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Minicredit debt KAPAMA CREDIT chasing...

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I have been looking at my debts with a view to clearing them.


I have checked various credit reference agencies and noticed that some of debts are not there depending on where you look.


I have been receiving text messages regarding a debt with Minicredit which I vaguely remember taking out but not the amount outstanding.


After checking my credit records it states that I purchased it in 26/11/2011 and the amount outstanding is £1531.20 which I feel is mostly interest as I not think it was that much as you can only borrow small amount of up to £400 I notice!


yesterday I received an email below. By the way, I didn't receive a Notice of Intent.



Balance: £1,531.20

Telephone: 0203 096 5899 (Calls are recorded)




Dear Angela (full name deleted)


As you are aware we issued a Notice of Intent against you in July 2016 but were then instructed by our client to offer affordable repayment plans as an alternative to the consideration of further action and cost, the Notice issued does not effect the Notice of Default registered on your Credit File for this debt which is preventing you from obtaining any further credit until paid.


Despite our clients gesture regarding your MiniCredit debt the matter still remains outstanding, we are now reissuing your Notice to start the Recovery procedure for the retrieval of our clients funds and will then advise them on the possible action they will need to consider to finally resolve your liability this could include but not limited to;




To obtain a County Court Judgement (Decree for Scotland) against you which if obtained may result in further legal proceedings to enforce the judgement debt. Some of which are;


Attachment of Earnings (Earnings Arrestment for Scotland)

If you are employed, money will be deducted directly from your employment salary to repay the Debt.


Charging Order (Inhibition Order of Scotland)

If you own your home, the debt will be secured against your home preventing you from selling it without repaying the debt first. A separate application could also be made to force the sale of your home to repay the debt.


Warrant of Execution (Decree Warrant for Scotland)

Goods may be removed from your home up to the value of the debt and sold at auction. If legal action is taken the total amount you owe may be higher than the current outstanding balance as recoverable cost and interest incurred during the legal process will be added to the debt.


We would like to advise you we are willing to offer flexible repayment solutions that will meet your needs. Where this is not affordable our agents will also discuss alternative options available for you. We can accept £765.60 in a lump sum payment to clear the debt. Please be assured that we will take your financial circumstances into account when discussing any repayment plan to ensure suitability and have your best intentions to heart.


Maintaining payments or settling your account will be positively reflected with the Credit Reference Agencies.



All payments through the post should be made payable to Hellix Limited with our reference number clearly stated at all times. You can make payment by Standing Order, or if your bank account allows by On-line or telephone banking Quoting Account Number 08763317 Sort Code 09-01-28 and our reference number, you can also make payment at any Santander Branch with our above bank details.


Debit or Credit card facilities are available on 020 3096 5899



Yours sincerely


Mr Nigel Goddard

Collections Manager

Hellix Limited

6 St Margarets Business Park

Moormead Road



Main Line 0203 096 5899 (Calls are recorded)




What should I do next as I have never been in contact with any these companies?:?:

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Arh my favorite firms - Minicredit, OPOS, Kapama & Helix...


Helix are just an agent in relation to this Account. OPOS & Kapama are one and the same.

Id safely say ignore. Kapama and co never do court. Dont stir the hornets nest. A defaulted account will remain for 6 years on your CRA.


Notice in their letter it says;


The Notice issued does not effect the Notice of Default registered on your Credit File for this debt which is preventing you from obtaining any further credit until paid.


Thats is a lie. It wont stop you at all, It maybe though that you end up paying a slightly higher rate of interest...

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Can I echo my colleagues statement. Minicredit added loads of charges and when the debts were assigned to Opos. They (probably) added a few of their own. As such, if they were to ever try it on in court the figures wouldn't match what they were claiming and likely get thrown out.

If you are asked to deal with any matter via private message, PLEASE report it.

Everything I say is opinion only. If you are unsure on any comment made, you should see a qualified solicitor

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When was the default placed on your account ?



They say you entered into the agreement in 2011 and sent a notice of intent (that's a new one) in 2016.



I suspect their letter/email might also be in breach of the debt collection guidelines, as it would appear they do not advise that the actions they say they will be able to take would not be possible unless and until they obtained a court judgment in their favour!

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