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    • Hi  I do apologise as I don't know where to put this question.   My wife is self employed and her business is closed to to Covid 19. She has lost all future bookings  and has no earnings. I am retired with a State Pension. We have applied for Universal Credits which has been granted - payment middle of April , so that's great. We applied for the Small Business Rates Grant - £10,000 to help with business expenses - she intends to open trading again  ASAP, and there are obviously supplier contracts and services that need to be paid for, plus we modernised premises this year ( as we had lots of bookings) and our personal Credit Card debt is approx £9500.   I know we would have to notify Universal Credit about the Grant, but would she still be entitled to U.C payments? The business is hers , so I presume I am still eligible for U.C   Many Thanks thedrunkenmonkey
    • Neighbour who has garden at end of mine (fence to right as they look down their garden but crosses various gardens as I look down from my house) is requesting that I repair a damaged fence as her dog keeps coming into my garden.   Am I responsible to repair it (my part of fence)?    I have looked at various websites but not very clear.   Neighbour said they erected and put up a fence to their left as they look down their garden but stressed that I was accountable for part of fence to the right.   Thank-you for looking at would appreciate any guidance for confirmation.    
    • Are you or do you wish to use the vehicle until we succeed with arguing and you succeed in VT?
    • Hi I hope all are ok in these trying times. I assume most of us will be in the same situation with employment etc.   I am obviously still intending to follow through my complaint against MB. However I do have to make decisions as I have found myself as will most people at this time left with a reduced minimal income, with all I can forsee is an impending up hill struggle for the forceable future.   So not sure what, if any options I still have, I am presuming VT was only an option earlier on and a court CO excludes that option,    I cant continue to honour the finance payments and cant even begin to estimate any timescales I would be again financially stable.   im trapped but want, no I need to get rid of MB all together, they can have the car and I learned the expensive way!   MB recently emailed a letter (which is copied below) in it they refer to a recent termination, this is the part that is very confusing as its my understanding they terminated the agreement in March 17.   They also inform they have placed the collections on hold, but then heres the cheeky bit, they do however want me to store the vehicle, tax and insure it, as per the agreement (the agreement that they already state was terminated) until they continue with their collection process;   Due to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic currently affecting the UK and wider world, we’re emailing to update you on what will now happen regarding the collection of your vehicle, following the termination of your Moneybarn vehicle finance agreement.   We won’t be collecting the vehicle at this time Normally, following termination of your agreement, we would arrange for an inspection and collection of the vehicle. However because of the current Government imposed lockdown, we are not currently able to collect vehicles until further notice.   What will happen next? Nothing for the moment. We’ll contact you as soon as there are any developments in the Government’s stance and we know that we’re able to resume our normal vehicle collection activity.   What do you need to do? We would appreciate if you can please keep the vehicle taxed and insured for the time being, as per the terms and conditions of your finance agreement. We hope this information is helpful and clear. Please stay safe and well, and if you need to contact us with any questions, please check out the latest information on the best way to reach us at   So they state termination, then expect to lay down instructions for me to comply with as per my finance agreement T&Cs. To look after the vehicle that they do intend to continue collection of.   If everythings terminated and in other words I have no right to the vehicle, Im not prepared to comply with instructions in line with a non existent agreement (I dont have to) and have a good mind to charge them storage.   However l would much rather just leave the car, send off V5 to change ownership and be done with it and concentrate on getting justice for their mistreatment.   
    • No it isn't funny, but there have been murmurs on Social media, dfesn't take much for twitterati and FaceBork to go off on one. Some in our area have been on about shooting the Goats in case they spread the virus, people in a panic are unpredictable.
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The PPI mis-selling scandal has dogged the banking world for a long time now, and bothered everyone with a variety of spam messages and mithering claims companies.


Now, it looks like we might have another mis-selling scandal, thanks to the insurance world.


The FCA think that insurance agents have potentially mis-sold policies to consumers, as well as falsifying documents, faking signatures, and sold products to people that will never, ever pay out.


The Financial Conduct Authority has been looking into all this, and said that their study of 15 insurance firms and the agents found widespread examples of poor practice.


They've also found companies that have failed to discipline an agent after they'd spotted their mis-selling deeds, and their falsification of customer documentation.


Other discoveries showed agents selling travel insurance to people with medical conditions, which aren't covered by the policy they ended up with.


As such, the FCA have given the insurance world a chance to sort themselves out, and ordered 'Section 166 reviews' on two companies, which means tha they'll have to pay for an independent firm to come in and review the way they do things.


Another two companies have been told to stop all sales activities. Sadly the FCA haven't named anyone in all this.


"General insurance is a large and important sector and we are concerned about the potential for customer detriment arising from the lack of oversight of appointed representatives," Jonathan Davidson, FCA director of supervision, said in a statement.


"All principal firms need to consider these findings and look again at their practices."


We wouldn't be surprised if there's compensation coming the way of people who have been mis-sold, in yet another headache for the UK's financial sector.




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I'm currently trying to find out whether insurance firms who automatically renew without authorisation can force the customer to pay a fee when they try to cancel the policy. Did the customer aquiesce to the renewal by remaining silent? TB

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I'm currently trying to find out whether insurance firms who automatically renew without authorisation can force the customer to pay a fee when they try to cancel the policy. Did the customer aquiesce to the renewal by remaining silent? TB


Just seen this.


When you buy Insurance you should be told all important information. This should include auto renewal if the payment method you select can be used for auto renewal. Now because most arrange online, this information will be contained in documents which might be viewable in a link if clicked on, before confirming payment to buy the Insurance. If you don't read it online, you would have to read the policy documents when they arrive in the post. Most people don't read their documents. They will scan read the letter to see if they need to do anything, check the certificate of Insurance and then put the documents somewhere safe.


Auto renewal is often a part of the Insurance contract. It is not a compulsory element and if you want Insurers to switch off this feature you can ask them to do this. If you don't bother to do this, accept the contract as written and then don't bother to read the renewal, the policy may be auto renewed. If the Insurers then have to cancel because you have taken out Insurance elsewhere then of course a cancellation admin fee can be charged, if it is part of the contract. If you never received any renewal documents, then you have a strong argument for Insurers to waive any admin fees.


In regard to the FCA miss-selling, where serious breaches have been found, i always find it disappointing that the FCA does not name the companies. I can understand why they don't, as it might put them out of business and be ruinous for investors, but if a company have had previous warnings, i don't understand why consumers should be left in the dark.

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Auto renewal is often a part of the Insurance contract. It is not a compulsory element and if you want Insurers to switch off this feature you can ask them to do this.

It is the default setting whether you renew online or by phone. We shouldn't have to insist it's 'switched off' we should be given a clear choice to take it up if we wish. I renew by phone, pay the full premium up front and have to be quite forceful every year in making it clear that they do not have continuous authority.

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