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Fracking gets go-ahead in UK for first time since 2011 as North Yorkshire council approves plans

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How is the fracking going near Blackpool ?


Some gas now extracted, but how much ?


Any issues apart from the tremors ?


Hi unclebularia67.I missed your post,we both must have posted at the same time roughly.

How much gas.

For about £150 million or more plus police time of perhaps £15 million.

Rumour is enough for 3 lighters full to be sold for 1 pound or one dollar if you are reading this from elsewhere near the Shoreline on Blackpool Promenade.

Lets take a closer look at the company spouting off and what may have happened a week or so ago before the company seemed to have stopped.

Thee is a hut across the road from the site.Where protectors keep watch on the site 24 hours a day.

Seems a cosy place but i doubt if it is when the gales are blowing from the Irish Sea.

It has a metal fireplace with a chimney leading out the top of it.With provisions and a few seats spread around

And a lady called Katrina who i filmed once living in a wooden tower that appeared overnight next to the Fracking Site.Only for a demolition team to race down the road and demolish it.I had never seen anything like it.

She takes notes of everything that happens as do others which at the moment is not much.

I look forward to AJ Lucas groups share price tonight when the Australian Stock Market opens.Cuadrilla are surely doomed to fail but we shall see.

Nothing happened yet today, nothing happened last night & nothing happened yesterday. No noise from the pumps for days and it’s been 7 days since the last delivery of silica or diesel’


What others are saying.

Ian R Crane

The CUADRILLA Gas Flow Deception ...



You have a feeling of meetings taking place perhaps in soundproofed rooms.:sad:

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Just as you are talking about the stove and the hut facing the Fracking Site along comes a picture and some thoughts that must be shared by many down there on The Road To Hell across the road from the Cuadrilla Fracking Site


It’s raining, it’s solid gray above us... the rig stands tall... but in silence. The fire rages in front of us, the mice skuttle around - reminding us we share this space with those that were here first... yet something feels off... watching the lacky van in and out... the ( 3! ) police vehicles watching an old man ( sorry Tony ) and me at the gates of hell. Something is looming... whatever it is we will be ready for it #wearepnr #frackoff #ifnotyouthenwho #ifnotnowwhen

A feeling of expectation in the air.

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As the new week will soon begin what better way to start the week than a song to Francis Egan.

A song for Francis Egan head of Cuadrilla No Fracking Company.


So Andy and I went for another drink and we came up with this song for Mr Egan


Music - Paul Simon

Vocals - Andy Severyn

Lyrics - Andy Severyn, John Hobson

Video Edit - John Hobson

Props to Ros Wills for the borrowed photo x

Share away!

Hello Francis, our old friend

A song for Francis Egan.

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What was the tower tawny?


I noticed you mentioned the protests are getting less peaceful - good or bad thing?

Please note:


  • I am employed in the IT sector of a high street retail chain but am not posting in any official capacity,so therefore any comments,suggestions or opinions are expressly personal ones and should not be viewed as an endorsement or with agreement of any company.
  • i am not legal trained in any form.
  • I have many experiences in life and do often use these in my posts

if ive been helpful kick my scales, if ive been unhelpful kick the scales of the person more helpful :eek:

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Thanks for the post tobyjugg,i will take a much closer look at things soon.



if you look at the details, it would seem they are splitting the offshore (profitable/with potential) aspects of the business away from the on shore fracking (high risk/high loss).


Early in the thread we noted the risks associated with companies going bust' with massive losses and wells being left 'unowned' in other parts of the world without anything other than tax payers to pay for any issues/clean ups.


Given the governments not requiring a proper Environmental Risk Assessment recommended full impact assessments, and insurance type aspects stated in the British Societies recommendations and societies across the world ...

Some might think the fracking 'companies' are distancing their profitable aspects away from the UK on shore fracking side to limit their financial hit in any future 'negative' situations ... as was highlighted as so often the case earlier in the thread.







If you are going to train a virus to escape vaccine-induced immunity

you would do exactly what (England) are doing


"unrepentant and inveterate liar" “Moral emptiness and epidemiological stupidity”

Boris Johnson Mendex est


“The failure of the cheerleaders of Brexit to acknowledge the consequences of Brexit as due to Brexit remains remarkable.” - David Schneider

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Thanks tobyjugg2

Latest rumours and coincidences.Everything keeps you on edge with this Fracking business.

So many plans,time and money has been spent by the companies you wonder what the next move will be.

They the owners,investors have money to lose,a lot so will not give in i feel unless forced to.The people have the damage and stress these businesses cause.Climate change thoughts,environment,pollution etc.

Then there are the companies supplying and making money from Fracking.Building the pads,organising the lorries,drivers everything that goes into it.Right down to the skips that remove rubbish.So obviously want things to continue throughout England.Money is King.


This share price business i would have expected AJ Lucas Group to have lost ground last night.

But there was a sudden bounce last night ,well a couple of hours ago.Roughly about 17p,perhaps someone invested a tenner.

I suppose it does not take that much to keep propping things up.



Unless things are happening,meeting have been held and soon we will see Cuadrillas or the Governments next move.

Whispers at times like this can create news.


So what are the whispers.

Well one is

That a senior government VIP is making a visit to PNR on Thursday to visit who i do not know.

Residents perhaps at or near the two sites. Rosacre and PNR or residents living nearby i do not know.


When i first read this last night the person who posted it elsewhere within a short time had his post removed,a complaint must have been made.

But later was allowed.

As i say many people are on edge in the areas across England

I will listen to Ian R Crane with his latest video live at 8-30am.His thoughts put pretty bluntly.

A UK Govt Muppet is planning a 'Low Key' visit to @CuadrillaUK PNR & Rosacre FRACK sites on Thursday 15th Nov ... 'Community Consultation' prior to the 'Traffic Light' system being amended, perhaps?

See my LIVESTREAM UPDATE tomorrow : 8.30am Mon 12th Nov


I will put the live feed on.And remember no one seems to know who to trust at the moment,well it feels like it at times.

Everyone is on edge,waiting and wondering.

In the meantime,Ineos,Third Energy,IGas away from much of the the spotlight must be beavering away planning and plotting.

And Ineos as i say keep one and threequarter eyes on.But that is just my thought for the day.



The violence as i see it and have seen it comes from one direction.The protectors will stand their ground.I have never seen them use any violence

Some scenes that i have seen if you observe peoples faces closely suggest some of those protecting the Frackers lose it at times,just completely lose it for a minute or two.

Remembering PNR when forces came from all over the UK.Was this a plan for experience to be ready for when Fracking spread across England.

I have been close a few times observing and myself personally, luckily apart from a few pushes have got away lightly.

Others some of the scenes that have happened keep playing over and over in my mind like some old movie.


As new sites are set up if allowed and locals rise up it will just keep repeating costing huge amounts of police time.

Courts filling up and the people losing respect for the force of law in their local communities.

Suddenly you see things in a different light,like a private army arriving to protect the corporations,just following orders.

You seem to lose trust in many,not sure who to follow.


Ah,enough of that the fight goes on.

Labrat the towers i was talking about.

Check this link out and search fo the video called.

Cuadrilla Fracking Site-Trespassers-Get Out Of My Garden-My Home.



Then if you want to see what happened to the towers tap this into you tube.

Pete Marquis Demolition destroys one of the two towers


Back at 8-30 ,interesting times.Which way is it going to go.

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Well to put it mildly things are kicking off in many parts of England today.

And not just England.

I cannot say what is going to happen but something seems to be building up.

It is like the people have lost faith in their governments,just seem to see them cosying up to the oil and gas corporations in many places.

Taking no notice at all of warnings over Climate change,global warming,rainforests,earthquakes,nature,future generations,oceans anything related.


Lets take a look around.I doubt if i will be able to keep up with things as they build but will put articles on as often as i can.



We're live outside the Department of Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy with Christian Climate Action and activists from Preston New Road frack site

A group of people have blocked the entrance with a lock-on


This is a climate crisis. We need the government to act to solve the problem. They must decarbonise the economy and end their support for fracking.


Live a moment ago.



Meanwhile at Tinker Lane Nottinghamshire the police presence builds and protectors are being hemmed in by fencing creating an arrest and anger.



At Preston New Road the Cuadrilla Fracking Site.Speech by Natalie Bennett.


And a song by the Liverpool singers called

You wont be Fracking long.


Thought for a moment the end was in sight for the hut across the road from the Cuadrilla Fracking Site.



I have a feeling much is going to happen this week.

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Guest post: Save the Fylde – keep the earthquake safety limit at 0.5

Chartered Electrical Engineer, Michael Hill, stood as an independent candidate in the 2015 general election on a “Save the Fylde” ticket, highlighting his concerns about the fracking industry. In this guest post, he argues that his message seems more relevant now than ever as he makes the case why the safety limit on fracking-induced earthquakes should not be altered.

The company has apparently asked for the threshold for seismic activity at which fracking must pause to be raised from a local magnitude (ML) of 0.5 to 2.0.:-x


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Hard to keep up with things,check this out-London.Live a moment ago.

Notice the local spray painter in solidarity with PNR.

I noticed a press release but it flashed by i will update later.

Just reporting what i am hearing and seeing,as unbiassed as always :madgrin:

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Well this is the press release.I will tell the story of extinction Rebellion,i had heard a little about them.I believe it is all ages from youngsters to pensioners.We are going to hear a lot more about this group as time goes by.

It was a 85 year old spray painting the windows.Forming in many countries,direct actions.


BREAKING, London: Extinction Rebellion occupies UK Dept for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy

The UK government, specifically BEIS, is promoting fracking – meeting with fracking companies more than 30 times in the last 3 years, compared to zero times with anti-fracking groups – despite massive local opposition with protesters across the country. From Preston New Road (665 days now and counting) in Lancashire, to Kirby Misperton in North Yorkshire, to Horse Hill in Surrey, communities are coming together to fight against fracking.


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Sorry tawny I misread it as the protestors were getting more violent not the other way around


Thats why I asked if it was a good thing or not

Please note:


  • I am employed in the IT sector of a high street retail chain but am not posting in any official capacity,so therefore any comments,suggestions or opinions are expressly personal ones and should not be viewed as an endorsement or with agreement of any company.
  • i am not legal trained in any form.
  • I have many experiences in life and do often use these in my posts

if ive been helpful kick my scales, if ive been unhelpful kick the scales of the person more helpful :eek:

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Hi labrat,no problem ,thanks for posting.It haunts you things you have seen.

I look back at things i have seen,murder all sorts of violence going back to the 70s. Lately i have been doing a lot of looking back.

Remembering friends who have only been hit once and fallen and hit their head and taken at a young age.

Hit once,the one punch kill.And seeing some of the things that have happened at PNR keep playing back in my mind.

Those scenes i have seen or watched videos of at the Fracking Site i feel have affected me somehow unlike other happenings in the past.

And as Fracking Sites spreads if allowed to and the locals rise up which is a natural thing to do,protecting your young and future generations i dread what could possibly happen.

But i do look into things deeply people have said.


Better move on,there is nothing wrong with putting your thoughts down no matter what anyone thinks.Once out it helps.

I have written before about being a member for a while of The Federation Of Master BuiLders the FMB.

I specialised in brickwork,pointing and damp related problems.Used to get calls from all over the UK.

Historical places,landmarks all sorts of interesting places.The skill gained over many years meant that skilled workers were hard to find when busy.

So really only ever got upto 3 workers.

I keep thinking of those Earthquakes back in 2011 when Cuadrilla were stopped.

They shook buildings and have seen the odd photo of damage caused.

Phones were seen to be rattling at a local police station,people were woken etc.


I have searched for effects of tremors of a magnitude of 2.5 or less on buildings but cannot find any.

Perhaps i am looking in the wrong places.

So i will say this and stand by it. Cuadrilla will have caused damage to houses back in 2011 in the local area.

Just because you are not or did not see huge cracks and brickwork collapsing does not mean damage was done.

It does not take much i assure you to create micro cracks in the mortar between bricks allowing water ingress.

You may just say oh what is that patch of damp on the plaster,wallpaper but damage will have been caused.

Do not think the cavity will have protected you ,older insulation can act like a sponge.

Of course proving it would be a different matter but no harm in trying to.

Capillary action is the way i have seen water rise against gravity but that is thinking far to deep for this time and really just thinking about how chemicals and the rest could rise from the depths through tremors, fault lines,fissures,well casing causing damage through pressure and associated happenings and beyond my knowledge but am learning a little.Of course i am thinking about possible pollution to Aquifers etc.


Moving on,last night.Channel 4.Really interesting.

CH4 News , Extinction Rebellion protest , Dutch earthquakes , Fracking , PNR



Or if you have not got facebook

12 Nov 2018

Why the Dutch are ditching gas extraction including video.



Director of regulation for the Oil and Gas Authority quizzed on fracking

Cathy Newman speaks to Tom Wheeler, who’s the director of regulation for the Oil and Gas Authority. She asks if he was misleading people about the possible consequences of gas extraction and fracking.



Just the start people feel they are not being listened to.And not just the UK.Somethings building,the sleeping giants the people are beginning to rise up,watch out.

Climate change protests leads to '22 arrests' over blockade



Keep searching Lion.:-)


Gone for now.


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I think everyone who has doubts should watch this.


Real experience of the Dutch and "Why the Dutch are ditching gas extraction"


.. 8 Billion Euros in damages from simple gas extraction without the fracking they intend in the UK


Some screen captures from the linked CH4 video to show whats happened with mini quakes caused by this gas extraction - all quakes under 4 it says.

Why the Dutch are ditching gas extraction – Channel 4 News_snapshot_00.46.jpg

Why the Dutch are ditching gas extraction – Channel 4 News_snapshot_02.24.jpg

Why the Dutch are ditching gas extraction – Channel 4 News_snapshot_00.52.jpg


If you are going to train a virus to escape vaccine-induced immunity

you would do exactly what (England) are doing


"unrepentant and inveterate liar" “Moral emptiness and epidemiological stupidity”

Boris Johnson Mendex est


“The failure of the cheerleaders of Brexit to acknowledge the consequences of Brexit as due to Brexit remains remarkable.” - David Schneider

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Thanks tobyjugg for breaking things down making them clearer.Photos showing the mess from the earthquakes.


Lancashire fracking earth tremor was like “dropping a bag of flour on the floor” – government report


Shale gas commissioner to meet Lancashire residents

The government’s new shale gas commissioner, Natascha Engel, is to meet representatives of residents living near Cuadrilla’s existing and proposed fracking sites in Lancashire.


The energy minister, Claire Perry, has said she will be briefed about the meeting.


Lets take a look at the Shale Gas Commissioner who is to meet Lancashire residents.

Strange things are happening.


Here's the FULL TEXT of NATASCHA ENGEL's blatant attempt to censor the British media from reporting on FRACKING related EARTHQUAKES :



I believe the post suddenly vanished from the source earlier today.


What else.

Natascha Engel

Natascha Engel was the Labour Party MP for North East Derbyshire from 2005[1] until she lost her seat in the 2017 general election to the Conservative candidate Lee Rowley. Engel had previously narrowly beaten him in the 2015 general election with a majority of just 1,883. [2] It was the first Labour loss for the seat in over 35 years.

Writing pro-shale information booklet for INEOS

In December 2017 Engel was commissioned by petrochemical giant INEOS to write an 'information 'booklet' that would 'better explain shale exploration and development'.



And here is a interesting link.

Cuadrilla had a leak of fracking fluid during the main fracking operation on the 17th October.


The first three earth tremors occurred the following day, after a main frack, on the 18th of October.



Well nothing much to say apart from a warm welcome awaits from the residents you would think.

Anyone getting the feeling this is all leading up to an announcement.


What else.

Investors talking.



See what surprises tomorrow brings.

Bye for now.


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Ian R Crane live a moment ago.His latest video updating on Cuadrilla-Natascha Engels visit to Lancashire-Mysterious vanishing posts from Kevin Hollingrakes MPS account Showing the letter sent to every newspaper by Natasha Engel but is was copied before it vanished.Proves Natasha is nothing more than a spokesperson for the Gas industry.And even wrote a pamphlet for Ineos.Also talks about the failure of Cuadrilla.Nothing strange about that they fail every time.Worth a listen to.Called UK Mother-Frackers in MASSIVE 'Car Crash'!https://www.facebook.com/200294730037361/videos/vb.200294730037361/255073411854312/?type=2&theater

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Thought Fridays private eye (16th Nov edition) might give you a laugh



Please note:


  • I am employed in the IT sector of a high street retail chain but am not posting in any official capacity,so therefore any comments,suggestions or opinions are expressly personal ones and should not be viewed as an endorsement or with agreement of any company.
  • i am not legal trained in any form.
  • I have many experiences in life and do often use these in my posts

if ive been helpful kick my scales, if ive been unhelpful kick the scales of the person more helpful :eek:

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Hi labrat,yes i had seen it,many similar articles are appearing here and there.:-)

Cuadrilla won’t publish daily reports about fracking site – but regulator releases details of methane emissions.

The fracking company, Cuadrilla, has said it won’t publish the daily report of operations at its shale gas site near Blackpool, despite a recommendation by the industry trade organisation.


But details of operations at the site, including low-levels methane emissions and a small leak of fracking fluid, have been released by the regulators.



The Earth is in a death spiral. It will take radical action to save us

George Monbiot


It was a moment of the kind that changes lives. At a press conference held by climate activists Extinction Rebellion last week, two of us journalists pressed the organisers on whether their aims were realistic. They have called, for example, for UK carbon emissions to be reduced to net zero by 2025. Wouldn’t it be better, we asked, to pursue some intermediate aims?


A young woman called Lizia Woolf stepped forward. She hadn’t spoken before, but the passion, grief and fury of her response was utterly compelling.



Going back a touch.

Fylde doesn’t look promising for fracking – veteran US geologist


Live in a rural community,a village,coming soon to a place near you.

Fracking Convoy.


Cuadrilla Site-Wednesday

67th Call For Calm March by the ladies in white.


G20 nations still led by fossil fuel industry, climate report finds

Coal, oil and gas subsidies risking rise in global temperatures to 3.2C, well beyond agreed Paris goal


Don’t relax my safety rules on fracking earth tremors – former energy secretary

A former energy secretary has urged the government to uphold the safety rules he introduced six years ago on fracking-induced earth tremors.


Sir Edward Davey In a parliamentary motion, Sir Edward Davey defended the requirement that fracking companies should pause work if their operations triggered seismic activity at a level of 0.5ML (local magnitude).


Sir Edward, the energy secretary in the Conservative/Lib Dem coalition government, announced the 0.5ML threshold in December 2012.


It was part of a set of regulations, known as the traffic light system, introduced when the government lifted a moratorium on fracking in the UK. The moratorium had been imposed after a series of 50 earth tremors linked to fracking at Cuadrilla’s Preese Hall site in 2011.




As Brazil’s Far Right Leader Threatens the Amazon, One Tribe Pushes Back


“Where there is indigenous land,” newly elected President Jair Bolsonaro has said, “there is wealth underneath it.”

The miners had to go.


Their bulldozers, dredges and high-pressure hoses tore into miles of land along the river, polluting the water, poisoning the fish and threatening the way life had been lived in this stretch of the Amazon for thousands of years.


So one morning in March, leaders of the Munduruku tribe readied their bows and arrows, stashed a bit of food into plastic bags and crammed inside four boats to drive the miners away.



Yesterday London protest outside the Brazilian embassy.

Brazil’s new President Bolsonaro is planning to close environmental agencies and open up Indigenous territories in the Amazon rainforest to mining and agribusiness. He’s also made threats against the LGBTQ community.



Enough for now perhaps apart from big announcements by Spain.

Spain has launched an ambitious plan to switch its electricity system entirely to renewable sources by 2050 and completely decarbonise its economy soon after


By mid-century greenhouse gas emissions would be slashed by 90% from 1990 levels under Spain’s draft climate change and energy transition law.


To do this, the country’s social democratic government is committing to installing at least 3,000MW of wind and solar power capacity every year in the next 10 years ahead.



Tomorrow,London Extinction Rebellion,who are they.Live feeds and news throughout the day.

Interview With Extinction Rebellion

This is an interview we were able to do with the UK based radical environmentalist organisation Extinction Rebellion.

So, what is Extinction Rebellion?




"We are the first generation to know we are destroying our planet and the last one that can do anything about it.”

I have said myself after things have happened in the past,I told you so afterwards and got a feeling of satisfaction.

There is no satisfaction to be gained from saying I told you so after the Climate,Oceans,Wildlife,Communities are destroyed by greed.


Just reporting what i am hearing and seeing,things seem to be changing.

Bye for now.


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Hearing reports of London bridges closed as Climate activists descend on London.

Thousands gather to block London bridges in climate rebellion

Protesters plan to close five main bridges across Thames over extinction crisis

Thousands of people have descended on central London for a “day of rebellion” in protest over the looming climate crisis.


People began massing on five bridges over the River Thames from 10am on Saturday. By 11.30am organisers said all five target bridges in central London had been occupied.


The move is part of a campaign of mass civil disobedience organised by a new group, Extinction Rebellion, which wants to force governments to treat the threats of climate breakdown and extinction as a crisis.



Westminster Bridge.Video.


Lambeth Bridge.Video.


5 bridges are now blocked - Waterloo, Westminster, Lambeth, Blackfriars and Southwark.


Police are starting to move in to make arrests. Some brave souls are lying down.

Live at the moment.


Clearer picture soon as people take to Direct Action over Climate change.

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Live at Lambeth Bridge.Eddie Thornton Livestreams one of the first people to lock on i think at PNR.If my memory is not playing tricks on me.It seems so long ago since the Frackers invaded Lancashire and Yorkshire.


Speeches 20 minutes ago.

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