening court action unless the Met investigates 'The Three Gatherings' or explains why it doesn't think it should investigate the PM's participation in them.   The law must apply fairly to all - Good Law Project GOODLAWPROJECT.ORG The Metropolitan Police investigated the various gatherings – we use a neutral expression – around 10 Downing Street during the pandemic...  
    • Having reviewed my previous response, whilst the overall position remains the same, where I referred to a Default, this should have referred to the full amount falling due for payment/the demand for full payment.  I apologise for any confusion that this may have caused and have amended my explanation below to replace any reference to the Default Notice.   Our client’s records show that the last deferment date was the 24 April 2011. Once deferment ends, the agreement takes effect in accordance with the terms thereof – i.e. the monthly payments fall due.   The relevant limitation period in respect of this type of agreement is 6 years, pursuant to section 5 of the Limitation Act 1980 (‘the act’).  In respect of this type of agreement, limitation starts to accrue when the full amount owing falls due for payment, as the creditor does not have a cause of action to bring proceedings for the full amount of the claim until that time.  The full amount owing under the agreement becomes due (and the cause of action accrues) in one of two ways, namely:   1.    If the customer fails to make required payments, the creditor can serve a Default Notice pursuant to section 87 of the Consumer Credit Act 1974.  In the event that the customer does not pay the arrears in accordance with the Default Notice, the creditor can terminate the agreement.  Limitation then starts to accrue from that date; or 2.    If the agreement is not terminated due to failure to comply with a Default Notice, the full amount falls due for payment when the full term of the agreement expires.  Limitation then starts to accrue from that date.   In this case, the agreement was not terminated under the terms of a Default Notice.  The cause of action and hence, the limitation period therefore, started to accrue from the date when the term of the agreement expired.  This was a 60 month agreement.  When a student loan account reaches its 60th month and there is still an outstanding balance, the account matures. This means it will exit the Terms and Conditions of the agreement and the balance becomes due in full. The maturity date is moved on by 12 months with each deferment period meaning that this account matured on the 31 March 2016, which is when the relevant limitation period therefore, started to accrue.  Limitation would not therefore, have expired until March 2022.  As you are aware however, proceedings were issued against you in June 2019 – i.e. comfortably within the relevant limitation period.   Further to the above, even if limitation did not start to run from the date specified above (which it did) and actually started to run from the date of last deferment in 2011 as you incorrectly allege, you did make some payments in respect of the debt, the most recent of which was on the 28 March 2015 in the amount of £90.73, which was paid to Capita under a direct debit.  Pursuant to section 29(5) of the act, the relevant limitation period accrues afresh upon each part payment.  In view of that payment, even if your view of when limitation initially started to accrue was correct (which it is not), it would have accrued afresh based upon the payment and would not therefore, have expired until March 2021.  Again, as proceedings were issued in June 2019, this was comfortably within limitation.   The Subject Access Request supplied to you by Erudio enclosed a number of letters that were issued to you throughout 2016, in which they clearly informed you that your account was in arrears. These letters made it clear that the client wished to work with you to agree an affordable repayment arrangement and that failure to do so may result in a Default being registered against you. Unfortunately, they were unable to reach an amicable resolution resulting in a Final Demand being produced on the 12 January 2017 and issued to you on the 14 January 2017 and it ultimately, becoming necessary for our client to then issue proceedings against you due to non-payment.   As such, whilst I apologise if you feel that our client deliberately delayed the cause of action in order to prolong the limitation period, I assure you that is not the case. As set out above, as the agreement was not terminated under the terms of a Default Notice, Erudio were contractually obligated to allow a 60 month period between the last deferment date and the account maturity date.  They then acted in a fair and reasonable manner by allowing an additional 10 months after the account maturity date to give you the opportunity to resolve the matter before the Demand in Full was issued.    I have also had sight of an email that you sent to my colleague, Richard Senior in which you requested us to confirm that we have complied with FCA regulation. Having reviewed the matter, I am satisfied that throughout our instruction we have acted in accordance with the relevant FCA regulation.
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TSB closed my accounts after I became Victim of Fraud


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I hope I can get some help here about the worst case I ever had with a Bank.


One month ago, exactly few days when I got married, my debit card details were compromised and more than £6000 were stolen from my debit card and paid into some online gambling site in Gibraltar.


I found out about these transactions the day after the were made and immediately called my Bank - TSB.


I had two accounts with them

- a personal and a business one for my limited company.


I spent hours on the phone with their customer service, then the fraud team and even they have some "complex" investigation team.


After explaining them about the fraudulent transactions,

they accused me that either me or someone that lives with me ( my wife ) has made those payments, becuase in their system nothing looks suspicious and event the fact that these payments were made over night every 30 minutes £1000 were taken of my account...really??? and they did not send me any message to confirm that I am making those payments..not a call..nothing.


After a long conversation I was told that they will start an investigation and will come back to me and in the mean time I should contact that gambling company.


this is what I did and I called the gambling site and the company behind Cassava Enterprises Ltd.


I had to write to their security team, which answered me every day and at the end helped much more than my TSB bank, because Cassava's Security team found out, that there was an account registered on my name and also my debit card along with debit card on some other people's name on the same gambling account.


they told me there is definitely a fraud activity and all transactions made from my Debit Card will be voided.


I had to wait and hope I will have money back and be able to pay for my wedding.

On the next day TSB calls me and tells me their Investigation team does not find again anything suspicious and even while those payments were made, address verification passes and 3ds security was not invoked from the merchant, so nothing can me done.


Not only that, but they told me that I am the one who needs to keep my debit card details save and they are not responsible for not alerting me, for not detecting any fraud activity, because these payments happen over night to some site in Gibraltar...just ridiculous ..


But I told them that I already spoke to the Gambling company, which found something suspicious and will void the transactions.


..They "Investigation team" even did not believed me and told me that if that is actually true, I should get my money back , they decided to block my accounts.


After exactly 3 days even that my accounts were blocked I was able to access my internet banking and I noticed that all money were refunded and at least I was more relaxed.


But of course TSB made the situation more painful for me, becuase I spent hours again with their fraud and investigations team on the phone and as I was abroad for my wedding, my only choice was to get my money with ID into a branch.


After asking them isn't that action by the Gambling site clear enough that there was fraud activity and they returned my money, the TSB representative on the phone did not know what to answer me


. In a week I went back home and I found check for my business account in TSB, which was already closed and after I went into a branch I got my money in cash from my personal account and they closed it too.


After all what happened I was thinking that this is a bad story with a happy end.

But of course not.


I opened a personal account with Barclays online when I was still abroad and I got my cards and internet banking and etc. when I got home

. I deposited my money there, after I got them back from TSB in cash.


I had to open a business account and I went to Santader, where my other nightmare began

- I was declined, because of I was told " They see some flag in CIFAS database about me" and I have to find out what and this is the reason they cant open me an account.


I need my business account as soon as possible, because I am awaiting payments

I went to another bank, where the same happened.


My credit score is not perfect but is not very poor, so I was told to check my credit file and to look for CIFAS data, because its not about bad credit score.


I went into TSB branch ( my accounts are already closed and I cant get any help over the phone anymore) and the lady on the till tried to call "someone" and told me to check Experian


. I registered for Experian, Equifax, Callcredit and Checkmyfile and I find no CIFAS records on the file.


After researching CIFAS website ( I never heard of CIFAS before) I found out that I can send a Subject Access Request Form so they can send me all the information about me within minimum a week or max 40 days.


I don't know now what record has been held on my name in CIFAS


I sent their form today.


I opened a case with the Financial Ombudsman and I am awaiting their answer too


. I do not know what else to do and how can I find our more information about this Flag in Cifas and as I generated a credit file in all possible Credit agencies and no information about CIFAS is there, I am out of ideas.


Also from Satander told me to ask the gambling company if they sent maybe something to CIFAS, so I wrote their security team and I am waiting for an answer.


Did anyone of you had any similar situation and do you know how can I resolve it?


I was a Victim of Fraud and not only that but now I am experiencing all these problems and I am more than frustrated.


My only fast option now is to add my wife as a director and to remove my name from the company, so I can open at least the business bank account and to make VAT and salary payments on time, until I resolve the issue with my name :(




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I agree with you and yes in order to make a payment someone needs to know the security number on the back of the card.


But we all make payments online and we are never sure if our details are compromised. If a hacker compromises a online store will have customers data including addresses and all debit/credit card details. Also nowdays most merchants should require 3ds where you need to enter for example sort code or account number to authorize the payment, which is not easy to compromise.


Another way someone to steal your details will be in a store or a bar where someone can take a photo of the card.


There are many ways someone to steal bank details and I really dont know which one happened to me. The bank should have a security in place and inform me foe suspicous payments in Gibraltar for a gambling company for example, what actually happened to me.

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Why they don't find anything suspicious is because the card cannot be used online without the security number on the back.


So someone has to know that number.


Not always technically true. Some companies dont need the CV2 code to process transactions. Its a rare occurrence but does exist.


However, Back to case in point. Have you registered the case with Actionfraud?

I had an email convo with Paul Pester and is one of the better CEOs for TSB. Have you considered escalating up the chain?


Also did you raise an official complaint with TSB? If not the FOS will not entertain a complaint.


I think you have a pretty good case here for further action if required.


We could do with some help from you.


Have we helped you ...?         Please Donate button to the Consumer Action Group



Receptaculum Ignis


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I have not registered the case with Actionfraud yet, but as you have mentioned it, I will do that.


I have rased an official complain on the same day when I spoke to Tsb investigation and fraud team. I rec3ived a call by their complaints team and I explained the while situation. Since then ai have not heard of them.

Otherwise i would escalate the case up the chain. Should I write an email to Paul Pester?

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