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NRAM - Outstanding Debt £105K (after repossession)

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Hi Guy's,


I'm not sure how to play this one, I bought a property with my ex back in 2007 for around 95K (In Scotland)


To cut a long story short we separated, she left and went into a "trust deed" Nram wouldn't remove her from the property and I was basically left to pay the arrears at the time and the mortgage while i wasn't living in it.


I tried and tried to take the property in my name, my only chance was to then rent the property out pay the arrears.... moving on the house was repossessed about a year ago and they undersold it at 80K, no payments have been made for exactly 6 years!


They only actually defaulted the account about a year ago!


NRAm are after 105K - yes 105K which is probably about what we borrowed originally, I don't have a breakdown of the fees / costs / interest but I will request this tomorrow.


They only just started to chase the balance today, and they are now telling me that they will now pass to a debt collector if I don't reply within 60 days :)


I have no assets, and I am just out of work this week - so they are not going to get anything. I have tried to make arrangments in the past but they have always declined, they wanted to repossess.




The property was empty for 5 years


No payment been made in 6 years


I can't get hold of the ex to see what she thinks


credit file should have been defaulted long before it was?




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If you are still based in Scotland, it might be advisable to seek local advice about whether going bankrupt ( Scottish equivalent) might be the best option. Depends on whether you own any assets and whether it would affect you that much.


The reason is that mortgage debts are enforcement for longer than the normal 5 or 6 year statute barred period and therefore it will be sometime before the debt is not enforceable in a court.


You could send NRAM a letter asking for more information including copies of all paperwork that relates to the £105k they allege is owed. Advise that on receipt of the paperwork, you will have to obtain legal/debt advice, looking at all options.

We could do with some help from you.



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12 yrs sb so that's out the window


Passing it to Debt collectors??



Have they since the day of the the repo written to you wanting the shortfall paid

please don't hit Quote...just type we know what we said earlier..


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