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NPower - compensation claim for time spent dealing with complaint

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Hi, I have an ongoing complaint with NPower since Sept 2013 regarding their bills. The Ombudsman is currently involved for a second time. As they were taking a long time in dealing with my complaint, I informed them in February 2014 in writing that I would charge them for my time spent in dealing with them. My complaint remains unsettled and we have received the "deadlock" letter and so now know NPower will budge no further. Can anyone tell me if I am legally entitled to claim for the time I have spent in sending emails, letters, phone calls etc? I have recorded everything in a spreadsheet. Thanks. Mark.

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It would be a bit tricky claiming full your wasted time et cetera in the County Court, unfortunately. Judges don't normally tend to go for this kind of thing. On the other hand, if you have put npower on notice that you would be charging then it might be amusing to try and say that there was a contract for your time and that you want reasonable payment – as long as this claim is part of some other claim where you are likely to win.


Maybe you would like to tell us exactly what the issue is – which I understand is still unresolved, and also how much time have you spent and what do you think is the value of that time.


How come the ombudsman is involved for the second time? What was the ombudsman's decision the first time and is it all about the same issue?


Npower are rubbish and now that they have apparently gotten rid of something like 20% of the workforce, they are likely to be even more rubbish because they will be in greater disarray.


I would recommend anybody who needs an energy supplier to stay well clear of npower. They are incompetent.

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In 2012 I asked Npower as an exusting customer to quote on their cheapestt tariff, it was cheaper than ithers so I remained with them.


After 12 months I was £800 in debit after using same amount of gas and elec as previous year so Icomplained and asked for reason, they couldnt privude one. After several months I said that I would charge for my time, they ignired my emails fir 12 months, I stopped my direct debits.


The Ombydsman said I had been billed correctly but couldnt find explanation for £800 debit. After further 12 months I finally got to talk directly to their so xalled Executive Complaints Team who admitted that the person who quoted me must have got it wrong.I told them that as a quote based on their own cinsumption figures, if they made an error I shouldnt be expectec to pay.


I had previously applued to another supplier byt Npower objected. I argued and they then agreed to luft the objection but they onky lifted gas and electric remains under objection to this say despite me agreeing a repayment plan. I have therefore complained again to Ombudsman after receiving dedalock letter from Npiwer.


In terms of charging for my time, I understand there is a rule under supply services from Ofgem that allows compensation for time spent dealing with wrongful suppliers. As I told them in writing my understanding is that this coukd be considered a cobtract. The amount after 2 years is at least £1500. I have done everything I ciuld possibly to since September 2013 to resolve this but 3 years later and Npower seem unwilling or unable.


My view is they under estimated the original tariff cost to retain me as a customer. I told them that if I get a quote anywhere else for work or servuces, I would pay no more than the quote. In terms of time compensation, Npower have had 3 tears to resolve this simple issue, they have allowed it to escalate and their offer of £100 compensation for refusing to respond to any of my correspobdence for over a year is derisery.

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When you ask for quotes for anything else, it's usually a fixed object, or a fixed service. With gas and electricity it's down to you what is used; the quote should contain your unit prices and an estimation of consumption, but an estimation is nothing more than this; meter reads confirm how much has been used.


If the unit rate charged isn't what is quoted that's a different issue, however if the issue has been that your Direct Debit wasn't set adequately that's another issue. Yes, NPower should have reviewed this and set it at the appropriate level, but there are industry guidelines around this and the billing code

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OK, many thanks for providing clarity. I believe from other forums, the practice of underestimating tariffs is common leaving customers with hefty debits so I'm not on my own in this respect and it needs dealing with. As far as time compensation, it is unclear whether or not having informed them of my intention to charge for my time, and then having them ignore my correspondence for over a year, I would be able to take them to small claims, we'll have to wait and see what transpires from the Ombudsman.

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The ombudsman?


I hope you're not holding your breath

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Same situation, ombuds twice, them i would charge for time, and reading from BG shows read reading, they are double charging people, making peoples lives hell, and gov does nothing?


what the hell is this about exactly, i think TM needs to get her action on this.

Yet i am not allowed to contact her, and my mp won't move either.

So obvious good idead to be a cheater in this life.


i mean how exactly do i get Teresa Mays attentions on this one, or are only other people in this world allowed to have a life.


my life has changed drastically as a result of this problem, i think it is more then a county court claim, it is personal, when May and my local MP won't help, then that means i am in someway left to deal with big companies, that should mean in a court that i get even bigger compensation, do you get the idea.


It is not person to person, but person to coporate, and so therefore when i take them i should get compensated more than just money, but the years it has gone on, and the amount of people done to as well, should mean we all get a mimimum of harrassment compensation. at £50K


Can anyone with legal knowledge just say if I took them for harrassment, and the fact that Teresa May don't need to give a damn, means i am therefore descriminated not just by npower, but government officials two, they have deserted all Npower claimants, and so this is a much bigger case, i yet they did get fined, but that does not address us the people who they took the fine money from.


Where is my compensation for having to deal with fraudsters who double charge people willingly and knowingly, this is fraud.


Why is Teresa May allowing these people to continue to do business in the Uk and even more so post Brexit, she make a bit deal of i am going the Brexit as was wished, but what about actually people.


May liked to address problems for Grenfel and Black people when she first started, but what about the readlity of this case. Where is anyone in any power to stand and make a formal statement about the fraudsters called Npower and eon, who are part of the same marketing company.


Ombudsman, do not look at the charging from a logical persecptive, and if you all switched your focus to them, you could also say they are fraudsters too.


Firstly they are paid by npower, this is intrinsically wrong, secondly they do no look for logical explainations of the accounts.


they are frauders who should report fraud to goverment departments such as Npower being fraudsters, and so even the government ombudsman is fraud, so that means that should Teresa May take time to read this post, instead of worring about repeating her pledge, which is i am doing as wished.


She should realise her role to enfore morality within society. Yet she is not concerned with this. This extends to the need to force, Russians out of the uk, for terrorism yet other of the same token get to stay. I can see that she obviously has no concern for Npower all Mps and house of lords are just laughing at Npower customers.


I have my reading from British Gas which shows my customer readings to be ture but unfortuanlty npower refused to accept them. As this then gives them the facility to double charge on two accounts, this is fraud. having a back room for second accounting systems is faud.


I was wondering if any of you out there that have still not done the county claim would be willing to meet on the BH next to petition outside house of lords, to say that TM and them lot are badly letting us down, why? and that Npower and Energy ombudsman, should be closed. SPecifically due to Brexit, amd how this matches with Brexit, if any one can please say?


Where does it say in the legal system that a person should take a coporation to court, meaning npower and the energy ombudsman. I don't think i am allowed to, so how is the long drawn out case allowed to happen? Yeah and i won't need to hold my breath, by the time i get my money back and compensation i will be dead.


is that the sorry state of the uk today, yet it is. I could be doing nice things with my life, instead i have to chase npower, becuase, people like Tm and Khan have it nice and cushy,


My local MP won't address it, so which other person can i complaint to? that will listen and raise my case to be heard in the house of lords?


The secret joke at the house of lords and parliament. Npower customers, were working class who wanted cheap electricity, so why should we care for their misfortune.




Yes - please would you start a new thread and you will get lots of help and advice there

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