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Sickness Absence, Dismissal, Benefits - No Income

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Hi. I posted something about this in the employment forum but it was suggested I post it here. Things are pretty much the same but my query has changed a bit. I hope somebody can help.


I've worked for my firm for less than a year and went sick in January 2016. I have gone from being sick with flu etc to being off work through stress. This has gone on for three months. The firm said that I wasn't meeting my objectives and so on - long story but essentially they said I would lose my job. In December my boss said HR would write to me (me thinking this is it, job gone) and after that I went ill (genuinely just in case anybody is wondering; I don't have any history of sickness absence).


So they paid me in full for the first month and after that I have only been getting SSP. I applied to the local council for rent and council tax help on the basis I had lost my job. I know i'm getting SSP but I also know I no longer have a job. If I went back to work tomorrow I would be sacked by the end of the day.


However, I got confused by the SSP so I didn't follow up my claim for rent/council tax or put in a claim for income support etc. I won't be going back to my job but my (ex)employers say they consider I've resigned!!! I emailed to say I hadn't. It's all a mess. I find the job too stressful and can't do it anymore.


I am now virtually destitute. The rent is a lot and my daughter is on income support and cannot put in more than she is given towards it. My SSP doesn't cover my half the rent or any council tax or bills or food and so on. Totally on the bread line now.


Can I continue with my HB claim and can I now put in a claim for income support. I am totally lost on this topic as I've always worked and when I have been laid off in the past I've usually got another job as my money or savings have run out.


Our rent has been late twice now since this all started and I am certain we will be served an eviction notice by the end of the month. Landlady doesn't like waiting for her money.



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You need to urgently make a claim for housing benefit and help with your council tax on the basis of low income - you will have to declare your SSP as your income.


You cannot claim income support on grounds of illness. If you have a 'fit note' from your GP, you could claim Employment and Support Allowance, though I'm not sure if you can claim ESA whilst getting SSP. If you don't have a fit note, you will need to get one.


If your employer considers that you have resigned, are they still paying SSP or have they/are they going to stop? This may affect all your claims to benefit, so you need to know/find out.


As regards the resignation/dismissal issue, I'm afraid I know very little about employment so hopefully someone else will come along shortly.


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As Reallymadwoman says, you should claim HB and Council Tax Reduction as a matter of urgency. Contact your council's Benefits Office (or whatever it's called - different councils have different names for it) and advise that your only income is SSP and you wish to make a claim based on your low income. They will advise whether you can continue with your original claim or whether you need to make a new one. They'll probably ask to see bank statements or payslips showing your SSP.


ESA is the benefit for people unable to work because of illness, but you can't claim that while you're receiving SSP. SSP is more money in any case. When your SSP stops, your employer should issue you form SSP1, which you would need, along with a sick note from your doctor, to claim ESA.




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Thanks both for your replies. I will contact the council again this week and also the job centre to see what they say about any additional benefit.

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