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    • Hi.  I don't know if anybody can help but was wondering if any of you had heard anything about this firm from Liverpool or had any dealings with them.   There is an alleged outstanding debt we had with a golf club from 4 years ago.  A family member arranged to throw a surprise birthday party for a couple of people but when one of them found out he made a fuss so the event was cancelled.  £445 was paid as a deposit which was not refunded and which was the cost of the room hire.  An amount of £696 was outstanding for food but the event was cancelled several weeks before and we do not have any copy of terms and conditions.   Anyway, this was forgotten about since they had taken the hefty deposit, until this week.  Mercantile Legal & Commercial Services are threatening a claim through court if we don't settle within 7 days or provide reason as to why we believe the money isn't owed.   We have no proof or paperwork anymore, and thinking about it £445 for the room is adequate compensation we believe considering they were providing nothing else.  The food wasn't even discussed in detail - it was just a buffet at £9 a head.   So the ball is in our court to either dispute the claim - presumably with some evidence - or be prepared to be taken to small claims court.  That's what they say in their letter.  They also state that all payments should be in favour of Mercantile.   If we dispute the claim on the basis above then we are admitting to it sort of, and if we don't they've already stated they will see that as an admission and go to court.   Please help, any advice would be appreciated.   thanks
    • I don't know what you mean about group?  I don't know where to go next, but the bank said they wouldn't help as did PayPal. 
    • Hi, I am a welfare rights adviser. Don't ask me what I'm doing on this forum at this time... I would second what Speedfreak said. But also, please note that for a change of circumstances ie. deterioration in condition, after you turn 65 (unless you were entitled to DLA and this ended less than a year ago, and you were under 65 on 08/04/13) you WILL NOT be-able to move from standard rate to enhanced rate mobility of PIP. I am not saying don't seek a review. You can and you should, if she meets the conditions for a higher award. But it sounds like this would need to be an award in the Daily Living Component element, rather than mobility. As Speedfreak suggests, go through the criteria and work out how many points she qualifies for (for DLC and Mob: awards can go up, down or remain the same), and see if you think the risk is worthwhile. I am sure the moderators will correct me if I'm wrong, but these guys deal with debt and consumer issues on te whole and few people here will be in a position to give benefits advice. I would certainly do your own research. The criteria for PIP DLC can be found at Table 2 of Schedule 1 of The Social Security (Personal Independence Payment) Regulations 2013- google it and click on the one at legislation.gov.uk. Make sure you open the latest available version rather than the original, as there have been significant changes in the law in the last few years. If you need help, or unsure whether a review is worth the risk, please try to get some specialist advice. If you have already gone through the criteria and noted how your partner meets them, this will help the adviser immensely. Unfortunately funding for advice in this area is very limited atm so it will be difficult for the adviser to give a realistic assessment of your case in the limited time frame they likely have unless you have looked at and addressed these first: no legal aid is available in this area any more. But your local Citizens Advice, council Welfare Rights Unit, Law Centre, or MIND may be able to help. Please bear in mind that (admin, I am sure you will correct me if I am wrong) this is a consumer advice forum and seems pretty hot on consumer and debt issues but few people here are likely to be benefit experts. If you have a technical question about PIP entitlement then I would suggest you try rightsnet.org.uk forum. People there have a huge knowledge of this kind of area of law. But note they do not provide advise on the merits of individual cases or action needed to members of the public as CAG do, so it is no substitute to doing your own research about the legal test & preferably getting specialist advice. Sorry for the length of post, force of habit trying to make sure every thing is covered. Also CAG apologies if I have misunderstood your remit, this is my first post so I am pretty much a newbie.
    • No worries, sounds like a really stressful time.   Ok. So this falls under contract law, not employment law. What does the contract say about payment? If you have met the terms of the contract, you can go to court to get paid.   It also means you’d need to sue your own company if they didn’t pay you minimum wage - that’s a non starter. Your own company is your employer.     if the client paid for the van it seems right that he can keep the van unless you have something in writing that says otherwise.
    • I do apologise for any confusion got myself in a rather a tizzy we as a company took on the job. 70/30 profit share taking below minimum wage  we actually saw an out. Company was taken bankrupt no assests only company van  husband then took over the contract all great. The client at the time paid to get the van back so work could continue to carry out the contract all happy until now when property sold now we recieved phone call saying he’s not happy we’re getting nothing and he’s taking ownership of Van again I aplogise if this is written in the wrong format I m just typing we stand to loose everything I’ve kept the wolves from the door with this guarantee again Thankyou for reading 
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Victim of fraud on Airbnb - Help needed

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Hi all. Really could do with some good advice please.


I will try and sum up concisely...


A friend and I went through the process of booking an apartment in Brighton with Airbnb. We are both new to Airbnb. We found an apartment and communicated with the 'owner' through the Airbnb site system.


When it came to booking we received an Airbnb branded html email. With payment details. I forwarded the email to my friend who made payment... before i could stop him as I realised it was bank transfer details which seemed wrong to me.


Long story short... as soon as payment was made the Airbnb user disappeared from the Airbnb site. Removed his apartment and profile.


We felt so stupid. The email was so convincing. Fully branded and all links correctly heading back to the airbnb site.


I immediately contacted Airbnb and my friend contacted his bank to see if he could halt the payment.


This was two weeks ago and all I have had from Airbnb is apologies over the phone and referral to the appropriate team who deal with situations like this... but ONLY communicate via email. These emails have offered nothing more than an apology for my experience and then a referral to their terms and conditions, pointing out they state not to make offsite payments. Then a paragraph informing me this will be their last communication with the matter.


When someone signs up to put their property on Airbnb... there must be checks? They must have to give property details, addresses, ID, contact numbers? Airbnb have provided me with none of this!


They have washed their hands of the whole affair.


As for my friend... his bank are still 'seeing' what they can do' and have stated it maybe too late. Even though my friend contacted them within 12 hours.


I do realise we may have been naive. But Airbnb must take some responsibility? New users of their site could easily fall into this trap and the user has been allowed to advertise falls without proper investigation.


Does anyone know what rights I have or who i should complain to regarding Airbnb or my friend's bank?


Airbnb did say i should inform local authorities. But who? The police cannot do anything!


Help please!

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Very common even been on watchdog and fake Britain programs or alike


Warning about paying by bank transfer. The same as with PayPal.Gumtree and alike.


Your only course of action is via the bank


No harm in reporting this to action fraud either



please do not post jpg images directly to a topic..USE PDF ....READ UPLOAD.



Single Premium PPI Q&A Read Here

Reclaim mis-sold PPI Read Here

Reclaim Bank Account, Loan & Credit Card Charges Read Here

The CAG Interest Tutorial Read Here

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Very common even been on watchdog and fake Britain programs or alike

Warning about paying by bank transfer. The same as with PayPal.Gumtree and alike.


Your only course of action is via the bank


No harm in reporting this to action fraud either


100% agree!


I got caught out myself by making a bank transfer. Within moments of doing so, I realised I messed up & I got straight onto my bank to try to stop it.


After a lot of going back & forth, Barclays told me that any monies made by bank transfer cannot be returned/refunded no matter what.


I eventually gave up & after kicking myself, I said goodbye to the money & now only ever make bank transfers to my sons only. At least that way I mess up they will give me it back. 😊

I don't suffer from insanity, I enjoy every single minute of it!!

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