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my 4 month husky pup onlead was attacked by 2 fully grown off lead mastiffs - need advise

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If Bankfodder has asked for the name of the dogs' owner, post it !!




Hi, I am a dog trainer and business owner of Home Counties Dog Training, legally this is fairly simple ---ish, if both (sets) dogs were OFF lead its fairly hard to prove anything without 2 or more witnesses, if both dogs were ON lead its fairly hard to prove anything without 2 or more witnesses, but if your dog was ON lead and the other dog/s OFF lead and there was at least 1 Witness then they are screwed, the fact they have paid £500 toward the cost is already an admission of sorts. You are not at fault here and you should be able to recover costs, even if via small claims court, but your dogs long term health/view to other dog's is more important now, how is yours around other dogs, more importantly, around other dogs the same size/colour as the attackers.



I wish you well.

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Hi Tezza,


Thank you for your advice.


Mine was on lead they were both off lead and have witnesses also, Summer isnt too bad with regard to other dogs as we have another adult husky and a very old man sharpie/staffy cross, the only thing that seems to bother her is when she sees 2 dogs together when walking. she hides behind our legs. Its not so much the money side that bothers me its that this has happened several times to different dog owners the police dont want to know and when the owner has been approached he screams harassment to police, I need to know that this man will legally be told to keep his dogs on lead and muzzled.

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What happened with this in the end?


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