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Hello Friends,


I booked a courier through Transglobal Express.


The carrier was UPS and the item to be delivered was a dishwasher.


Transglobal say that dishwasher is a prohibited good and I should not have sent it out in the first place

and if still did this, it is at my own risk.


The dishwasher has been badly damaged as UPS have dropped it.


The UPS say that packing was insufficient and the Transglobal further added that it was anyway a prohibited item and so no compensation at all.


The email and attachment that I receive after placing order does not have any mention of prohibited item.


There was tick that I had to put on while booking, saying that I have not put any prohibited item.


There was an advise to check with carrier if further restrictions apply.


I had called UPS and asked them if they carry dishwasher and they said yes.


I have an email from receiver confirming that packaging was well done with polysterene in it.


I had done this packing by putting polysterene and 5mm thick carton board.


The UPS report does no mention anything about the polysterene and say that packing was insufficient.


What is my position here?


Can I ask for compensation?


The dishwasher is not working now.


I had sold this on ebay for £129.99

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Packaging aside for the moment, does it state anywhere in the terms and conditions that a dishwasher could not be sent using this service or that if you do send one it is at your own risk?





I am not legally trained or qualified, any advice i offer is gleaned from experience and general knowledge, if you are still unsure after receiving advice please seek legal advice.




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Barclaycard Settled


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If it was a 'banned' item why did they carry it?


Presumably the carrier was not mislead by wrongly labeled contents?


If they knew what they were transporting they can't now state it was not allowed. I think an LBA is in order here claiming for the damage caused whilst in their care. But don't do this unless you intend to carry through - as most courier companies will stand their ground knowing full well the vast majority of claims are never followed through or are dropped at the slightest resistance.

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Guest roaringmouse

1. Your contract is with the company you paid, Transglobal and not UPS.

2. If it is on a list of not accepted item then you are not covered at all. MOST courier brokers such as Interparcel, parcel2Go and ParcelMonkey etc exclude ANY ELECTRICAL ITEMS.

3. Even if the item is allowed, you have to pack accordingly and believe me I am a bit of an expert on this. I have received musical keyboards simply placed in a cardboard box. When the are sent out they are wrapped in 5 layers of bubblewrap, have polystyrene ends and corners, are placed in a triple walled box with 4 inches of space all round which is filled with polystyrene chips. They can drop it from 10ft onto concrete and not damage the item - which is the benchmark.

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