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Closing joint bank account.

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I want my name removed from a joint bank account or the account closed. It is with TSB and has a £0 balance.


Despite it being that either one of us can close it I have been told today that it can't be done in the usual way as there is a 'restriction' on it and it will need both signatures.


Can anyone explain what that means?

I have a sole account with TSB that is in credit

and have no other debts or loans with them.


Could it be that my ex has another account or loan with them that is in debt?

That's what the customer advisor seemed to think was the reason but wasn't sure.


I am not in contact with my ex and have no desire to be, plus I know they would not sign anything. Is there any other way around it as I don't see why I should be put in this position. Thanks in advance.


Just thinking..

.could my ex have changed it to needing both signatures without me knowing?

At the time is was the only bank account I would have been able to use after we split up

. Instead I opened my own account.


Could he have been hoping that I would be unable to open an account of my own and had to use that one so he could monitor what I was doing and have access to it?


I know it sounds far fetched but you couldn't make up the things he has done

and I've found out about them.


It was a 25 year long abusive relationship and he controlled and manipulated everything.

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Hi Fluff


CAB info on joint Accounts; https://www.citizensadvice.org.uk/debt-and-money/banking/joint-bank-accounts/


To close the Account both people need to sign. To remove yourself, i think only you have to request it however, have you actually asked TSB about getting removed from it?


We could do with some help from you.


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Yes and they said they still need both signatures, despite it being able to originally be closed by either. Only my ex was paying into it to allow me to draw money.


I have the same with another account with Lloyds that they continued to spend on and i had no access despite it being in joint names. My ex ran up an overdraft and was still using the account to claim tax credits to which they were not entitled to and didn't notify them of even a month later.


It took me that long to get access as I had to get ID and jump through hoops to gain any access to what was going on. He sent me paperwork for that asking that I pay half of the debt he had built up to get the account closed. I had no access to that money despite notifying the tax office as soon as i could. I refuse to pay half of something that was beyond my control and that was spent in adult shops!


I can see now that everything he could do he did and that included lying about a failure of a bank account change. it didn't fail, he just kept control of them and left me with just one that he paid money into at his will as I had to ask. When questioned about anything he would get angry, abusive and threatening.


This is just the tip of the iceberg of their lies.


I guess I can ask for it to be blocked? Just can't see why I can't cancel it as there is zero owing on the TSB one.


With the Lloyds one they should also see I didn't have a card and that both accounts were paperless and only he managed them online.

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