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Can i sue or get compensation from Royal Mail?

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I apologise if this is all over the show as im still extremely upset and its all still fresh.


I basically posted a product which I sold to someone worth £200, I posted this product (to Manchester) yesterday late afternoon and it has come to light this morning that this is a fraudulent act as all emails sent to me from Paypal were indeed fake emails and the buyer is a fake buyer, I came to light of this when I called Paypal this morning with concerns of seller protection after reading lots of fraud stories about sellers/buyers on Paypal. They told me the emails were fake, etc. The transaction for the payment was also fake.


Now I assume this parcel wouldn't have gotten too far with it being late afternoon yesterday and it being Sunday today, this has been posted Special Delivery Guranteed, recorded and signed for. I immediately call Royal Mail after getting off the phone to Paypal, and Royal Mail said i needed to get in contact with the police and log it as a fraudulent act, I was directed to action fraud online but phone lines are closed on weekends and the website to get in contact with police if it was fresh and lines were closed, so i did, they took down information from me and have booked me in to see someone at the police station tomorrow morning, since booking this the police station have called me back twice double checking information and taking down the "buyers" home address, where the product is being delivered to. I phoned Royal Mail again to see if they can do ANYTHING, I made them fully aware I am in contact with the police, i have a crime number and im seeing them tomorrow, I told them that i didnt want to come and get the parcel cause i understand they just cant, but to maybe at least hold on to it for 24 hours, they tell me over and over they cant do anything. Police contact me after this phone call to see if i tried anything with Royal Mail, i tell them they cant do anything.


Now I understand rules, policies and all that which is why i didnt ask to come and get the parcel or to change delivery, But they are aware there is fraudulent activity is going on so i was a bit annoyed they couldnt keep hold of this for a day or something, Im wondering that if the police can not stop this and the "buyer" has gotten away with this if theres any kind of compensation I can claim on Royal Mail, especially since i made Royal Mail make some kind of note on their system that this is going on, which the lady said she made a note though it wont improve my situation.


I did try to post a link from Royal Mails website stating some things around fraud but because of post count it wont allow me to post links but it states:


Insure high-value goods


If you are sending something valuable, use Special Delivery Guaranteed™, which will give you up to £2,500 compensation.

Seller protection schemes will protect you against a fraudulent claim if you get a signature on delivery.


(Sorry for the essay)

Any help is appreciated, so upset with myself for not detecting or smelling this a mile off.

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Hi and welcome to CAG.

I would assume that now that you have a crime number, RM should be able to stop this parcel in transit. As it is a Special Delivery Item, the delivery driver will have a hand held device to record the signature. This can be updated by RM to say 'Do Not Deliver' (if it has managed to get on the van)

If you can, I would ring RM again but this time record the call. You don't need to tell them you are doing so and also ask them if the last call you made was recorded. If so, ask them to retain the recording.


If RM decide to deliver the parcel after you have told them not to, you may have a claim but more experienced minds than mine will have to comment on that.

YOU are the customer. The contract is between you and RM, not the recipient.


The police may be aware of similar s cams and may decide to act and if so, they may just ask RM to deliver and then arrest the recipient or leave a card for them to pick up from the post office where if they attend, the police can be called.

If you are asked to deal with any matter via private message, PLEASE report it.

Everything I say is opinion only. If you are unsure on any comment made, you should see a qualified solicitor

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Hello and thank you!


Thank you for your prompt response, I just called RM again, explaining the situation and again asking them if there is anything at all they can do, and they said due to legal obligations they can't do anything, nor can they do anything to stop or delay the delivery of the package even after being aware that fraudulent activity is going on.(I recorded this phone call)

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Contact the police station you made the report with, make sure they have the special delivery track and trace number. They will have direct access to the Royal Mail IB and can hold this item on behalf of the old bill.


You cannot do anything as such, the police can with a simple phone call

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