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    • Well I think it would be prudent to check them. I found several warranty details for your make of laptop but not UK. Surprisingly, they only say that they will repair defective parts and there is nothing as to what happens if the unit is not repairable. I suppose that being Acer, they have access to all the parts needed – in principle – and they reckon they can repair anything. Double check and see if you can get access to the warranty. Also, you need to decide whether you are prepared to issue a small claim. If you never done it before then read around this forum about how to take a small claim in the County Court. It's quite straightforward but you need to know the steps in advance. Once again, don't expect this to be sorted out by 18 December. I expect that you won't even have it sorted out by February – unless they suddenly react once they receive the court papers and move themselves. Of course you could say that by February the thing will be repaired anyway – but actually you don't know that. It could go on very much longer and at the moment I think you are being led around by the nose
    • As far as I remember and by looking at the receipt, it was already included in the price of the laptop.    Regarding the terms and conditions, I have no idea where to look for them. I might ask my mum to see if there is a mini book that came with the laptop and might contain the terms and conditions
    • But there were exceptional circumstance involved, they must count for something 
    • £1300 is fine. Don't worry about it. Don't worry about the disclaimer. It has no effect. They are trying to introduce a new term into a contract which has already been made. It has no relevance. Even if a certain delay was acceptable, the fact that they have already had your computer for three months and they are now effectively suggesting a further two months that is five months which amounts to about 20% of your period of ownership – is not acceptable. What I'd like to know – and I think is quite important – is what they say in their warranty if the computer is beyond repair. I'm assuming that you are prepared to bring a small claim against them – and that is what we will propose that they fall back on that term – especially if the term proposes that they supply you with a replacement. This would then avoid the problem for you that you would have to accept only a proportion of the purchase price. If you're not prepared to sue them – then frankly there's nothing you can do. If you are prepared to issue a small claim then your chances of success are better than 90%. The risk you if you lose is that you lose your claim fee. If you win then you will recover all of your losses. If you want to start a small claim that we will help you all the way but it will assist enormously if you can find the terms and conditions of the warranty. Have a look at their website and you may find references to it there or at the Currys website. Did you pay for this warranty or was it simply included as part of the purchase price? If you paid, then who did you pay? Did you pay Acer or did you pay Currys?  
    • Not trying to be rude, but 90% of my last text was the disclaimar from Acer which could have helped somehow.   I know I have the bad habit of making long paragraphs, but I'm sure Acer at least knows how to space and punctuate correctly.
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someone used my details - Further steps Notice unknown fine[s] - help

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this is the letter I have written to DVLA


To whom it may concern

I would like to inform you that somebody has falsely used my name and details on a vehicle with the registration plate 'X' and speeding fines have been issued to an address 'X', which I have never lived at.

It began when I received a further step notice letter from the West Yorkshire collection and Enforcement centre on Friday 15th of July. I was unaware of the reason behind this letter so I rang the enforcement centre on Monday 18th of July as to ask them regarding this matter. They told me that the vehicle with the registration plate 'X' was on my name and speeding fines were sent to 'X'. As I have never lived at that address and therefore not responded, a further step notice was issued against me by the West Yorkshire Enforcement Centre and sent to my correct address ('X') on the 15th of July.

The enforcement centre has advised me to open up a case in court to declare my innocence from the above matter. I will now be opening a case in Bradford court where I will attend a hearing and declare that the vehicle in the matter has never has belonged to me. I am requesting that DVLA removes my name from the vehicle in a matter of urgency.

Please don’t hesitate to contact me on


I am also sending forms to change my Driving licence and vehicle registration as you correctly said its illegal and I dont want to go court to resolve one matter only to shoot myself in the foot with another. The only reason I did not change them in the past is because I only moved down the road and at my current address the parking is atrocious so I leave my vehicle at my parent's address in the driveway most the time. I hope its not too late but better late than never


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