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    • What should you do? Totally ignore them. Next time you are there take photographs of Athena's notice at the entrance to the car park plus the position of the others as well as any difference between the T&Cs of their signs. Also a picture of their payment meter as the T&Cs there are often different from the signs. Check with the local council to see if Athena have permission to erect signs and ANPR cameras under the Town & Country [Advertisements] Regulations -they are often online these days. Also ignore any future correspondence from them and their unregulated debt collectors and do not be afraid of ever escalating fees most of which have no basis in Law. The time to come back to us is if they send you a letter of claim where a snotty letter to them may discourage them.Also read other threads on here to get an idea of the numties you are dealing with. One amoeba has more intelligence than all the car parking rogues together. It is still worthwhile contacting Lidl even without your receipt and especially where you have a record of regular visits to them.
    • First, I'm a bit surprised that your local police force has the manpower and time to waste chasing up a complaint from a member of the public that a motability car's paperwork may not be in order, bearing in mind that most forces can't be bothered to follow up reported burglaries, if stories in the popular press are to be believed.  But if that's what the police officer has told you, that's what he's told you.   If you want to follow up his suggestion to make a complaint, check your local force's website for how to do so.  Or (bearing in mind the history of problems that you've had before) write straight to the Chief Constable (website again).   Simply say you want to make a complaint about the number of times your daughter (or whoever) has been stopped by the police for no apparent reason.  Give a list of when and where this has happened and what the outcome was (presumably that the police took no further action).  I would also add that in the latest incident the police officer actually suggested making a complaint about the number of stops.  Not only do you (or your daughter or son or whoever it is) find this police action to be extremely distressing, but you also consider it a waste of scarce police resources.   Ask for an explanation as to why this keeps happening and ask for an assurance that the police will stop doing it.   You may also want to add (see what others advise about this) that the police officer in the latest incident also told you that they had received a call from someone saying that the car's paper work "might not be in order".  Say that you are concerned that whoever made this false allegation is wasting police time.  (You may want to think carefully about this as it may not improve your daughter's relationship with her neighbour!  If the allegation came from the neighbour.)   Those are my initial thoughts but it's a bit late to be thinking clearly.  See what others suggest rather than just relying on my suggestions.   [The letter really needs to come from your daughter (or whichever family member keeps being stopped) and not you, unless you can make it perfectly clear in the letter who it is that is being stopped etc. and that you are complaining on their behalf.  Is that clear?]
    • yes I missed out an important word there didn't I 'properly' ..
    • And dx what success have you personally had when dealing with cases for people in the county court.... when pointing out the above   I have asked you several times for your direct court room experience. Yet it hasnt been forthcoming    Please prove your statement that vcs lose most defended cases ? Again what you state doesnt stand up for the reality of the court circuit
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£100 PCN for exceeding stay by 95 seconds

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Got a PCN charge for £100 for a duration of 31 minutes where the first 30 minutes was free.


Looking at the actual time stamps the car was in the car park (not parked) for 95 seconds.


I have sent the usuall response i.e. informing them there is no way they have suffered a loss for the car being in the car park for 95 seconds.


However. I have subsequently found out that you are now supposed to obtain a ticket for the free period. They have only very recently changed their signeage to reflect this. For the past number of years this has never been the case before. On going back and looking at the signage it states that parking starts 5 minutes after entering the carpark meaning the car was only there for around 26 minutes.


I have no intention of paying this so the main question is "Can they realistically issue a charge for not displaying a ticket especially as their signage clearly states 30 minutes, a big notice on the machine says "please pay for your stay" and then in small print informs you actually need to get a ticket.


If a big sign says 30 minutes free and sign at the ticket machined says "please pay for your stay" I would deduce that becuase you stay for less than 30 minutes you dont need to pay therefore there is no need to get a ticket.


They are essentially charging me £100 for not getting a ticket.


I beat them last time when I dared them to take me to court but it is just hassle and un necessary stress.

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Need more info. Dates, times, companies involved? What are the signs like, wheres the location, have you recieved a NTK, was there a ticket on the dash?

Any advice i give is my own and is based solely on personal experience. If in any doubt about a situation , please contact a certified legal representative or debt counsellor..



If my advice helps you, click the star icon at the bottom of my post and feel free to say thanks


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your first mistake was to contact them and argue the toss rather than taking advice on whether their NTK was compliant with the PoFA first. You now have to prove that the contract you have entered into is unfair or defective so you have a lot more work to do to beat their claim.


Tell us what company, where the car park was, who owns it, when you parked ect so we can offer best advice t your circumstances

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