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    • I received PCN's from TFL and Southwark. 08/06/19   I spoke with Southwark regarding PCN's and thought it was sorted.   Didn't hear anything back until 17/01/20 when my car was taken by Marston EA.   TFL & Marston say they sent letters but have no proof.   I emailed TFL (19th June) through their online portal and again, via email on (14th Nov 2019) < the email on 14th has been viewed 17 times but no reply.   (so I have proof of contact, they don't) I asked them if they send via recoded delivery/signed for but they do not.   When my car was taken, I received a call from a friend saying it's on the back of a truck, outside his house (which is round the block from mine).   I ran round there and the EA was aggressive, shouted at me and refused to show ID/why he had taken my car.   I complained to Marston who denied it but sent me some of the footage.   I complained again through resolver.co.uk and Marston lied again.   Then I sent ALL my info and evidence etc.   They then took a few weeks and called me saying sorry and taking full responsibly for their EA's aggressive behaviour etc.   TFL are still refusing to comment.   Marston offered me £250 as a goodwill payment but obviously the pain and trauma causes - that doesn't cover it.   The police were called when they took my car cause I was so distressed and having a panic attack etc.   I've requested the phone call recording where they accepted guilt and that they had handled everything badly, including lying about the video on Resovler.   I feel like Marston know they've done wrong, but TFL still aren't in the know. (to my knowledge)   Also, I requested info from TFL via whatdotheyknow.com and TFL did a data protection breach by uploading my full details including address etc. to a public forum (and I didn't even ask anything specific about my case) so I feel like they did this out of spite/anger.   the www.whatdotheyknow.com team reprimanded them for this and advised me to complain.   I also paid £800+ to retrieve my vehicle and I have completed the OOT which was denied. I tried to take it to court but when I tried to do the 'low income' thing but they wanted bank statements which I couldn't get... then corona happened.   I've downloaded/uploaded the ZIP file from Resolver convos.   Basically; regarding the footage: my initial message to them, I made myself seem unaware and 'stupid' so they wrote a generic reply telling me that 'the footage is fine and the EA did nothing wrong' so they can't uphold my complaint, then once they sent that; I sent them the CIVEA rulebook and timestamps in the video to show that they were in the wrong and had further lied in their official response (which must be illegal) so when they received the in-depth response, I think they got scared, went away for a couple weeks and tried to get the nice sounding woman to call me up, say sorry and be really nice then offer me a measly £250. She also tried to rush me into agreeing.   
    • No it was about under by a couple grand.    Cheers
    • yes. Did you earn over £12,500  with that employer during the year?
    • No it was 1250L I guess that's the tax allowance limit code?    Cheers
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Mistaken Payment went into account, Barclays won't return to sender!!

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Hello all


My sister in law accidentally paid £200 into my Barclays bank account instead of to my brother.


This was an old business account I have which I had not used for about three years. The charges and interest has mounted up in I to the extent that it is £1200 overdrawn.


I had not heard from Barclays at all for several years despite this being an unauthorised overdraft, no phone calls, no attempts to get me to credit the account, no letters. They just let it go. And so did I.


Anyway my sister in law contacted me straight away and I said the best way to tackle this was for her to contact her bank and ask for the money to be returned via the Industry standard process for mistaken payments. This process allows for the return of the money within twenty days if I do not object and of course I do not.


I then received a phone call from Barclays stating that they had received a request from my sister in law's bank (Lloyds) and they asked me how I intended to credit the account (with some £1200) so that they could return the money.


I told them that it was not necessary for the account to be credited. I told them they should follow the industry standard process and return the money. There then followed a lengthy and unsuccessful (on their part) attempt to get me to restore the account. I told them that whether or not I did so should not be linked with their duty to return the money in line with the industry code as I (clearly stated) I was not objecting to it's return. Eventually they agreed they would do so.


Much to my surprise my sister in law contacted me to say she had received a letter from her bank Lloyds saying they could not get the money back because I had objected!! This is entirely at odds with what I said to Barclays which was that I DID NOT object to the money being returned and that they SHOULD follow the industry Code of Practice.


(I am somewhat familiar with this situation and the Code of Practice as I had earlier in the year made a payment into the wrong account in our business much to the annoyance of my partner and researched what to do though in this case the recipient was known to us and he returned it less £17 for a bottle of whiskey!).


Barclays have taken no other action with regard to the account in the intervening two weeks except to keep it alive in their system and have just added another month of fee and interest charges. I have had no default notice, account suspension or anything else.


Can I ask fellow CAGers the following:


1. Am I right to believe that not withstanding the state or status of my account that if a payment is mistakenly made into it and I do not object to its return then that return must be done and within a twenty day time scale?


2. Presuming the answer to 1. is yes then what should I do now?


Many thanks for reading and I hope this thread will be interesting and entertaining!

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Simple - jes.staley@barclays.com & Ashok.Vaswani@barclays.com


Complain - Its the only way to get sense out of Barclays


We could do with some help from you.


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Receptaculum Ignis


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1. Am I right to believe that not withstanding the state or status of my account that if a payment is mistakenly made into it and I do not object to its return then that return must be done and within a twenty day time scale?


No the Code of Best Practice for returning payments made in error is done on a "best endeavours" basis and no guarantees are made. I suspect that Barclays stance is that because you're account is overdrawn and there is no money available to use then they are not able to return the funds. A solution to this is to bring the account back into credit.


As mentioned above, if your're not happy you you can make a complaint.


In the meantime, you owe your sister in law £200.

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You wont return their money, why should they return yours. It might be different if it was some random person that paid in, and they would likely return out of goodwill, but as its family, they will prob just let you suck it up.

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This needs to the subject of formal complaints, by your SiL to her bank and by you to yours.


Your SiL needs her complaint to be in writing saying the money was paid in whatever circumstances to the wrong account and she requires the money to be returned.


Your complain needs to be that your bank has said, according to your SiL's bank, that YOU have refused to allow the refund. If your SiL has the letter confirming this, you have good proof.


But keep your communications in writing only.



We could do with some help from you

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Please give something if you can. We all give our time free of charge but the site has bills to pay.


Thanks !:-)

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Thank you everybody for your comments and views. I am glad this thread attracted some interest.


Thank you slick132 for your post which I think is particularly useful and I will act as you suggested.


I will post back here with any developments.


Thank you stjane for your comments and be assured I will pay my sister in law the £200 as she needs the money and then see what happens.

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Don't forget to start reclaiming the charges back as well - show them you are not taking this lying down.

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