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Black Horse PPI & over payment reclaiming

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I've been looking at reclaiming PPI from a 2002 loan I got to buy musical equiptment.



After being messed around claiming they couldn't find my account details

I SAR'd my bank at the time and sifted through 1000+ pages of documentation in order to find my agreement number,


160 days after the initial SAR request I was eventually supplied my account detals.

Long story short it was single payment / front loaded PPI payment.


I did however run into difficulties paying the account and it was "written off (term as per transaction description) / defaulted at £520 in 31/07/2003.


What I've since learned was that this debt was sold off to 1st Credit DCA, who subsequently persued me (and me simply not knowing any better thinking I was simply settling one of many debts I had from my younger years)



I made an initial £26 payment on 31/05/2006 as a token of my eventual desire to pay said debt completely.



The following day (01/06/2006) while continuing to settle debts I called Black Horse and made what i was to believe was the final £520.85 payment.due on the old loan.


After saving for a few months more I then contacted 1st Credit and paid the rest of the £525 debt they asked for.


It has now come to light while I've checking old bank statements that Black Horse accepted the final settlment from me while actually not owning the debt having it been sold on to 1st Credit.


Where do I stand in Scotland with regards timeframe to claim the full £525 payment from either party?


Any advice would be appreciated

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do you have all the statements now from BH?

please don't hit Quote...just type we know what we said earlier..


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I had supplied a typical SAR request to them asking for statements but was supplied a transaction list showing payments etc.


I've redacted it and attached it to this post.

I've highlighted where it says 31/07/203 WRITE OFF 520.85.


It then shows 0 Balance outstanding followed by a repayment 30/05/06 for the outstanding amount and a further adjustment on my account that day.


I was then harrased by 1st Credit up until 08/11/06 when I paid them the outstanding balance again.

(This is especially vivid for me because I had been in hospital for minor operation).



I remember switching my phone on in the taxi home and 1st Credit calling to receive payment n that day.


I then still had issues with my credit file so contacted black horse in late January/early February 2008 with regards to the debt still showing on my report.


Within the SAR black horse provided me a copy of an e-mail conversation (01/02/08) which was themselves redacted to hide "From and To" email addresses however as they used a marker it's clearly easy to seeemails were sent to Central Admin DCA.


Conveniently they state my file was right however I don't believe this was the case considering if you look at the "PASSPORT system screengrab" documentation the following is visible:

On the first copy (February 01 2008, 14:40:45) it states



  • Default Date (31/07/2003)


  • PAYMENT Profile: 001001000122445555DS
    • (this is also the credit file status: OK, OK, Missed 1, OK, OK, Missed One etc all the way to DS - DEFAUlT)



On the second copy (February 01 2008, 14:40:50) it states

  • SETTLMENT DATE: 21/07/03 - Seemingly this was the Default Date on the report 5 seconds before??????
  • STATUS: 8555544221000100100

PASSPORT 2ND Sheet Redacted.jpg

PASSPORT Sheet Redacted.jpg

Transaction List Redacted.jpg


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looks like to me the error was BH's

as you say you'd paid it off to them

then they accidently left the balance at the £5000 odd figure



i'd write to them

inc you proof

and you proof of paying 1st credit as well.

please don't hit Quote...just type we know what we said earlier..


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