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    • urm the link in my post…..
    • Hi, where do I find the standard sticky please, I’ve looked but I think I am missing it 🙄
    • Hi Rei and thanks for the update.   Your post confirms what we're telling folk all the time - Harlands/CRS, Zinc and their pet "solicitors" continue to make demands but they fail to do anything substantial to back up their threats.   Hence our continuing advice to NOT respond to demands by letter, email or phone, because they'll do nothing that will affect your credit rating, or that will force you to pay.  
    • Hi GHL and welcome to CAG   You now have your own thread to use from here on ( to avoid hijacking someone else's thread where you first posted).   I assume there were 2 separate m/ships and not a joint m/ship, but please confirm.   I hope you've read other threads here which should help you understand how Harlands/CRS operate. They use every opportunity to make far more money from missed payments and penalty fees, than what they make from taking a percentage fee from ongoing monthly gym fees.   Yours was a rolling monthly m/ship so you only needed to give them notice to quit but there was no minimum 12 month term. Hence all you owe them is £19.99 each.   Write a letter to Harlands, each of you :- 1. Offering to pay the £19.99 for the notice period you failed to give 2. Offer valid for 14 days only. 3. Offer withdrawn if they fail to accept, or if they demand any higher amount.   Post a draft of your letter here first so we can check it.    Letter(s) should be sent from the PO and get a free Certificate of Posting from the PO Counter.  
    • King I fully understand the mother was living there on her own and only one named on the tenancy agreement.   As for your comment that after informed of the passing in a few days they pack tenants belongings and store them and change the locks this I completely disagree with.   In my are the different HA (and there are many) in a scenario like this will:   Communicate with the executor/family member once informed of bereavement informing them of any succession rights, property to be handed back ( 28 days on being informed of above) if unable to must notify the HA to ask for an extension.   After the 28 days if no contact the HA will then follow its Abandonment Policy.   If contact made after 28 days and no extension has been granted HA will then go to court to claim property back.   Once this is done and no contact off to court to claim property back only then will the enter the property unless in an emergency or legally required i.e. gas safety inspection even then may need to go to court for that to get access.      
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You are due redress because CFO Lending did not treat you fairly in the past. Your redress will be in the form of a reduction to the balance you owe CFO.

Your account balance has been adjusted to reflect this redress amount.

Please read this letter carefully. It contains further information about why this redress is due and how this affects you. In most cases, you do not need to do anything.

Dear blah blah


Why are we writing to you?

We are writing to you because you either currently hold an account with either CFO Lending or one of its trading names [Capital Finance One] and you have been assessed as not having been treated fairly in accordance with regulatory standards. You are due redress as a result.


CFO Lending agreed with its regulator, the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), to conduct a review and customer redress scheme overseen by an independent third party, Grant Thornton UK LLP, whose appointment was agreed by the regulator.


How will my redress be paid?


Your account balance has been reduced by £225. Your account balance is now £0


What do you need to do now?


To help you with any queries you might have about the background to this review and the redress scheme agreed with our regulator, please contact us on 0208 045 1382.


You do not need to take any further action in order to accept this offer of redress.


Detailed below are the eight specific issues that were assessed to determine whether or not our customers have been treated fairly:


1. Balance restatement

2. Misuse of banking information

3. Excessive use of continuous payment authority (CPA)

4. Mishandling of complaints

5. Misleading and threatening communications

6. Inaccurate reporting to credit reference agencies (CRA’s)

7. Interest rates on rollovers

8. Annual statements not produced after 13 months


We accept that we did not always meet the appropriate regulatory standards and we have agreed with our regulator to provide redress to affected customers.


If you have any further questions or concerns then you can contact the dedicated Customer Service team who will be able to help you. You can contact us using the following details:


Telephone: 0208 045 1382

Email: collections@cfolending.com

Write to us: Redress department, 2nd Floor, Kirkdale House, Leytonstone, London E11 1HP


What does this mean for me?

You have been assessed as not having been treated fairly in relation to:


1. Balance restatement -


The total redress your account will be reduced by under the agreed scheme is £225.

Our approach to calculating redress and its application has been independently verified.


Yours sincerely,


CFO Lending Ltd




Anybody else get this email?

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Blimey ! that's a result.



Mind you, it's no wonder that the FCA got involved - CFO's method of calculating interest on rollovers was shocking together with their emails telling people they could have a "fresh start" !

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Excellent news - suggest you keep the letter somewhere safe for a while.

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Did you have to do anything yourself to get this, or did it just come out of nowhere? Think I'll be sending them an email to see how much (I must) be due.

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