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Ok, Thanks I think I understand now , It is just complicated by 2 parties being involved, and not being sure who to go after and for what .

From what you have posted , I take it we should now go back to the CC and apply for a set aside .

For the initial application , how much detail is required ?

To summarise , we will be asking for set aside , as BT had sold the “debt “ on , even though the matter was in deadlock , and was being investigated by Off Com , and the Communication Ombudsman service .

This without informing us of their actions ,as there was nothing from them after the deadlock letter.

As an aside Lowell took action , again without communicating with us

Would a SAR requesting all letters sent , proof of posting etc help to re enforce the request for set aside,  as we had no chance to defend

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Set a side applications for this kind of default judgment are more successful if made promptly...you informed us of the CCJ in Dec 2018 some 11 months back and yet you still have not made the application...and I accept that this is down to your thinking that BT are involved in this claim and wanting to get information from them....which has not been forthcoming..nor was it relevant.


So as we have it no paperwork received from Lowell...no pre action protocol...no court claim N1...no notice of Warrant....your daughter has not moved and resided at the same address throughout this dispute.


Make a start on the application N244 and we can give you some pointers as to what brief details will be required in support of the application.


We could do with some help from you.



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If you want advice on your thread please PM me a link to your thread

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Great , thanks for that

We will get on it

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