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    • Hi Bankfodder,   I will be issuing the claim today. My research tells me that the company will receive a CCJ which will be detrimental to their future dealings. The debt can also be enforced which is even worse for them. Royal mail can verify that the letter has been delivered safely to its final destination, whether or not they choose to collect the mail is their own problem. This process is worth it to know the company will be penalised in a bigger way than just paying me what they owe. I have seen evidence that the company likes to google themselves and make false positive comments, so when you read this Urban Pushchair/Bebylux/Ainea International Ltd, this is what happens when you have appalling customer service and sell faulty products. 
    • my mistake  Wrote the above very early this am  It is from a sols - aldridge The same sols from Feb 
    • dca's don't send PAP letters solicitors do..    
    • The finance company are rejecting your complaint – because this is what they think they can get away with. There is no morality in finance companies. Not only that, they have prepared a final response so quickly and recommended a complaint to the FOS – because they prefer you to go to the FOS because as I've already said, the FOS is very cosy with these companies and I can imagine that eventually some compromise recommendation would be made – and it would be you making the compromise. Additionally, it would be a long time anyway and the finance company would hope that you would eventually suffer from fatigue. The finance company has instructed you not to drive the car – and I think that you must obey their instruction and also the fact that they have put this in writing is justification. You say you know the owner of the garage – are they going to charge you storage? Would they allow you to leave the car there free of charge – but on the basis that you would attempt to claim a reasonable storage fee and paid over to them when this is all finished. Please find out. This would be one of the ancillary losses that you would reasonably incur as a result of the breach – and also as a result of the instruction for the finance company. At some point, you can leverage this against the finance company by informing them as well as the garage that as they have instructed you not to drive the vehicle that you have been obliged to leave it in storage and that this is incurring a weekly storage fee and as they have refused to comply with their consumer obligations under the 2015 act, not only has this fee been reasonably incurred, but also you will be pursuing them to reimburse you for it. This will add additional pressure. Anyway, I think it has all been spelt out to you – and I think you need to make a decision. The more quickly react, the more assertive and confident you will appear to be. You need to keep the garage and the finance company on the back foot.  
    • Thanks Bank Fodder for laying out the pro's and cons.   I think that because the missing paperwork on the 100k service was missing will help in our favour, as Ford say the automatic gearbox must be serviced at either 35k or 2 years which it wasn't, this was disclosed at the time of sale and only a very basic service was done and stamped in the book.   I am very surprised that the finance company closed the complaint so quickly.   At the moment the car is at an independent garage, luckily it is where I get my van serviced so I know the owner. Should we leave the car there as in one of the emails the finance company told him not to drive the car, or shall they drive it home which is around 3 miles?
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Hi everyone!

New business account holder here hoping to get advice!


I set up a monthly standing order last year and the money left my account in Nov and Dec of 2015.

From Jan 2016 until now I've been paying this particular expense via chip and pin.



Honestly completely forgot about the standing order and the Bank never attempted to take out the funds strangely enough.



Today I discover that a standing order of £700 was taken out of the account on Friday for that particular expense, which caught me by surprise.



Called the vendor to ask for a refund (as I've already paid for the month) and they say it's not reflecting in their system.

To cut the long story short, this vendor has changed their account number without informing me and now my money is in a holding account.


Bank has told me to call back in 2 days to get a chaser pin to pass on to the company

and the company will then pass this to their Finance team?

This can take up to 21 business days I was told.


My question is:

Am I wrong in requesting for this payment to be recalled Asap?

Everyone has been so nonchalant about this.

No accountability what so ever!

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Hi Ekale100 and Welcome To CAG


I always understood standing orders values cannot be changed ...except by the account holder ?


Essentially, a standing order is an instruction to your bank, whereas a direct debit gives permission to a company to take money from you. You are the only person who can change the date or payment amount on your standing order. This is the main difference to a direct debit, where these details can be changed by the person or organisation you're paying





We could do with some help from you.



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