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Aqua Credit Card Issues

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Hi all, if this is in the wrong section please move.


I have a Aqua credit card,

Aqua are part of New Day Ltd, had it about 11 months and no problems,

always used and paid in full etc...



Then 2 months ago I noticed a £12 charge on account for being over my £200 credit limit,

I thought this was odd as in the few days before this the balance was around £195 and I had not used the card.

it transpired that interest added had taken my balance to £203 to which they then added the £12 fee.


I said I wanted this fee refunded then I would pay,

but until then I will not make any payment as the account is in dispute,



Aqua are nigh on impossible to get hold off,

they insist on doing everything via the telephone, no email,

there is a PO Box address Only in Sheffield,

and a area in online portal which has like a 100 character limit to send messages to them.


They try to call me at least 10 times a day,

5 times mobile and 5 times landline,

despite me telling them I will not deal with this on a telephone call

and to email me or write me,



they have sent me 3 letters, which are only 2 lines long, saying phone us regarding your account.


They have since added a further £12 fee for late payment,

but I had said weeks before this I will not make a payment because the account is in dispute.


I have sent them about 10 different messages via the online portal,

each one 100 characters long explaining that I want the 2 x £12 charges to be removed

and then I will pay £100 toward the remaining balance, but until then,

the account will remain unpaid and in dispute,



I also said that I did not wish to be contacted anymore via telephone

and for each time they tried calling me AFTER I sent them this message

I will record the day and time and charge them £10 each time,



well since then they have called more than 30 times so clearly don't care.


Earlier they phoned again, I said, Look, the account is in dispute over these £24 in charges,

remove them and then I will make a £100 payment, also, stop calling me,



I have said this in writing and am charging you £10 per call,

the bill is currently £300 which I will invoice you for,

all they said was, ok, sorry for calling, it won't happen again,

and then less than 20 minutes later they called again, madness.


how can I go about dealing with this, and how can I stop the calls,

its bordering harassment now, especially when I have said stop,

or I will charge and invoice you, maybe I should invoice them.


Are these £12 charges legal, do I have to pay them,

I didn't physically spend over my limit,

I was taken over it due to the interest added,

so surly I can't be charged a over limit fee.


Sorry for the ramble, am venting a bit, angry is not the word.

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I have said this in writing and am charging you £10 per call, the bill is currently £300 which I will invoice you for


They know that has no legal standing thats why. Plus the call centre reps are there for one purpose. To make you pay.


Send a letter saying they are not to contact you. Head it notice of formal complaint. Send it to their head office via their complaints procedure, and they have 8 weeks to rectify it.


However if you get multiple calls each day, keep a full log and read up on harrison vs link.


As for charges, they are penalty charges and no youd ont have to pay them. But if you dont, they can close the accoutn and call the entire amount in for payment. Its better to pay off the charges, if you value your credit file, then reclaim them.

Any advice i give is my own and is based solely on personal experience. If in any doubt about a situation , please contact a certified legal representative or debt counsellor..



If my advice helps you, click the star icon at the bottom of my post and feel free to say thanks


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Even in dispute you should not have stopped making at least your minimum monthly contractual payments. As mentioned having a screwed credit rating for six years over £200 is simply not worth it

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Newday Ltd


Mr James Corcoran Chief Executive


Email [email protected]

Telephone 020 7160 8800

Switchboard 020 7160 8800

Website http://www.newday.co.uk


Postal Address Two, Pancras Square, London, N1C 4AGM

Company Number 07297722C

Company Status Active (Established 28/06/2010)

See also Customer Services for Newday Ltd

Companies House data for UK companies from 07297720 to 07297729


Related lists UK Companies

SIC Code 64921 - Credit granting by non-deposit taking finance houses and other specialist consumer credit grantors


Advice from CEOemail.com Hints and Tips on how to write your email to the CEO




Just for Info:-


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Honestly just pay it for now... Itll stop the damage and then you can duke it out...

The FOS and CAB would both agree with it...


I get it the charges arent lawful... But the fight to repair the credit damage that could occur isnt worth it...


We could do with some help from you.


Have we helped you ...?         Please Donate button to the Consumer Action Group



Receptaculum Ignis


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