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Fracking gets go-ahead in UK for first time since 2011 as North Yorkshire council approves plans

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Well what can i say.We will see who has the last dance at The Well To Hell.

Cuadrillas turn today to Flare away.If i am reading what some are writing about this and their thoughts it will keep for another time.

For now i will leave you with this.


Cuadrilla produces first shale gas from fracking site – despite “strict” earthquake rules.

Shale gas has flowed to the surface at Cuadrilla’s fracked well at Preston New Road near Blackpool, the company said this lunchtime.


The news, described by Cuadrilla as “significant” and “providing early encouragement”, follows its complaints earlier this week that rules on earthquakes caused by fracking were too strict and could “strangle” the UK industry.


The company has distributed a video showing the gas being burnt in a flare on the site.


The pro-fracking group, Lancashire for Shale, said the gas flow was a “real credit to the expertise and tenacity of Cuadrilla.”


The opposition campaign group, Frack Free Lancashire, said Cuadrilla was desperate to give investors some good news after fracking at Preston New Road had caused more than 30 earth tremors.


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Of all the earthquakes recorded over the last 100 days only one is above 1.0 magnitude on Blackpool.



One of them is recorded at 0.0????

I roll over in bed and fart with more force.

All drilling for fossil fuels causes movement.

Read the table in the link.


What I do see is the anti fracking protesters when on site, with there tents and cooking facilities cooking with propane stoves... Hmmmm I wonder which gas field that comes from? Well actually its from the north sea field.

That does strike me being ironic and nimby.

But I choose to live in a democracy so everyone has a right to voice there concerns and opinions.

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Of all the earthquakes recorded over the last 100 days only one is above 1.0 magnitude on Blackpool.



One of them is recorded at 0.0????

I roll over in bed and fart with more force.


Correct me if I'm wrong but a quick glance seems to indicate a 0.0 earthquake of duration just 1 second is roughly 63kW of energy isn't it?

(with a quake of 1.0 for 1 sec being about 2MW?)


Thats a fair old chunk of energy your arse is generating.

Hot Methane gas too blowing out - worse than CO2.


If what you state is true, then your farts must literally sound like all 7 trumpets of Armageddon, and act something like ..... and your backside probably in need of some serious cosmetic reconstruction if it could ever be repaired.



I have no idea how those energies would combine if you were out on the beer with a few thousand mates and you were all letting loose together (as fracking wells will be) but I'm sure it would be truly devastating to the environment.

Even just a handful of you letting rip through your sphincters at 63kW a sec would probably clear the area of all intelligent life for miles around.


My son in laws car air horns are only a tiny fraction of that - and no methane either.


If you are going to train a virus to escape vaccine-induced immunity

you would do exactly what (England) are doing

Jemma Geoghegan - evolutionary virologist, University of Otago

+ the vast majority of the worlds scientific community


"unrepentant and inveterate liar" “Moral emptiness and epidemiological stupidity”

Boris Johnson Mendax est

Remember when Johnson or Patel are on stage - Its your choice to BOOO

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Well it is Sunday and a lighter look at things before the battle recommences tomorrow.

Sometimes you write something or put a link on and wait.

Hoping for some reaction.

And sometimes it comes.


I cannot describe how this fracking business affects a community.

Myself who only writes a few things and goes to the Site when i can to observe closely and maybe video the people fighting this menace in our midsts.And am going once again this week when Bolton are coming to support.I always enjoy the day when they arrive.

You cannot beat going there and feeling the atmosphere.Get down there or up there be part of history.

This is just the start as you will see later in the month.People beginning to rise up and say enough.


Interrupted sleep patterns up at all times worrying and watching the site and the protectors who are there 24 hours a day 7 days a week.And checking out what the oil companies and gas companies are up to across the world..


Dreams after researching

Just a few there are many.

After the Judge jailed the Preston Three i did a little researching going way back to the 1600s when King James was on the throne.

His ancestor tried the Pendle witches a big story in Lancashire to this day.

Also tried someone for witchcraft and had the person executed.And was accused of a Miscarriage of Justice.


Well after reading the poor peoples accounts of their trial i went to sleep that night.

But woke up abruptly in all honestly in the early hours believing i had been tried by the present Judge with the same name and been found guilty and hung drawn and quartered.It took me a minute or two to gather myself together i will tell you that.


Recently,last week i dreamt that a person was sat on top of the rig with two horns and belching flames of fire from their mouth.Loads of similar dreams.


I saw sgt bush's post yesterday afternoon but did not reply hoping that Tobyjugg 2 would pop along which he did.Such a way with words.

As he has supported me in other battles over the years.Always good when you can feel someone watching your back.


But last night another dream arrived.

I dreams that sgtbush was so full gas to such a extent he had been fracked then self combusted or had a blow out and slowly floated away deflating across the rooftops in his area.


Bosses come in all youthful and fired up.

And go out withered and worn out just as Francis Egan will.Look at him now.

I have nothing against him,a job is a job it is what he represents,dinosaurs of yesteryear.


Democracy is mentioned,yes what is Democracy.Something we all believe in,or did.

You meet,debate, spend time money having meetings in your area.Many people giving up their time for weeks,months and a decision is made knowing their areas and concerns.Experts in their knowledge of their towns.

A democratic decision is made,no it is not suitable.

Then off the decision pops to the square mile of corruption or should i say a place nearby.

Reply comes back

You are having it end of.Democracy smashed to pieces.


What am i thinking of this morning.Well up at 3am again.

Thinking of the tremors,the possibilities of migrating, Deepwater Horizon,pressures used,flowback,chemicals being used and that are left down there for all time.

The invisible dangers floating though the air.

The lies being told to keep investors happy.

MPS who are now seeing the light and turning against the industry.What they are saying.

The cost of police time.At one site.

Swansea Lagoon.

The protectors,people who i have met who are stressed and distressed some gone who could take no more.


Hundreds of things.


Switching off for the day,even some of us who are just writing and spreading awareness are sick of things.

Look across the world yourself,check things out.


This week.And throughout the month



Sometimes when you are stressed a little which is not good for anyone it is best to step back a little and take a lighter look at things.

Have i got news for you.




Bolton Goes to PNR

Public · Hosted by Don't frack Rivi - Horwich and surrounding residents against fracking and Bolton Against Fracking



Normal Fracking service will return soon.




"We are the first generation to know we are destroying our planet and the last one that can do anything about it.”


Gone say what you like.

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With any mutant super powers aside (Death-Arse? The Frackinator?)

(the kinetic energy of a fart is apparently approx 0.00018 Joules - insignificant in the scheme of things despite the devastation even a small one can cause to civilised society)



From those prior figures (mostly from the BGS site but more than happy to have a better or corrected explanation - just don't try and claim they will cancel each other out - these aren't carefully tuned quakes like balanced pistons in an engine (which still vibrate))



If we consider that a 0.0 quake - considered not worth mentioning by Frackers despite multiple quakes very significantly exceeding that in just test drills - apparently generates approx 63KW of kinetic energy per sec

multiply that * 6000 (the number of wells repeatedly mentioned by all sides)

thats up to 400 Megawatts of kinetic energy likely repeatedly pounding building foundations, aquifer boundaries and lake, river and canal beds



When you consider that the Frackers want to raise the limits to 1.0 (approx 2MW of kinetic energy in a 1 second quake)

thats 2MW *6000 which is potentially:

12,000 MegaWatts of kinetic energy repeatedly pounding

* high rise building foundations,

* aquifer boundaries,

* lake, river and canal beds

and of course peoples homes

In fact - the very ground we live on and everything in and on it ..

and if that isnt frightening enough for you - should there be repeated quakes of around 4.0 as reported in the few drill sites in the US and Canada that actually have monitors.

The figures become genuinely terrifying.

and consider that a single quake of 6.0 is apparently equivalent to the energy release of 3 Hiroshima Atomic bombs.



Who knows how multiple quakes in relatively close proximity work together?

(England is quite a small place, and Northern England alone is of course even smaller)


I have no idea, and there probably is no real figures anywhere, but it really cant be good in anything but a frackers daydream.


If you are going to train a virus to escape vaccine-induced immunity

you would do exactly what (England) are doing

Jemma Geoghegan - evolutionary virologist, University of Otago

+ the vast majority of the worlds scientific community


"unrepentant and inveterate liar" “Moral emptiness and epidemiological stupidity”

Boris Johnson Mendax est

Remember when Johnson or Patel are on stage - Its your choice to BOOO

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As there is another significant quake beyond the 0.5 traffic light limit


Tory ministers face both a legal challenge and a rebellion regarding their attempts to try to bypass planning applications for fracking sites removing needed regulation:



"Ministers said this summer they would drop the requirement for shale gas wells to obtain planning permission by designating fracking sites as national infrastructure projects."




"The definition he (Greg Clark, the business secretary) referred to is narrower and means a company’s application could be considered not to be fracking depending on the amount of water to be used, which could mean less stringent criteria are applied by planners.


and perhaps this bit should be in the article 50 thread, as it seems another significant reason why certain parties desperately want Brexit


"Andrews contends that the government should have conducted a strategic environmental assessment before announcing what amounts to a change in planning policy for local authorities. An EU directive requires governments to undertake such an assessment if their plans are “likely to have significant environmental effects”"



All I can say is

Thank God for Tory MP's who have the balls to rebel against Ministerial abuses

- Sadly lacking from gutless Labour MP's who scurry away like whipped dogs at even a hint of a threat of deselection by tin pot dictators.



more than past time these foreign profiteering bar stewards were thrown out of the country before they destroy our still green and pleasant land.


If you are going to train a virus to escape vaccine-induced immunity

you would do exactly what (England) are doing

Jemma Geoghegan - evolutionary virologist, University of Otago

+ the vast majority of the worlds scientific community


"unrepentant and inveterate liar" “Moral emptiness and epidemiological stupidity”

Boris Johnson Mendax est

Remember when Johnson or Patel are on stage - Its your choice to BOOO

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As you say tobyjugg2.

A 0.7ML (local magnitude) earth tremor was recorded by the British Geological Survey near Cuadrilla's Preston New Road fracking site at 16.24 yeterday (4 November 2018). This is the largest seismic event by magnitude near the site since the 1.1ML tremor on 29 October 2018. More details on DrillOrDrop's tremor tracker.


Tremor tracker



Latest i have heard.Sunday evening.

The pumps are running. I actually can't believe the cheek of Cuadrilla. They are running the pumps at 21.45 on a Sunday evening and we had a 0.7 quake at 16.24. They are maniacs!

It is said the noise is travelling on a calm evening and can be heard up to 3 miles away.


Fracking Company Cuadrilla Breached Environmental Regulations Seven Times in 10 Months.

Shale gas exploration company Cuadrilla has breached environmental permits multiple times and failed to disclose full details of technical issues at its Lancashire site, a DeSmog UK investigation has found.




Frack FREE Lancashire.


Congratulations to Zoe Steeley and Jo Syz. This film has been selected for the British Documentary Film Festival 2018 and is being shown in Leicester Square tonight. Another way of raising awareness.


Guest post: Why won’t Claire Perry talk to us about fracking?

In this guest post, Lancashire resident Barbara Richardson explains her frustration that the energy minister won’t meet local people to listen to their concerns about fracking.

I spent this weekend making my fourth attempt to invite the energy minister, Claire Perry, to meet a small group of people who live in my village of Roseacre.

We’d like to explain what we think are genuine concerns about the effects that fracking could have on our homes, some of which are only 300m metres away from Cuadrilla’s proposed shale gas site at Roseacre Wood.



Government faces new legal challenge over plans to speed up fracking

Opponents say revised definition of fracking will allow energy firms to bypass planning rules



AJ Lucas Group Limited-3am up 13%



See what happens today back later.


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Wow:jaw: i am looking forward to this live link in the morning,well about 4 hours away now.

Ian R Crane

Tomorrow morning (Monday), in my 8.30am LIVESTREAM UPDATE, I will explain the likely technique used by CUADRILLA to FAKE the short burst of gas from their barely-FRACKED well at PNR on Friday ... in an attempt to CON AJ Lucas, Centrica & the UK Government.

Just in case i fall asleep here is a link.If i am awake i will put the link on.

Can you believe this news,they wouldn't would they.ARE THEY THAT DESPERATE. :sad:


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and from the horses mouth




"Francis Egan, Chief Executive Officer of Cuadrilla, explained: “The volumes of gas returning to surface at this stage are small. However considering that we are only at the very start of fracturing operations and, given operating constrains, have not yet been able to inject as much sand into the shale as we had planned, this is a good early indication of the gas potential that we have long talked about.”


So what are the quakes going to be like when you do ramp up the pressure and grit?


We should also consider that they would choose the 'best' possible spot (from their perspective) to do the test drilling ...

Edited by Andyorch


If you are going to train a virus to escape vaccine-induced immunity

you would do exactly what (England) are doing

Jemma Geoghegan - evolutionary virologist, University of Otago

+ the vast majority of the worlds scientific community


"unrepentant and inveterate liar" “Moral emptiness and epidemiological stupidity”

Boris Johnson Mendax est

Remember when Johnson or Patel are on stage - Its your choice to BOOO

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Well a couple of days since i posted.A couple of reasons.Put a few articles together yesterday took a couple of hours i was just going to post when i got the blue screen of death plus volume went on my computer.So cannot hear what is happening at the Fracking Site but have seen the arrests yesterday when the gates were closed,not a vehicle in sight and people were just sitting there.It seems some police just lost the plot.So many of them there protecting Cuadrilla.

Reminds me of the miners strike back in time when much overtime was earned.

Back to it better post before i lose it.Just a few thoughts and articles


What is Fracking Sand in Hydraulic Fracturing?

Fracking sand (or frac sand) refers to sand and similar small materials used during the process of hydraulic fracturing, a method for extracting underground natural gas from shale gas formations.



Dangerous Fracking Chemicals

One of the most serious charges against hydraulic fracturing is that the fracking fluids are a witches’ brew of noxious chemicals. Those additives are blown into the shale formation along with high-pressure hot water to blast open the rock and release the trapped gas.

Toxic Chemicals and Health


Fracking uses vast quantities of chemicals known to harm human health. According to industry-reported data in the FracFocus database, oil and gas wells fracked across the U.S. between 2005 and 2015 used at least:


5 billion pounds of hydrochloric acid, a caustic acid;

1.2 billion pounds of petroleum distillates, which can irritate the throat, lungs and eyes; cause dizziness and nausea; and can include toxic and cancer-causing agents; and

445 million pounds of methanol, which is suspected of causing birth defects.

The exact identities of many other chemicals are unknown because they are kept secret as proprietary information.

People living or working nearby can be exposed to these chemicals if they enter drinking water after a spill or if they become airborne.


A recent analysis by researchers at the Yale School of Public Health identified 157 chemicals used in fracking that are toxic; the toxicity of 781 other fracking chemicals examined by the researchers is unknown.

A 2014 study by scientists at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory reported that an estimated 10 percent of chemicals used in fracking fluid are known to be toxic to humans or aquatic life.





It should be noted that while the fluid volumes in the range of 5-10 million gallons per well are typical, there are many wells in the 2-18 million gallons range. Also wells in the Utica Shale in Pennsylvania/Ohio (up to 14,000 feet deep), Horn River Shale in British Columbia, Canada (7,800-13,300 feet) and Collingwood Shale in Michigan (around 10,000-12,000 feet) regularly exceed 20 million (see graph on the left).



Waste Water Byproducts of Shale Gas Drilling and Fracking-looks like Yorkshire has the pleasure of dealing with that toxic mess.And look how many trucks will be needed transporting the toxic mess along our countries roads through villages etc.

Flowback and Produced Water Fracking Waste


After the hydraulic fracturing procedure is completed, pressure in the well is released. The direction of fluid flow reverses and water and excess proppant flow back through the wellbore to the surface. Both the process and the returned water are commonly referred to as “flowback.”



I watched a week or so as Claire Perry the energy minister was approached by a angry Lancashire resident in a carpark in

Wiltshire.We are on out third energy minister since this thread started.

Some are saying she just throws out the gas companies look at things.

Does not want to speak to local residents near the Fracking Sites who are so concerned.Despite being asked many times.

And has never visited a Fracking Site.

Others are saying she has been set up thrown into a position she knows little about.

But others are saying she is a bloody difficult woman.

Now politicians have their future careers to think of.Are not daft and have to watch the trick that can be played in politics.

Perhaps by turning down what must be tremendous pressure being applied by Cuadrilla and their chums by various means to increase the Earthquake limit before work stops Claire Perry is catching on to what is going on.

The lady hopefully is not for turning.

But if so will she be replaced,time will tell.

Can you hear the whispers,get rid of her she knows now what is happening we need someone who will say yes blast aay cause as many quakes as you like.

But what is the traffic light system i am talking about.


Where did the red light come from?

In spring 2011, there were more than 50 earth tremors, near Preese Hall, another shale gas well in the Fylde where Cuadrilla was fracking.


The tremors measured between -2 and 2.3 on the Richter or local magnitude (ML) scale. The largest was felt by people across the area and Cuadrilla suspended operations at Preese Hall.


A year later, in April 2012, a government-commissioned report linked the tremors to Cuadrilla’s fracks. It recommended:


“Seismicity can be mitigated by deploying a real-time seismic monitoring ‘traffic light’ system, to take action when observed seismicity reaches certain levels”.


The report proposed, at least for the next few operations, that the liquid used to frack the well should be flowed back immediately if seismic events with a magnitude of 0.5ML or above were detected – the equivalent of a red light.

Now Cuadrilla by agreeing to this were allowed to recommence but now they are saying they cannot operate using this.


The Fracking sand etc cannot be pumped into the fissures to allow the gas to flow out at the pressures they are using without causing Quakes.

So shortly they will be done for.

When the shareholders in AJ lUCAS GROUP LIMITED realise which they will, may take a little time.It surely is the end game.

What does a red light mean for fracking?



But we know as the Frackogram shows that there are powerful dinosaurs with many tens of millions invested and links with the industry in positions of power.Can you imagine some of the meetings that must be taking place.Sound proofed rooms i bet.

Paul Mobbs/MEI:

'Frackogram 2015'

In July 2013 I produced a very rudimentary 'map' of the connections related to un/conventional fossil fuels at the heart of Government.


Finally, after two years of research, I have now produced the final detailed version – The Frackogram 2015 – an infographic which depicts the highly questionable relationships between policy-makers in Government, the industry developing fracking, and the finance and PR industries supporting them.




Of course you can always unfrack your self if you feel so inclined.Heard that Barclays are still pouring money into third energy but i must check that one out.

You need to watch what is happening carefully.Twists and turns and many more to come in this fascinating battle.



Last link for now.

Drilling gets underway at United Downs for UK's first geothermal energy plant

Drilling has started on the UK's first ever geothermal electricity plant and it's right here in Cornwall.


Geothermal Engineering Ltd (GEL) launched the drilling operations on site at United Downs - the UK’s first deep geothermal electricity


And Swansea Lagoon i was thinking about this the other day.

Swansea Bay Tidal Lagoon looks to private sector to revive project


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Just popping back for a moment or two perhaps three.

Forgot to put the link on.

It's happening in Cornwall

Drilling gets underway at United Downs for UK's first geothermal energy plant



Cheap Hydrogen Fuel Was A Failed Promise. But Its Time May Have Arrived.

Using chemistry, researchers found a way to deliver cheap, efficient, and clean hydrogen power.



'World's first' hydrogen-powered train enters into service



Back to Fracking,spot the difference between modern ways arriving and the dinosaurs of yesteryear.

The sheer expense of police time,the mess,the pollution,people bruised and battered.

Toxic chemicals and Natural Occurring Radioactive Material-N.O.R.M,Flowback travelling through towns,cities,villages,rural roads to treatment plants many miles away.


The secretive meetings behind closed doors.

The PR,the donations the sickening ways that have all been done before with sponsorship,money trying to gain respectability in a community.Many of us see right through it.

Playing around with the stock markets,tens of millions of pounds thrown down the well in a last desperate attempt for money by skint members..

The banks and energy companies financing it with money you put in their trust.

Time to bring this mess to a close.

Thousands of wells will be needed,the gas produced soon drops off,they have to keep moving.

Through England,wherever,can you imagine if allowed.

Ah,that's better time to move on.


Fracking is causing earthquakes in England. Now Cuadrilla, a big fracking company, is demanding that the government change the rules to allow them to cause earthquakes 177 times stronger than they can now.


UK renewable energy capacity surpasses fossil fuels for first time

Renewable capacity has tripled in past five years, even faster growth than the ‘dash for gas’ of the 1990s



Oh yes how many police needed today for what,check it out.It it a huge convoy arriving,it must be.

At what cost.



Enough,time to chill.:sad:

Bye for now.


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Just realised you might not be able to see the last video.

These will give you the flavour.Taken today.


Preston New Road 07/11/2018 An Arrest that puzzles everyone inclusive of the person arrested,

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Well,early in the morning but not as early as usual.Seem to be sleeping much better lately.

But a tale as it is on my mind so best to pop those thoughts down that niggle you.

I went to the site maybe a year or two ago,time moves so fast.You meet many people over time,maybe only for a minute or perhaps a few minutes.

Sometimes when all hell is breaking lose.You never forget them even the ones who are that anguished,distressed they have faded away.

I will never forget talking to a person from Salford away from his live streaming.I wont name him but we were just walking along the road when all hell broke loose.

The clue is it was the day John the owner of Maple Farm was arrested.But found not guilty after time passed.

A complete different person away from the cameras.But one day he was thrown into a hedge along the road to hell.

These kinds of things have happened and they playback over and over in your mind.Some things i have seen that you never expect to happen in England.


Well i talked to another protector called The Lion,only perhaps for five minutes or so.

A very knowledgeable man,like a bloodhound searching out what maybe happening.Nothing is left unturned.

He listened,i was probably rambling away.So quiet and polite,though at times he has got roused when filming certain events.

Very worried about things.

Anyway i watch his livestreams and he has been saying well observing over time the land in the area.

As i say he does not miss much.

Maybe things need checking out much more in depth what he is suggesting by experts.I think he also flies a drone.

What has he been saying.A few links.


This area is a few hundred meters from a "superficial" fault line, and may even be connected to it judging by the way the water is sitting on the land in this area. There are patterns to it and a red/purple sediment that sometimes goes iridescent and lately blueish in places too.





PNR Beofre and after drilling/fracking.



Also puts out

Preston New Road air forecast trajectories

Welcome to the Air forecast page for the fracking stie in Preston New Road in Lancashire, this is your stop if you want to know what way the wind is blowing out of Little Plumpton.


You may or may not be aware that fracking studies in the states have found birth defects due to contamination from gas wells have an increase within 10 miles of Fracking sites. Other studies point to Radon increases, NOX and fine particulate matter from sand and diesel.



He sure does a lot of work and is investigations must be worthy of a expert taking a look.Are you there.

As sometimes things are asked of certain organisations but are ignored or not replied to it is said.

Nice work Lion keep on in there.At times you may feel a little down but keep up the fight,be strong which you are.


Well i was going to the Bolton day at the Fracking Site,a good day.

Plus i enjoy the Vegan Food they kindly provide.

But there will be many there live streaming and instead i will share the day with links and live feeds as the day goes on.

Give you a taste of the resistance against Fracking that if allowed to spread will appear in many places.

Aj Lucas Shares Group down a touch this morning.Is it beginning to sink in.Not the pad that may well be But the Frackers dreams that may be coming to a end.

We shall see.


Bye for now.


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Things are happening in Nottinghamshire this morning.Locked on in concrete it seems.:sad:


LIgas lock down at Tinker Lane ✌ ♥ ✊ North Nottinghamshire near Blyth.

Quote from a protector on the ground

"Now is the time to wake up to fracking. There is no putting it back together once we have fracked, we can stop this but what it will take is communitys standing together" ~ Protector







Address: A634, Retford, Nottinghamshire DN22, UK

Licensee: IGas Energy

Type: Shale (Proposed)

Current activity: Construction

Planned activity: Drilling


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I really cant understand (other than not enough private profit in it) why the UK isnt investing in geothermal power stations despite the potential for heat energy in the UK being lower than the established sectors in Italy or Turkey for example.


Yes there is still a small (much smaller) risk of some earthquakes, although:

* depth tends to be far greater (less negative effect),

* Rock tends to be far harder (less negative effect)

* Not constantly refracturing - just a path for the water (less negative effect)

* Water IS recirculated (less negative effect)

* Local agriculture aided by heat (real local greenhouse industry that grow FOOD, not greenhouse gases) (Real local benefits)

* and Lifespan is decades of clean energy at least, and even then can be refurbed/improved as technology advances after that

- not years at most of then a poisonous widely fractured hole in the ground left for future generations to deal with.


Its also established technology



Even American profiteers think its a good bet





Its should also be significant that the geothermal project Tawny lists is costed at about

£18M and the Eden project is proposing one too (fabulous place)


when, even with the potential to devstate the UK's environment aside -

- the policing of the single quadrilla site is @ 10M for just 9 months.

- Cost of just fracking exploration is estimated at 60M for six sites


- with economies of scale we could have probably built, commissioned and have clean energy and supporting local greenhouse agriculture from 6 working geothermal sites for that £70M or VERY little more, supporting the UK energy infrastructure in a clean and foreward looking way

and they could easily be in and working at low cost before even the fracking organisations think shale gas think there may be some useful gas come from the fracking sites.


Absolute peanuts even compared to just the tax relief given to the richest 10% in the budget!!!!

Even "Centrica itself has sounded a note of caution, with chief executive Sam Laidlaw saying in January it would be at least a decade before the UK saw any shale gas production and that, even then, it would not be “the game changer we’ve seen in North America”. "





I dont know if there would be equivalant or even significant opposition to geothermal

sites, Tawneyowl might have a better view on that, but I certainly would not be helping

them and would in fact be fighting any opposition.



Well Tories,

These geothermal power stations might not put so much of the UK taxpayers money in your pals pockets but think how these cheap clean geothermals for really very little cost in the scheme of these things would help in your green appeal while actually helping the whole nation and avoiding headlines like:.


rather than supporting the monstrous fracking community, with profits going abroad, which even Tories think is 'Bonkers' (or should that be 'for bankers')



If you are going to train a virus to escape vaccine-induced immunity

you would do exactly what (England) are doing

Jemma Geoghegan - evolutionary virologist, University of Otago

+ the vast majority of the worlds scientific community


"unrepentant and inveterate liar" “Moral emptiness and epidemiological stupidity”

Boris Johnson Mendax est

Remember when Johnson or Patel are on stage - Its your choice to BOOO

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Well lets put this in the mix.

Toshiba pulls plug on Cumbria nuclear power plant plans.

Toshiba has pulled the plug on its plans to build a new nuclear plant in Cumbria, resulting in the loss of 30 jobs.


The Japanese multinational announced overnight UK time that it is liquidating its UK nuclear new build arm NuGen.



So which way will things go,more pressure Renewables such as wind,tidal,solar given the boost by the present government or onwards with the fossil fuels.

I remember a short time ago reading this from Cumbria.Scared the hell out of me,wondering many things.

Killer 'hot particle': Sellafield coast 'like Chernobyl and Fukushima exclusion zones'

The discovery of a tiny but deadly radioactive 'hot particle' in mud from the Esk estuary near Sellafield has highlighted the dangers the nuclear site poses to residents and visitors, writes Chris Busby. Independent measures of radiation show far higher levels that those of regulators, similar to readings in the Chernobyl and Fukushima exclusion zones. Local villages should be evacuated.



Now i read that a while ago.


Sellafield discharges 'will see significant reductions'

The amount of radioactivity discharged by Sellafield will fall significantly over the next few years as the reprocessing of nuclear fuel comes to an end, according to the Environment Agency.

Have your say on Sellafield's environmental impact

The permits in question are the Radioactive Substances Activities (RSA) permit and the Installations permit, which allow the site to operate facilities, discharge liquids and gases to the environment and disposals of solid waste.

Over many years,decades i have heard clusters of leukemia around the coasts of the North West and people have wondered.

Need to look at that a little closer.Do you know anything out there in webland.



As for geothermal i am learning myself.

Geothermal Energy Pros and Cons



Back to today at Tinker Lane Nottinghamshire.Rig has arrived


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Date: 08/11/18 Infrastructure Intelligence

In the UK, renewables investment dropped by 46% year-on-year in the third quarter.

The UK has slipped down one position to eighth in the latest EY Renewable energy country attractiveness index (RECAI), following a marked slowdown in clean energy investment ahead of the planned departure from the EU.



BEIS Wave 27 Survey results are out
And taken before the Earthquakes

"The most significant findings in the recent polling is that the gap between opposition and support for shale gas has increased whilst support amongst those backing fracking for the industry’s favourite narratives is collapsing."



Mind the gap!



Today’s saw the publication of the results of the BEIS Wave 27 quarterly opinion tracker.


Some of you will remember that after a consultation in which respondents told the BEIS that the questions relating to shale gas were very important, the department immediately removed the questions from the next poll (wave 26) and told us they would only be asked annually. This resulted in a certain amount of “discussion” the end result of which is that the questions were immediately re-introduced for Wave 27.



Hundreds of environment agency staff redirected to work on Brexit

Redeployment of 400 staff jeopardises vital work protecting wildlife and overseeing recycling, pollution and flood prevention



Gone i am in shock.Back when recovered, it could take some time.


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Well it looks like Tinker Lane Nottinghamshire is turning into another hotspot.

Who knows how much the police operation is costing at this site.

Things got out of hand as the first ten minutes of this video shows.Where is it going to end.


Rathlin Energy’s £33.9m debt “casts doubt” over company viability – accounts

The exploration company, Rathlin Energy, owed nearly £34m, according to annual accounts published yesterday (7 November 2018).

A statement from the auditors, KPMG, said the debts “constitute a material uncertainty that may cast significant doubt on the Company’s ability to continue as a going concern”.


At the time the accounts were signed off, Rathlin owed £33,974,160 to its ultimate company, the Canadian-based Connaught Oil & Gas Ltd.



Just popping over to Alberta

The story of Alberta’s $100-billion well liability problem. How did we get here?

Landowners once promised a fair share for hosting oil and gas infrastructure on their properties say Alberta’s liability management system is broken. They're worried the regulator has long been propping up the industry by exaggerating profits and underestimating the costs of cleanup — often leaving landowners with a tangled mess of wells, rusty pipes and contaminated soil.



Back at PNR cuadrilla Fracking Site as the day draws to a close a picture showing the Bolton visitors today.

BOLTON GOES TO PRESTON NEW ROAD Congratulations and respect to all who attended. A rewarding experience. Solidarity with all those opposed to fracking. No fracking at Preston New Road... No fracking anywhere!

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Well when stressed or wound up you have to find a way to relax.Otherwise you would explode.

Whether a protector or someone living on one of camps or supporting the protectors by sending food,good wishes a few pounds for mobiles or maybe someone who takes wood etc to the camps.Or any other supporting way that i cannot think of at the moment.

Watching things happening is bad enough but being there are the front lines must be hell.

So protectors it is 47 days till Christmas Day and who else is there to ask for a Frack Free Christmas but the bearded one.

He who lives at the North Pole.

I have just sent a letter to him and you can as well.


Relax for a moment whether sat at the hut watching the well 24 hours a day,or on the road or in a tent somewhere.Perhaps having a brew at the farm,wherever.

A magic time is coming.

I just wrote to the bearded one and asked for a Frack Free Christmas, and a Frack Free England you can to.You never know




And i received a reply.

Merry Christmas Tawnyowl


#1, Rudolph Way

Reindeerland, North Pole




Blackpool, United Kingdom



Thursday, November 8, 2018



Dear Tawnyowl,


What a wonderful surprise to get your email all the way from Blackpool! You can imagine how excited Mrs Claus was too. (She even gave me an extra mince pie when she found out you wrote.) Sometimes I think she enjoys your letters almost as much as I do. I sure do love the Internet because now I never feel lonely all the way up at the North Pole. An email from you, Tawnyowl, really makes my day!


Christmas trees dont talk, silly! (*wink*)!Sugar plums and sleigh bells,Tawnyowl!

Are you pulling my leg?!? You can't possibly be 62 years old already! :lol:
Why it seems like only yesterday that I was leaving presents for a certain little boy and here you are now, practically one of my elves!




Sorry the presents the last little while probably haven't been quite as exciting as they were when you were a little boy but, well, you know how these things go! I'm very glad some of the older kids (*wink*, *wink*) still remember there's Magic in the Merry!


I see you put down that you've been a good boy. I had another meeting with the head of the Noddy N. Nice Elf Detective Agency not too long ago. Sherlock Elf said you've been a good boy too!


Let's see what you put in your letter for Christmas wishes:

1. frack free christmas; 2. frackers gone from England
and; 3. happy,healthy new year. May all your Christmas wishes come true!Those are such WONDERFUL presents that Rudolph's nose started glowing when he saw what you wanted for Christmas! Of course, the reindeer can pull my sleigh with only so many presents so I hope you'll forgive me if I can't fit all the presents in.


The elves are tickled you mentioned them in your letter! They're all very happy and busy making presents right now. Of course, that's when they're not jumping into the present wrapping machine or telling silly jokes and singing songs !


Such wonderful manners! How nice of you to say Thank you in your letter! No wonder you are always at the top of the Nice List.


I love to read your emails,Tawnyowl. You, your family and friends can send me as many as you like. You can also get a friendly reminder from my elves to come back and visit me again next year. Then you can send me even more emails. HHHOL!


Well, I better dash away to check on those cheeky elves again. Last time I looked they were taking turns wrapping each other! Take care Tawnyowl and don't forget to come back and visit me here at emailSanta.com on Christmas Eve!! And remember... only 47 more sleeps until Christmas!!


You can also be the first to find out about the new features the elves at emailSanta.com are planning for the kids.


Well there it is.My way of calming down after seeing the things happening.

Take care protectors many are watching you from across the world.Magic happens and in strange mysterious ways.


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interpret as you see fit. Just one quote from the links from me.




"According to Third Energy Offshore Ltd’s 2016 accounts (filed four months late in February and recording losses of over £1.1m): “In the opinion of the Directors, the ultimate parent company of Third Energy Holdings Limited is Barclays PLC. There is no ultimate controlling party.”"










If you are going to train a virus to escape vaccine-induced immunity

you would do exactly what (England) are doing

Jemma Geoghegan - evolutionary virologist, University of Otago

+ the vast majority of the worlds scientific community


"unrepentant and inveterate liar" “Moral emptiness and epidemiological stupidity”

Boris Johnson Mendax est

Remember when Johnson or Patel are on stage - Its your choice to BOOO

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Perhaps i got a little excited with the top post,oh well you never know.:lol:

I do not know what comes over me sometimes.

All i can say it is a very strange feeling when you travel to far off places with your imagination.

Best i can come up with

Back to it.

Thanks for the post tobyjugg,i will take a much closer look at things soon.


Noticed a protest outside a Barclays Bank over the weekend.It looks like they will be receiving a few more protests as time goes on.


Just popping over to America for a moment.

Can U.S. Shale Overcome Its Cash Flow Problem?

Only nine of 33 shale oil exploration and production companies reviewed in the report cited above had positive free cash flow for the first half of 2018. This is even though prices had risen all the way from a low of around $30 in 2016 to the mid-$70 range by the middle of this year.


To get an idea of just how bad it has been even through periods when the price of oil averaged above $100 in 2011, 2012, 2013 and most of 2014, here are the annual free cash flows in dollars of those 33 companies combined since 2010 and they are all negative: -14 billion (2010), -21.9 billion (2011), -37.8 billion (2012), -16.8 billion (2013), -33 billion (2014), -34.4 billion (2015), -18.3 billion (2016), -15.5 billion (2017).



Judge Blocks Disputed Keystone XL Pipeline in Setback for Trump

WASHINGTON — As the Trump administration has moved aggressively to roll back environmental protections and speed up oil and coal projects, it has repeatedly been blocked by courts finding that the administration did not follow longstanding rules in making its sweeping changes

Now, a federal judge has issued a repudiation of one of President Trump’s first acts as president, his decision to allow the disputed Keystone XL oil pipeline to proceed, saying that the administration failed to present a “reasoned explanation” for the move and “simply discarded” the effect the project would have on climate change.



U.S. judge bars Trump administration from OKing fracking off California coast



Back to the UK

Weekend Long Read: Campaigners call for tougher rules on acid use at Weald oil sites

Campaigners in southern England have criticised what they say is a “gaping hole” in the regulations covering the use of acid on oil sites.

They describe the current rules as “vague, flawed and open to abuse”, risking induced seismicity and potential groundwater pollution. Oil companies in the Weald basin should be required to provide detailed plans and reports of their operations, they say.


Brockham Oil Watch, a residents’ group which monitors the industry in the region, said:


“This is another huge loophole in the “gold standard” regulatory system that needs to be urgently closed.”

Weekend Long Read: Campaigners call for tougher rules on acid use at Weald oil siteshttps://drillordrop.com/2018/11/10/weekend-long-read-campaigners-call-for-tougher-rules-on-acid-use-at-weald-oil-sites/


HSE action over escape of water from IGas injection well

The Health and Safety Executive has issued two improvement notices to IGas after an unintended escape of water at an injection well in Hampshire.


The incident at the Stockbridge oil field at the end of July 2018 led to the activation of the blowout preventer, the company confirmed.



As Nottinghamshire becomes another hotspot more focus on Igas will arrive shortly.

There are potentially extensive gas reserves associated with the coal and sediments beneath much of the Nottinghamshire coalfield they say.





Frack Free Tinker Lane Group.


CURRENT STATUS of fracking in Nottinghamshire

1) Tinker Lane (Barnby Moor/Blyth) exploratory drilling for shale gas. THE DRILLING RIG IS NOW ON SITE. This will mean 24 hours of drilling, noise & light pollution and hundreds of trucks entering the site. Support needed on site everyday. Postcode: DN22 8PA

2) Misson Springs exploratory drilling for shale gas : Construction complete and now awaiting the drilling rig which will arrive after drilling at Tinker Lane. Postcode: DN10 6ES

3) IGas have forced an injunction on the protectors at both Misson and Tinker Lane preventing any legal lawful activity. Local residents are currently raising funds to take this to a High Court case from 10th December. Donate here: https://www.gofundme.com/frack-free-misson-to-appeal-igas

3) INEOS have finished carrying out seismic surveys around Shirebrook, Warsop, Holbeck, Worksop and Shireoaks. We wait to hear their next plans.

4) INEOS is taking the National Trust to court over them not allowing access to Clumber Park to carry out seismic surveys. Court proceedings are planned for March 2019.


Every Tuesday evening in Blyth - Frack Free Tinker Lane meeting

Every Thursday evening in Misson - Frack Free Misson meeting

2nd Monday of the month - Frack Free Notts meeting

1st Wednesday of the month - Frack Free Sherwood Forest & Edwinstowe meeting

3rd Wednesday of the month - Frack Free Warsop meeting


Rig parts entering tinker Lane :(a very sad day for Nottinghamshire.


The other day as things begin to heat up in Nottinghamshire,a protector is pushed onto the floor.


Anti-fracking seniors armed with tea and fruit cake risk jail with 24-hour protest

Armed with flagons of tea and fruit cake, and dressed in flowing white robes, they are fighting for their grandchildren’s future.



Latest Reports from the Gates Of Hell that leads to the Well To Hell.Cuadrilla Fracking site-Lancashire.


‘Nothing happened yet today, nothing happened last night & nothing happened yesterday. No noise from the pumps for days and it’s been 7 days since the last delivery of silica or diesel’


I wonder what the next week will bring,many twists and turns as happens each week,you never know what is going to happen next .

Bye for now.


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How is the fracking going near Blackpool ?


Some gas now extracted, but how much ?


Any issues apart from the tremors ?

We could do with some help from you.



 Have we helped you ...?         Please Donate button to the Consumer Action Group


If you want advice on your thread please PM me a link to your thread

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Oh well one of those days.

I see a link did not work,it happens.Lets try again.

Campaigners in southern England have criticised what they say is a “gaping hole” in the regulations covering the use of acid on oil sites.

They describe the current rules as “vague, flawed and open to abuse”, risking induced seismicity and potential groundwater pollution. Oil companies in the Weald basin should be required to provide detailed plans and reports of their operations, they say.


Brockham Oil Watch, a residents’ group which monitors the industry in the region, said:


“This is another huge loophole in the “gold standard” regulatory system that needs to be urgently closed.”

Weekend Long Read: Campaigners call for tougher rules on acid use at Weald oil sites



And there are many other pages behind this one.

Page one for when my blood pressure rose one morning and started this thread.

Page 8 for when the Frackers invaded Lancashire.

And a few earlier videos from when the Frackers arrived on a cold January day after previously being stopped after causing Earthquakes,man made Earthquakes in 2011.

Given permission to start again under a traffic light system a few miles away creating Europes biggest Fracking Site away they went again.But this time a few miles away near one of Britain's top tourist resorts.You guessed it 30 odd Earthquakes in a couple of weeks,they fail every time.

Video,i am off,blood pressure rising again.

Take your pick,there are a few videos.


1- https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCYK6W0zAUjmFPfY7vvH9b0A


2- Check this one out and listen to the speech made

Find it here.

Caroline Lucas MP and Jonathan Bartley arrive on The Road To Hell



3- And of course the other week.Through the crowds.

National Climate Crisis Rally - Stop Fracking Now! Saturday 20/10/2018

Find it here somewhere.



Bye again.

Tawnyowl,over and out.

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