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    • Read the terms of the old legal cover.  Does it not still cover legal issues, that arose when the policy was in force, subject to a time period ?    And please note that most legal expenses policies require you to notify the Insurers within a certain period of the legal issue arising.   Failure to notify the Insurers of the legal issue within the  time limit noted in  the policy terms and conditions , would result in you not being able to claim.  This is because the Insurers would want to examine the legal issues and see whether they were able to resolve them, before there was any deterioration, which could lead to a greater exposure to costs.   Ask your brokers to find out for you, if you are not sure.
    • Hi.   I'm afraid I can't help you to write a letter about something that complicated, maybe other people can.   Could I just ask please if you've complained to the GMC twice as your post seems to indicate?   HB
    • I'm not too familiar with the tiers, so excuse the question - but haven't they paid tier 1 due to annual turnover?    I just did a test on the ICO website to see what a company has to pay and it doesn't seem to say anything about what sort of processing they do, it just asks about how many employees a company has and what turnover.     Did they need to do more than that?  Is it not about the fee tiers?  I see APCOA, for example, is also tier 1.  ParkingEye are tier 3.
    • Question-    Can the Governments track & trace app really work  ?   There is news that the app has crashed,  but let us presume that the app is working.   In the building where I work, due to the construction, my mobile phone signal is not very good, unless I am sat near a window.  In an average day, I am normally sat at the same desk,  but I may move around the building for socially distanced meetings or for other reasons e.g toilet break, making a drink.    I don't normally have my phone switched on all day and I may not take it with me, if I move to another area of the building.  But let us presume that I have my phone switched on, with Bluetooth  swtiched on, so this track & trace app can work .   What is the working distance of Bluetooth on most phones and could the app cause too many alerts for people to self isolate ?       If you have one person who is tested as having Covid-19 sat in an office socially distanced in one corner, but has colleagues in the same office,  will this app think everybody sat in the same office has had contact with this one person for more than 15 minutes ?  This could lead to a lot staff suddenly having to leave their workplace to go into self isolation.   And what about visitors to workplaces ?  If employers are not recording time/date and movement information, the contractors phone may cause staff in a building to receive the app alerts, even if they have not had any direct contact for the 15 minutes.   I can see this track & trace app causing a lot of disruption in many workplaces.
    • Exactly, any data processing is automaticvlly illegal  as you say EB in the case of no ICO Registration.
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Hi guys,


My friend ran into trouble with his Nationwide loan 5 years ago after returning from living/working abroad.


He agreed a partial settlement for the loan, paid that and the agreement was to not default it and the loan was marked as a partial settlement on his credit file and the balance owed was zero.


He still has his current account with Nationwide.


Recently they wrote to him to inform him that he was due over £500 back due to unfair charges/interest which had been applied to the loan whilst he was paying it.


He spoke to them on the phone yesterday and they said they were using it to pay of some of the balance of the loan, even though he had an agreed partial settlement and his credit file showed a zero balance.


Can they do this? I would of presumed if they were able to do this they would of been able to take money straight from his bank account at any time to pay towards the previous loan.


Smells a bit fishy to me , but this isn't my subject of expertise.

My advice is given through personal experience and is given without prejudice



If I Have helped please feel free to click the star


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If he has it in writing that it was a F&FS then no...its not correct...but he must have the written agreement to fight it.


My only concern is " partial settlement on his credit file " were as if it was F&FS it should have been marked " Satisfied " ?



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