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    • As a former NHS manager in a mental health trust... I agree 100% with the actions recommended by stu007.  And I would make especially clear in your letter(s) of complaint that you are extremely concerned about the whereabouts of any confidential letter that was intended to be sent to you in the handwritten envelope.  (Indeed, the fact that a handwritten envelope addressed to you was used would suggest to me that they definitely had something to send you.  It also sounds a bit odd to me that the envelope was handwritten).   As well as complaining in writing to them, I'd contact the clinical team by 'phone first thing on Monday, explain what's happened and tell them to ensure that any confidential information about you that has been sent to a third party must be recovered immediately, and you want confirmation of that.  Well that's what I'd do - see if others think it a good idea or not.  If that had happened at my trust, heads would roll.   There's another poster on these boards called "think about it".  They're involved (I think) in GP practice management and may have some comments too about patient confidentiality.   Oh - I think I would include a photocopy of the handwritten envelope in my complaint to the trust and the ICO.   (I've got to ask - can you say what trust it is?  Don't say if you don't want to.)   EDIT:  And well done for contacting the other person to tell them what's happened.  You did the right thing
    • Hey, thank you very much again for your replies!   - We go to the branches and ask for business accounts, but as I give them my personal name they register them as sole trader accounts in their systems, regardless of my company name being on the agreement.  Suspended our services for high volume messaging -- that is not explicitly covered in terms and conditions Send us letters referencing wrong terms and conditions that we did not sign Terminate the contract and come with a random balance number. We argue unsuccessfully, but they don't follow up with the requested deadlock letter. Pass our account to Lowell in 2017 I pick the account back up when I notice it is affecting my credit file in 2020 I work on the case for about three weeks and file a complaint with CISAS I give Lowell my contract and they see it is my company's name on it so they pass it back to Vodafone Vodafone wants to settle my account quoting they should not charge me anything on the first place and they offer £250 as a compensation for distress. I mistakenly accept the offer because of confusing wording and thinking that the third party adjudicator was already involved in the case, although they would basically get involved on the later stage.  I make a complaint as per CISAS and try to reverse the settlement in the system and have third party adjudicator having a proper look into my case and hopefully reward me a much fairer compensation for all the damages.    I have made a SAR request with both Vodafone and Lowell so far, but still waiting for the Vodafone to send it.    I am now waiting for CISAS to respond, but because I am still upset how much damage this has caused me I am considering taking them to small claims court.  For that I am researching what are the acts I would have to reference in that case.   Obviously Consumer Rights Act 2015 and then Data Protection Act 2018 and perhaps some acts regarding entering into contractual agreements -- can you help with that maybe?        My main concern at the moment is to how to express claims well in a legal language, because £250 they offered feels just patronizing given that there has been everything clearly written in black and white, yet I have had to go though this damaging and humiliating experience. 
    • Cooling off periods do not apply to faulty items. The cooling off period relates to a distance purchase of an item which is of satisfactory quality. Where an item is faulty then it become subject to the rules under the Consumer Rights Act
    • I understand the cooling off period for online purchases, but this is a little different due to the item being collected/paid in person.    A used item was recently sold by auction on eBay. The seller inspected, paid with cash and collected the item in person.    The buyer is now claiming the item to be faulty.    If this transaction was completely remote and the item posted, I would absolutely expect the buyer to be entitled to a refund.    But as the transaction happened in person would the point of the money changing hands be when the contract is made? Therefore not giving the buyer any cooling off period?   I think this is the key information; Used item Paid in person Working when collected Private sale   Thanks!
    • This article has some useful information on how things are working during the Covid crisis.   https://www.theguardian.com/money/2020/jun/06/a-guide-to-probate-everything-you-need-to-know   HB
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  1. Restrictions in Freedom of movement
  2. Being “Forced to work,” From Dawn to Dusk just to be given food to eat
  3. Not being allowed to accumulate and “Assets,” – Personal Possessions
  4. Being “Punished,” if you attempt to air an objection about this.

This is what I learnt in History and it is called SLAVERY.

  1. Being forcefully ejected from your home. Even though the piece of paper says you own it.
  2. Being forced to “Pay Additional Costs and TAXES,” while others not of your hue, Religion or creed are not told to.
  3. Being hearded into Segregated Areas for Education, Career, and Residences.
  4. Being denied “The rights of a naturalised citizen,” in the country you were born in.

This is what happened in South Africa, Germany (world war II), & South & Middle East.

It is called geneocide. We were and are told it is not right.

If you are being denied the RIGHT TO PURCHASE GOODS. Because the Banks, Finance Institutions are deliberately denying you those rights.


  1. To, have restrictions placed on your financial freedom so you cannot see a more profitable alternative for yourself.
  2. Being denied access to the Law and Legal Bodies to have SOMEONE/ANYONE to Fight for those rights in your corner.
  3. To be SICK AND UNABLE TO ACCESS a system that YOU PAID INTO via your NHS Taxes etc. And then to be told that because you are now classified as Disabled, Old or Mentally challenged and you OWN YOUR OWN HOME. That medical care facilities, benefits and assistance no longer apply to you. (Despite years of paying to a system which stated in was your insurance against the worst happening).

This is tyranny.



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What an extremely political and left wing post.


Moving to the Bear Garden.

Edited by Conniff

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My thread was not meant to be left wing extremists. It is a comment made by an ethnic minority born here and still treated with derision and disrespect by a system and a Prime Minister who is supposed to advocate equality and a FAIR DIVISION OF LABOUR.

As I have stated in the thread all the actions above have been put in place by Policies he has revoked or implemented in the last three years.

They have, taken our homes, put up our TAXES Council and others, have stated that we the 50 some things who are the ones becoming older and needing assistance in the future are not allowed to rely on a state system WE PAID INTO. Because those who have put the policies in place have made sure they ARE PROTECTED BY EITHER PRIVATE MEDICARE or better yet will be able to move from this country when help is needed in their old age.

I had savings against a rainy day. They took that by then stated, "Endowments Policy, whats that?" This was to off-set MY OLD AGE. I have a house, I want to leave for my grandchildren/child. Apparently they are now being told that if I am too old to be taken care of IN MY OWN HOME. They will forcefully remove my body to an OLD PEOPLES HOSPICE and they FORCE MY RELATIONS TO SELL THE FAMILY HOME TO PAY FOR IT!!!!!


My partner, fell sick and we asked for assistance from the local government as his pay was reduced to STATUTORY SICK PAY because he was on long-term ill health, a situation caused by being so stressed and exhausted at work to keep paying the bills and TAXES. He was at work, collapsed and rushed straight into SURGERY. He survived and for what?

As he strived to recuperate he got his wage cut down to £89.00 per week statutory sick pay.

When we asked the Local Authority for help (as directed by someone on this website, and a charitable organisation). THEY GAVE IT. THEN WANTED THEIR MONEY BACK as SOON AS HE RETURNED TO WORK. We negotiated as many did with the LIABILITY ORDERS.

The result is he now has to now try and PAY BACK to the LOCAL AUTHORITIES THREE TIMES MORE than they gave us under the guise of PENALTY CHARGES and Admin Costs etc.

Further to this and worse. We approached LEGAL BODIES to assist us in SORTING OUT THIS MINEFIELD OF A SITUATION we got told THEY WILL NOT GO AGAINST THE STATE. So go back to the Local Authorities.

I inspected the governments guidelines on such policies. I calculated that we should still be entitled to assistance as our wage is well under the governments qualifying guidelines. BUT THIS IS WHAT WE WERE TOLD.

Question: "Do you own your own home?"

Reply; "Yes,"

The Local Authorities reply; "Then No!, you are not entitled to assistance.”

So whether you think its left wing extremist or not. This is what is happening NOW AND TO UK's own PEOPLE. This is how us 50 some things are being treated and what we are subject to. AND THE LATEST BUDGETARY POLICY seems to cement it even more.

We are NOT ALLOWED to put away for our old age that that what we have is being stripped from us.


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Hi MoyesMW

You sure are angry.

And you have written down what you are angry about.Quite clearly and at length.

I personally would like to break your thread down a little.


From what i am reading you or the people you are writing about are about 50 odd years old.

Born here and of a ethnic minority.


Starting slowly trying to break down your thread little by little what ethnic minority is this.

I would like to do a little research.


Also starting with the first few points made.

1- Restrictions in Freedom of movement

Could you give me some links,news articles or anything so i understand more.


2 Being “Forced to work,” From Dawn to Dusk just to be given food to eat

Could you give me some info,articles that explain more to me.


3-Not being allowed to accumulate and “Assets,” – Personal Possessions


4-Being “Punished,” if you attempt to air an objection about this.


I want to know more,could you provide some articles that will help.

Quite willing to spend a little time on this,I have seldom seen such anger.

And want to know more,see what is happening.

Your thread is quite long, we have got to start somewhere.

Best wishes,hoping to calm things down a little and have a chat,work out what is going on.

Well you were here when i started writing now you have gone,hope to see you back soon.


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I may agree with some of the points but not sure this forum is the place for them unless there are specific issues that we can help with.

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Fair point.

I see MoyesMW is a ex bank employee.

I just wondered where his anger has come from.What caused him to write such a thread.

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I may agree with some of the points but not sure this forum is the place for them unless there are specific issues that we can help with.


And I agree, it also seems to be running along racist lines "It is a comment made by an ethnic minority ... "

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There is a level of corruption in this country, which is kept very quiet. It is not restricted to one political party.


Very occasionally you hear a politician hint at something and they say they will take it with them to their graves.


When you look at the Banking crash, the large firms of accountants, the credit reference agencies and the various regulators, proved to be totally inept or ignorant of the state the industry was in.


Look at the market rigging found in the City of London, where more has been done by US regulators, than any body in the UK. The issue with the HSBC office in Switzerland went away quite quickly. What other investigations have taken place, to see how widespread some practices have been. The UK as a major financial hub is protected by government, who are i am sure behind the scenes restricting the amount of regulation, so they can't look too closely.

We could do with some help from you.



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If you want advice on your thread please PM me a link to your thread

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