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Could you put me straight on the issue of holidays.


My background I work part time for a large home ware

store, 3 days per week 16 hours, Monday/Thurs and Sat.


My issue I need to resolve is: If I am taking some of my working days off as holiday, for instance my last time off was -working monday holiday thur back in Saturday..Was my boss within his right to ask me to work the weds of that week? To me that would mean I am not really getting a break?


What is the point of taking a days holiday if I have to go in the wed so not got a few days off.? I may as well have switched my shift from thurs to wed.


Background is they have cut my hours to 16 from 20/24 due to new minimum wage. I aslo lost my Father 3 weeks ago and have not taken compassionate leave, as we are short staffed and would feel guilty. I also was shouted at by a manager with another member of staff the manager used profanity on me, this I am seething about.

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Guest topcat14

You holiday entitlement is 16.8 days (should be rounded up to 17) for the holiday year, whenever that is in your employment. The fact that you worked the Weds and had Thurs off, could be viewed two ways.


1) You get paid for the Weds as overtime and the Thurs as a Holiday day ...or

2) You simply exchange the days worked for that week, and have not taken a holiday day, therefore your pay would be the same.


Compassionate leave is not a right, you need to check your Terms & Conditions of Employment to establish if there is a provision for such time off. If there is, this should be paid in addition to your holiday entitlement.


You should also follow the Grievance Procedure in your Terms & Conditions of employment if you feel strongly about how the manager spoke to you.

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If you work fixed hours or days they cant swap the working day to suit them, as far as thy are concerned there are only the 3 days in the week that are any of their business and if you take one of them as a holiday they have no right to expect you to work on a day that you dont have an obligation to work you may well work elsewhere on those other days and it is nothing to do with them.

However, if they say you work 16 hrs/week normally mon, thurs and sat they may ask you to work another day in lieu of taking the normal day as holiday. they cant reduce your holiday entitlement and have you work an extra day, it is one or the other.

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