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My hearing for my claim was at 230pm under judge matthews,



he thought I had a solicitor and wanted claim written out again fresh under BLEMAIN FINANCE LIMITED T/A TOGETHER ,



I got solicitor day of court ,

I told judge that,

judge said write out fresh and let solicitor now take over,



next day after court solicitor told me he was wrong solicitor to help he did write to together and give them 40 days to reply under subplime loans ,



(stating this loan dont end till she is 74 and she was in debt before loan and wheres under writter sheet and her income was way to low for loans done, but together say no letter arrived must have got lost in post.


I rang court in last few days because im struggling under legal aid to find solicitor,

court were expecting me back in court by now,



court told me if I cannot get solicitor then my claim is logged under fraud

ring police and do this path.



I am still sorting things at min so will say more soon.


Renewablejohn a judge can check peterborough court so write or ring your court and give them my info .


My Claim is logged under number D24YJO35 AND Defendant together is number SLW/BLE0016737 ,


Do not forget judge changed their name to BLEMAIN FINANCE LIMITED T/A TOGETHER , good luck this may open doors fast, as your judge can request all my paperwork.


PS its





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Top Posters In This Topic

Hi honeybee13 Ido love your name) yes sorry I will do what you ask .


Also Renewablejohn if you post when your hearing is I am quite happy to attend and help, thats if your hearing is before Together have not been sorted out in some way in another form.


Jellie it is not worth together recking your health they hav mine, they really do not care for us customers.


Jellie please claim all back due to you, as you can see for years we have battles with blemain/together, sadly they wont help us customers who have been mistreated, try stay calm hun as you will need all your strength to get justice.


As for bullying jellie, yes indeed last wk together staff who rang me, told me soon I will have no equality in my home because they will have all of it. Charges, and way to high loan and they totally refuse to freeze interest while this loan is wrong and they know it, they dont care I excessive grind my teeth.


You have to listern ti them saying ( you better ring us while you are actually in room of c a b ( citizen advice bureau) I spoke to a friend about this she said why would you do that?

Soon, just soon they will realise to stop and close accounts that are wrong as, to much evidence shows whats happen to us all.


I know something is gonna happen as I sense a change, coming in big way either, by law coming stepping in to help us all or Together will just close accounts off and end this mess and my son is livid whats happening no to us,


he needs to chill cos his own life is hectic, he said mum solve it and get out from them, I feel as a mum that I have been ripped off and suffering unlawful abuse.

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  • 2 months later...

I am posting regards to fielder post,

her worrying about court costs,

you see fielder Im sure you are in grave debt now like I am through blemain/together, so why worry about court costs? Im not as we have done no wrong.


I am sensing now and I just knew it was gonna be me a big and i mean big shake coming in.


I am a Christian have been many yrs and my son too reborn,

I believe because of the heavy abuse I recently had from Together I say together because they still unkind company not changed ways.


This has always been surfacing,

brewing for 12 yrs,

if they did nt change their ways and also release us from these wrong doing their gain only loans Grace time would run out, and Im afraid it has now.


When the collection team played that recent joke saying I had to send in a months worth of food receipts and keep calling and saying are you collecting them

and me like a lemon said yes

because again I thought what they said by law was correct,

but that was the end of grace and start of judgement,


I do not care what anyone says negative on this what I am saying now, I know this is coming in now.


Please do not worry I have seen this many times before even though this company has done me wrong I do feel sorry for them, as I have asked, said several times to them, and they just have not listerned.


I will post when this has all come to pass, or you may see it for yourselves,

I knew this was going to take place and timing had to be right,

with patience I have waited and seen such trauma on here of other victims,

and more hell recently from them its november now and you realise its gonna end soon,

because they still do not listern to do what is right.


Never forget in life you are a human being and deserve the best never let anyone walk all over you.

Because under gods care he is awesome he opens the right doors,

the right people and the battle is his you just say thank you father I believe victory is now. )


No Im not crazy its called faith, and knowing and seeing whats coming.

Sorry forum, I just had to write this.


Oh and bigmac on here, its ok if you felt you too tired battleling this company anymore, I understand completely, believe me Ive needed super strength.


But sometimes it takes just one person who knows what can come and what should be to fight for the rest.


I now believe I wont have to fight, they will never listern, change their ways, so I am sad on this, (but I can say I did tell them) the truth.


Thats it. If they have not listerned its not my fault what will be.


We are in a world of greed, hate, self, and destruct and it is in 2015-2017 change coming in for what is wrong to be put right.


If you sell someone a bike and it is not road worthly and you really know this and still sell it, then the person comes back to you demands money back cos fell off bike cos error with bike and they claiming against you.


This will cost selling greatly and give them bad reputation always, is it really worth being like that. No of course its really silly be right do not sell that bike and realise you would not want someone to do this to you.


When being in the Public eye it is better to reward customers and not just take, as in end no one will want your service, you can change your name as many times as you like, it still makes no difference till Things are Legal, Correct and Just.


If this was done court would not be needed.

I have tried to be heard and many others have also said, but I know this battle is about to end.

I post near future.


blessings forum, keep up the good work helping others.

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  • 2 months later...

Hi dx100k thank you for answer.


I have a claim running in court against Blemain finance limited/Together,

plus also the court this time have served the Board Director too Marc Goldberg.

I have a claim of facts this time and can give answers to them all.


Of course I have had fun and games yet again,

but this time I will win as this time not only I believe my claim win,

but I will take every subplime loan customer out of hell with me and on to dry ground through the waters.


This will cost the company so much it would have been better to release the customers when they knew they should have done in the past.


I believe the time has come for all subplime loads under them to end and justice done.


I can not post more at min, I will do soon.


Blessings forum

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Hi forum I forgot to say,

I had another dream yet again regarding the company the last dream came to pass,

cos they were punished in court and had to pay £8,000 their own costs.


This dream I had showed their staff it seemed to be a very rich member of staff in a very rich home and nothing needed mending in it and next to the home was mine and sons home far in need of repair and much burden over us.


In the dream the rich man saw our home and didnt care and then a BIG TURN AROUND CAME IN AND OFFICIALS CHANGED THE HOMES TO SWITCH AROUND , the rich man had burden home and me and son had rich home.


I have many prophetic dreams I use to help a church for 10 yrs in my giftings.

He who can be trusted with little will be trusted with much.

I also heard the words I HAVE HEARD ALL WHAT THEY DONE TO YOU.


The company have been given grace, to amend their ways and they havent, I feel a major breakthrough about to come in indeed.


Marc came to my home saw the trauma and I pleaded with him to correct all what they had done, he went back and more games were played on me, I can only say I told them so.


That I would put them court if no justice was corrected by them, I would go court.


I have had phone calls, letters etc with massive charges on from the company I know these charges are revenge one over £1,500 I wait now for court. As company I feel time is running out for them to turn situation around, clock is ticking.


Sorry long message, but this is important.

I have dealt with major cases like this before, why me its part of my gifting, I do not like it, but have seen many people set free in my time of obeying.

Blessings forum :-)


I do not answer my phone at night now, because I am well aware of their jokes, especially by phone.


A friend was sitting next to me, while I had one nasty call from them, I had warned my friend that I may get nasty calls, but when one came in I did not realise my friend heard it too.


I put phone down and friend said do you want me to answer your call if they call again?

I said no its ok my friend said I heard what they said to you, I said now you can see the games I have had to put up with.




Blessings forum, I have busy rest of day, I will post soon, Im glad doors are opening for me I am surprised one door which is major.

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  • 2 weeks later...

Hi consumer forum

( yes its early hours of morning, but felt to do something and also put on here)


Thursday evening I was praying and I asked god to help me over where some of the witnesses worked now as some had left old job 4 yrs or more ago , you can be called by court on a n244 form as the board director marc goldberg was.


the court served him at his works blemain t/a together office building, with servings for the company too under both old name and new.


Friday morning I had to get up early to help my son in peterborough,

I had sensed to go to a certain building after I had helped son,

I went while I was in there sitting chatting to a man,

someone came up to me and hug me ,


I turned and to my shock there stood the main witness I had prayed for hours before for me to find.

Shocking we spoke of whats happening now over my claim in court etc, she seemed very pleased.


As she was in management at bank and had witness my years of suffering at hands of blemain/together and board director etc and had to deal with them phone few times and letter, and also protect my low finances etc of game playing by blemain/together etc on my bank account one way or another year after year and also other staff members too helping protect me on going.


I have now come on here because I sense gods wraft is on way and being a christian I have to intersessor on blemain/together and marc goldberg half as job did in bible,


god will hear me, but not them so I have prayed on their behalf just now,

God may still bring judgement on them I can not stop this,


I do not know as my enemies have wronged me and afflicted me and son badly and 1,000+ others so we will see, but I had to do the prayer to release me and son, and forgive everything they done for over 12yrs, as god is a just, and loving god and will hear me praying.


Blemain/together and marc goldberg are trying to strike me out of court, what defence can they give over a subplime/fraud loan etc a solicitor fully wrote out the facts for me and I have fully understood all of what has been explained.

It is important I explain why I did this prayer,

blessings forum )


I will post when I hear from court judge.




I have not had to pay for form n244, nor serving blemain/together and board director marc goldberg the court judge served all all stamped for me free.


I have not paid for any solicitor help yet, bless has been free, as you know it is difficult to get funding under civil matters, but the court have told me if goes criminal then funding is free, as my income is so low and also if something is in PUBLIC INTEREST the funding doors are open).


I never fear costs cos I know if will of God, many doors will open for me and my needs met.

I have just posted this to explain my costs so others trapped under blemain/together and marc goldberg etc, will stop worrying and have hope of light at end of very dark tunnels for them.


As you may know in bible job had a turn around was given double portion after he prayed for his enermies and his latter days were greater than his former days.

Lets wait now and see in next few days.


blessings forum

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I felt to say I see that on 08/02/18 money solutions group have been prosecuted by court under criminal act for Money Lending,


I have not read all case yet as just seen it.


Something to do with vunerable people being affected, by these lenders?


people saying why has it took so long to prosecute this firm.


I have had a letter come in post and call from a solicitor who has told me FCA are also looking at secured loans which are being checked under when a monthly payment is wrong because company has put arrears on the monthly payment and caused a loan to end 3/4 years later than it should?????


Blemain is one being written to.


I have received in post FCA showing a person and their name it has been done too,

( also mortgage companies too, not just secured loans.) are wrong and refunds will be given if yours is wrong.


You can go back quite a few years to claim it all back.


I have been told by the company who contacted me, this is under Together company and their old names too.


Together recently said to me I was getting nothing back on any complaints, and made this quite clear, so I find that to be an offence when I am entitled to 4 to 6 wks for them to investigate and they say in 24 hours you are not getting anything.


The judge is aware now of my battle and hostle response from together at me, I am a human being and entitled to complain if have too.


I forgive and wait now and see what judge does. I just will have to give all my stress to god to take and me try and relax.


My dr is trying to sort swimming out for me under gp referral as when I went to see her last week the appointment was for 5 mins, but she had me in there nearly an hour.


My drs have been supportive on all this claim,and in past written to together/blemain, but I was told by blemain drs letter not received,


I said ok then I go get receipt for sending it to you recorded delivery quite a few days ago and then they said oh yes we do have it.

All ways send everything recorded, tracked etc, to this company.

But nothing was done to help me.


I will update soon once I hear from court.

blessings forum)


Sorry its MORTGAGE SOLUTIONS been prosecuted


Can someone help, is their name linked with blemain?

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please don't hit Quote...just type we know what we said earlier..

DCA's view debtors as suckers, marks and mugs

NO DCA has ANY legal powers whatsoever on ANY debt no matter what it's Type

and they

are NOT and can NEVER  be BAILIFFS. even if a debt has been to court..

If everyone stopped blindly paying DCA's Tomorrow, their industry would collapse overnight... 

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Just had time to read the court case on 08/02/2018, it is under mortgage solutions page Gopee was prosecuted at South Wark Crown Court, Judge found Dharam Prakash Gopee guilty.


FCA have updated there page on this today, I have just read, all the reasons why judge found guilty. It is worth reading this.

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pop a link here

please don't hit Quote...just type we know what we said earlier..

DCA's view debtors as suckers, marks and mugs

NO DCA has ANY legal powers whatsoever on ANY debt no matter what it's Type

and they

are NOT and can NEVER  be BAILIFFS. even if a debt has been to court..

If everyone stopped blindly paying DCA's Tomorrow, their industry would collapse overnight... 

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The link was done by my son as i do not know how to do, I just ask son to do, but as soon as I mention the word Blemain or Together to my son, he gets angry and growls now and shouts cos he can not stand hearing any thing regarding their name.

I am sure you can understand why.


The last 12 years have been not only me afflicted by Blemain/Together, but also my son dragged along with me, so I only got link on here because I told my son it will help others. and is important to read, as similar to how we been treated on our loans with Blemain/Together.

I have to laugh, but it really is not funny.


I have told Judge that my son is suffering too, on hearing last year Judge Matthews let my son come in hearing room. ( he was allowed in hearing room as a MCKENZIE FRIEND) I am sure the Judge could see the steam coming out my sons ears in anger of Blemain/Together.


This could be why the drs surgery, see me for an hour over Blemain/Together as the dr said maybe do not talk to son anymore if do not have to about company as he has suffered enough under what company has done over last 12 yrs.

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I have made it its own thread



please don't hit Quote...just type we know what we said earlier..

DCA's view debtors as suckers, marks and mugs

NO DCA has ANY legal powers whatsoever on ANY debt no matter what it's Type

and they

are NOT and can NEVER  be BAILIFFS. even if a debt has been to court..

If everyone stopped blindly paying DCA's Tomorrow, their industry would collapse overnight... 

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I have learnt to do links now tonight, so that is good and can post now if need too.


I said to the dr if I was not a christian I think under Blemain/Together I would have gone crazy and sat in a chair screaming going ba ba ba, the dr offered to up medicine I said no please do not any higher, as I want to respond to people as normal as I can, not just no response when someone talks to me.

Oh dear, I do hope link helps.

Blessings forum.

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This message is for Madehall who has just joined Consumer Forum,


My loans were done by a rep at Blemain,

he kept ringing me to see how my loan was doing


I can still hear him now, a very chatty friendly man, he said (we meaning the company Blemain ) take care of everything and send you a cheque in post.


I thought this was legal so I did loans with him,

it was always same man rang me on each loan,

he did one after another and


when he shut old loan off the charges he did not tell me about he just said we do the lot take care of everything.


I now realise we do the lot means we rip you off all of you.


The loan cheque when it came to my home was always short of 1,000 to 8,000 inbetween that figure.

and my loans were increasing and he seemed very happy he constantly rang me and stayed in contact regulary with me.


I was out at kings lynn once shopping and he rang my mobile, I told him I was out for day he said this will help you.

I could not hear him so I had to give him a phone box number


there phone booths you walk in to make a call.

He rang me and shut old loan off and done another one just like that, it was within 2 wks of old loan.

But each time he money from my cheque


I got angry with him as the second to last loan he took so much money off my cheque I could not mend my roof on outbuilding and main roof. I had told him I desperately needed to do my roofs, but the 4th cheque was so short I could not mend my roofs.


Any way as for Phone a loan my solicitor suspects this is Blemain and gave me a letter stating so.


This is very upsetting seeing yet another suffering, victim of the multitude on here that has been unfairly treated, just for company gain. The message i hope you see madehall, is only part of how my loans were all done.


I believe you would love to set free not only your friend, but all us free too,

being a law graduate you have the compassion to succeed for justice and human rights.


I would love you to do a class act, that is whole lot of us who have not been treated fairly under a Business company who have to abide by rules and regulations set free.


It is not right to target vunerble people who already struggle with life, in first place mine being disability and depression and low income, because unable to work, and what Blemain has done to me has made my nerves extreme through their bullying me and I believe they just want us to put up and shut up, I am entitled to be released.

That is why I walked in court and asked for help, and I was given a claim form.


I have a recent update I will post in minute on here, as it is a letter I got today from Blemain/together I need a cup of tea first to refresh my mind first cos stress.


I have had a letter this morning, when I saw on envelope it was cheadle lake view I felt physically sick, as I knew it was from blemain/together.


It was a letter stating that they had heard from a company that had written to them on my behalf as I had given company consent to write to blemain/together, I warned company to send all letters to blemain/together by recorded delivery or tracked as if not together will wait 40 days allowed to send information back and when this does not happen all info back and I ring up they say letter from solicitor must have got lost in post.


Together have to send all my personal data pursuant to section 7 of the data protection act 1998.

Together have to send all calls too to be put on a cd.


Together have asked do I want all the calls sent to me if so tell them within 5 days of letter.


NO I never want to be tormented again, especially listerning to my stressed voice having to talk to them. I am sure they will leave off some calls and not put on cd as when ombudsman wrote to them blemain/together said they did not have all information and some time barred and can not find letters. The ombudsman told me this by phone and said you need to do court.


Also together suddenly wanted a certain form off me and I told ombudsman and he said why are they now suddenly doing that. I said they have known I am unwell for years, but ignored it completely, left me to collection team that do nothing but torment me and game playing tactics.


Some of the collection team have been working blemain/together years.

It has been horrific,1 to 2 hours of torment a time, you can not give your view because they over power you.


I had a call recently 3 wks ago at night well actually most of week that week, but I did not pick phone up as citezen advice bureau said do not speak to blemain/together any more, let court deal with this.


I picked up phone at 750pm, as got fed up with missing calls, the call came from SURREY I do not know who it was, but it was not nice, mocking me and laughing and it was also about my facebook page. A friend said next to me and heard all of call, it was a woman very much in to jokes. I politely said you have wrong number. But knew they were trying to get revenge and be spiteful indeed.


I rang the number back next morning so it is logged on my landline I rang it about 745am I think, anyway a man picked up the phone, he seemed tired I put phone down as just did.


I also have had rude emails from someone and this is on going they have flagged them what ever that means? with a rude (f) word on the emails.


Being a christian I can only pray for them and give this to god to help. as he sees and hears all. My son will be doing me a new email address soon.


I am so glad blemmain/together will have to comply with request to send all my details since loans done by them and also underwritter sheets, I have never had any in 12 yrs. So glad movement in process.


One of my drs rang me on tuesday 13th february 2018 and told me she had done a gp referal for 10 sessions at a health place of my choice.


Yippeeeee I went to pick this up from drs surgery and when I read what dr has put on it for health place, I was most upset, the information what dr has wrote is true, but sad


it clearly shows the health place I will be going to that I have got very distressed, and worse and put on nearly 3 and half stone and depressed and nerves and pain severe in my legs as the high medicine dr put me on I have to sign for in a box at top of presciption sheet.

The dr also put about my high blood pressure.


I felt embarrassed to give to a health centre, but I will as need to refresh and health breakthrough, as this do me good. I need a turn around in all my and sons life right now.


The recent post I did about a company writing to blemain/together regarding f c a letter example company enclosed, is what now blemain/together have to release by law to the company representing on my behalf, I will just let them take over they want all answers from blemain/together for my 5 loans.


This is also as well as court judge looking at my claim.


I forgot to say it seems blemain/together had a company elsewhere also in past.


I asked Together recently about this, the customer care team that I finally got put under after 11 yrs of torment under collection team, he said no on phone, but he has only worked for blemain/together company for about a year.


There may have been another building in past I can not post on this at min, but there must have been, because the person who told me got a loan from them there. So it must have existed. I just need release. So I am believing this so and end to a horrible chapter in mine and sons life.


My sons ceiling is part collapsing in his bedroom, I had a builder come round and you can imagine my bill, so far I have only paid for first part of new ceiling boards up and battons this is being done saturday.


I need to be able to pay for rest plastering soon.

The builder knows my struggles with bungalow he has tried to do all work here and believe me there has been endless jobs here cheap, as he feels sorry for me he said ( . I told him my finances are not as they should be. Due to a massive loan wrong in past has made me unable to live normal living for 12 yrs.


I will post more when hear from court. I feel sorry for Madehalls post on the forum on 14th feb 2018 his friend may he never ever ever loose his home may he be blessed with all this torment gone, and the same for me and my son too, all this due to blemain/together loans.


Maybe what question Madehall on forum is asking at min about Enterprise ?


is the office in london what blemain use to have and use to do loans , I do not know.


Was Enterprise in london Madehall??????

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Gracious I did not know wheither to stress my son anymore over Blemain/together as he has mouth ulcers . I just felt to tell him about letter from Together today, my son immediately said we want 2 copies one for us as evidence and one for company that is representing you mum.

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Thank you Ford for support and advice.

I can not put name of company on here that are representing me as it is not allowed on forum and I am sure he would be bombarded with calls for cry for help on same disputes as mine which I fully understand and would want all set free at once all of us.

The company are acting for me so will receive every thing from blemain/together etc, if blemain/together do not release all asked for then it is an offence (I can see this on company acting for me on their paperwork stating this to me.)

I can ask them to give me a copy as I never want to speak to blemain/together again unless face to face in a court room and their board director. I will willing face them any day in a court room. I had years of fear of this company, but no more, it was after collections joked I had to send in a months worth of food receipts and I collected them and found out it was a big joke played on me, then I felt the heavens shake and movement for me to be heard doors opening and companies, officials, etc trying to help as the legal things blemain/together were telling I had to do were not all legal.

The citizen advice bureau have seen me over court claim, and have sent me recently another letter asking whats going on, they know this is a big claim and I have an email address if I need advice, so I will message them and go see them if need too.

I believe god is in control and will open right doors and I have been told by company representing me, once blemain/together are found guilty my whole claim will be free, it is now at minute praise god.

As I have said before I do not fear costs, because I know god has seen my 12 yrs of unfairness and 1,ooo+ other sufferers with me in the hands of blemain/together and their board director. So I only fear god, because he has the power to do anything he decides to do. Because I know and understand this, this is why I have said to blemain/together, and board director several times to change and correct all that is wrong. But they have chosen not to and ignore all of us big time. I do not like having to walk in a court and ask for help and them giving me a claim form after I explained why am in need of help and they can see I was at wits end. I mean very very distraught. I think I even said to her whats that, when she walked off and said back in min and came back with a form for me. I looked at form and then realised I could fight back at this company that had ruined my life.

I will post more soon.

blessings forum

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i wasn't after the name, just saying if sols or whoever are acting then give them all the info.

12 yrs is bad. (around a year or 2 at most for me dealing with creditors and that was bad enough)

i hate to see creditors effect someones health and family.

all the best




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So I only fear god, because he has the power to do anything he decides to do

i know what you mean;

'...dont fear anyman cause thine eyes have seen the glory of the coming of the lord'




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Hi Ford if I could put info on here I would, but am not allowed and understand why. I am grateful of your advice thank you. Yes 12 yrs very bad, it has not been pleasant.


I have just had a pastor friend contact me he gave me a word which was


It is time to CALL Him to prove His greatness over your finances ..... I messaged him to explain more He wrote back saying GOD to intervene and release your money to your hands. Case close!!!


wow awesome so I will do prayer tonight.

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Hi forum


I am posting to let you know what the Deputy District Judge has ordered,


He has done an order for my claim to be listed for a hearing and he has now moved all claim paperwork to another court).


Blemain/Together have now released all paperwork that they hold since their rep did first loan and all other loans he did for me and a cd of phone calls also has been sent and received by the company that are representing me. This is to do with other disputes, also besides court.


I have been told the file is over a foot high, it is now being totally gone through all my 12 yrs worth of ( I call it utter torment).


I have warned the company who received it that Blemain/together will properly not send all paperwork or phone calls, and that a lot of my calls will sound very stressed and upset.


This is due to knowing if I say anything to Blemain/Together on phone calls that they do not like, then they will make me suffer if they do not like any thing I ask or say or talk about eg me putting them court, or charges or payment plan, they would break plan and say we let you know what we going to do in 5 days, I have 5 days of utter stress not knowing if litigation coming next or what, or payment plan.


Every month for years was constant wearing me down and just them in charge,

I felt to scared half time complain because you get no where and you so confused, about their charges, but most of all the way you feel dreading talking to them or knowing it be ages on phone with them


I use to take a propanomal first, get a tea and tell my son I got to ring Blemain/Together now and I shut sons door, but he open it again and hear me crying on phone, as staff at blemain made me do payment plans like one was one week after the other if I had complained they do all sorts of things.


I think the worse thing was my bank of 12 yrs seeing me get warn down by Blemain/Together.


I find it most strange how Marc who has been there over 12yrs comes out to the customers houses, Blemain/Together seem to regularly send him, The staff say on phone he is coming out because he can remember your loan. It now seems there is a link?

My dog crawled at him constant for over an hour.


It seems all the loans inbetween 2004 to 2010 he comes out as I have seen on other forums customers of Blemain/together saying he came out to their homes too, and they felt uncomfy with this.


He came out when I rang Blemain and said I am putting you court under fraud/subplime and more and I think they said we call you back shortly today, they did and said marc be out etc 10am to my home next day it was like 4pm day before he came fast next morning and at 10am he was at my door.


I just want never to have anything to do with Blemain/together again and refresh, and shut awful chapter of mine and sons life.


God is in control and I believe will now deal with all of this.


Any one who has tried to get a SAR off blemain/together do not worry, as I can guess and seen so much on here, you all have not received one ever, well mine is now all fully released.


I have been told I will hear soon regarding it all being looked at and checked, I have been warned that there is so much to read through etc.


I also have to do something else, but can not post it on here, but it is something that will greatly give me support, but I do not fear, because god is my helper and he will provide all whats needed on this.


It is not about all the thousands I have put over to Blemain/Together over all the years, about £80k+ and about £18k? undisclosed commision fees, etc etc etc, especially finding out the closing off of old loan and opening of new, all the fees/costs just go to blemain.


When I found out this it makes me very very disappointed in a licensed company indeed and then there s torment£??????????????? who can put a cost on that me and son.


I have grinded 8 teeth out and 2 more loose, and every time I said to blemain please do not stress me I have to go dentist another tooth pulled, they just carried on and on and on, terrible.


It is in my view and I am sure in others in same boat as me, the lack of Integrity of a Business and their TRADING STANDARDS.


I sense that Blemain/Together cut corners and violated codes, I sense this very heavily indeed.


God is good and will correct errors and I just need to rest in gods love and presence he will carry on helping me through this and he will do what ever he wants to sort this matter out.


Good news


GOd has very recently placed a business person in my path and they have been explaining to me about business and how a business is run,


I had to laugh, because when they started telling me I said oh I do not think I want to hear this, they seemed shocked until I told them why, about Blemain/Together and Board Director.


This person is meant to feed me knowledge on business, I have now realised this and they are a great asset and very clever indeed. This person has been placed around me to teach me and help me on this matter.


They told me Blemain/Together, Board Director will have taken bonuses from all yours and others loans I covered my ears in anger as I was unaware of things like this happening each year, they told me regulary take.


I found out already that company etc took a bonus on how many loans they got through, but I now am learning from a master in business god is good. Amen

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Hi forum


I will be ring the company representing me, who have got all SAR information from Blemain/Together monday to ask if they got from Together what suffer on forum has written to get FULL AND UNDERSTANDABLE ACCOUNT STATEMENT AND ADMIN. Also to get an update what they found at min. They have also contacted somewhere else for information, this place will also show information regarding Blemain/Together as they know of my suffering 12 yrs from them and court claim.


I received a call from my gas/electric/phone company that I been with 12 yrs, they called me 2 days ago to see if I was ok, and they recently sent me a gift voucher ) how kind is that a company who goes extra mile to help customers. They had to reduce my bills due to Blemain/Together taking so much of my income and also my mortgage had to help me, all because on my income I was left with virtually minus money.


It is like a domino effect one error causes multitude caos.


I saw my bank today who are wittness, they spoke to me regarding my claim in court, I told them a hearing is being booked. Bank asked me when is hearing I said do not know should be maybe 4 to 6 wks time?, I do not know yet, I will ring court monday.


blessings forum

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