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UK population increase

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Latest figues show net migration running at 332,000.


The question is where these people are going ?


This is about the size of a middlish regional cities population being added every year.


Given the shortage of housing, i wonder where they are living.


By 2025 the population of the UK may exceed 70 million. That will require about 4 million new homes to be built by then.


The answer may be to build mobile home sites, which can be set up quickly and potentially offer flexible affordable accommodation to people. This would be a better option than building too many expensive permanent homes, when some migrants may well return to their countries of origin.

We could do with some help from you.



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Hard to find out the true numbers arriving here.

But yes i suppose it relates to a new city arriving each year.

Pressure must be building on many fronts.

A couple of articles one which baffled me,re national insurance numbers.

A new report issued today from the Office for National Statistics.


650,000 New National Insurance Numbers of EU Nationals Despite Official Figures Saying There Are Only 260,000 Migrants



The full report.

Statistical bulletin: Migration Statistics Quarterly Report, February 2016



And what Nigel Farage thinks about it.

Another 323,000 migrants arrive in the UK - a city the size of Hull



And perhaps up to ten million more in the next ten years possible some think.

How do you cope with that.

64.1 million at the moment i have read.


Not trying to be biassed but slightly worrying.To put it mildly.

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And where do they live.

I do not know if this is accurate.


Find out how many migrants live in YOUR town with amazing interactive map


BRITAIN'S net migration figures hit a record high and now one in eight citizens are now NOT UK-born.

The two-question quiz below, created by the Office of National Statistics which released the net migration figures, will reveal the population make-up in your local government district.


You can then compare your place of residence with the rest of the country with the interactive map, which reveals some surprising figures.


Play the quiz below or scroll for the map



6% in my town it says.

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The article above is from 2015


Due to immigration, Boston population increased from 55,000 in 2001 to 65,000 in 2011. At that time we had the highest immigrant intake.



Experts from the Migration Observatory at Oxford University looked at the changes in Britain's make-up between the 2001 census and the 2011 census, which saw the number of immigrants in Boston rise by 389 per cent. The biggest increase in the country.


The research also revealed other facts including the average age of those in Boston, which now sits 42, as well as the percentage of people in the town who are unemployed.



But the eight million immigrants comes as no surprise to Boston which is a hot-spot for immigration and has many international shops spread across the town






Read more: http://www.bostontarget.co.uk/Latest-immigration-figures-shock-Lincolnshire/story-27694094-detail/story.html#ixzz41CdU0shj



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I am pro EU, but the question has to be asked whether the UK should have a special opt out of freedom of movement to the UK. The UK is more attractive because of the success of the English language. It is far more difficult for many living in mainland Europe to move to a different country because of the different languages. E.g In many professions a French worker would find it difficult working in Germany unless they spoke German.


I have noticed many Polish and Eastern European people living locally speak to people in English and their native language. They easily swap between the two. Many seem to have young children born in the UK and they are integrating very well. As time goes by the UK is becoming a main base for many and they will have friends/family also wanting to come to the UK.


This may be why there is a difference between net migration numbers and NI numbers issued to EU mainland citizens coming to the UK. It may well be the case that friends/family of people already in the UK are coming here to work for short periods and going back and forward.


I can't see Camerons emergency brake on benefits would have any impact on migration. But then again i don't think Brexit would make much difference either, as it is very difficult to control borders and see whether people are coming to work. Brexit may make matters worse, as there may be a large influx of people coming to the UK before any exit date. Also there would be a large increase in British citizenship applications.

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I know newspapers sometimes go over the top to sell papers.

But this story this morning rings some warning bells.

People are desperate to come to Europe.

And there must be millions more.


Desperate migrants try to HANG themselves in Athens square as struggling Greece warns it won't become a 'warehouse of souls'

20,000 migrants are stranded in Greece after Macedonia shut its borders

Football stadiums being used to house them and hundreds queue for food

Yesterday, two men tried to hang themselves in protest in Athens square

Greek Prime Minister threatens to block EU treaties unless burden shared


And a chilling statement.

Entire EU Migrant System is days from Complete breakdown.
With Video.



Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3464711/Greece-warns-won-t-warehouse-souls-desperate-migrants-try-hang-Athens-square-neighbouring-countries-shut-borders.html#ixzz41GS2kgz2

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What needs to happen is for the Middle Eastern and North African countries leaders to sit down with other interested parties, to sort out an agreed plan to bring security to the region. It might well be the case, that Russia and NATO countries have to agree for Assad to remain in place, get Assad oppenents to back off and to deal with ISIS by whatever means is necessary. Once ISIS are dealt with, it may then be possible to take the next step, which is some agreement in place to divide Syria and possibly part of Iraq. The Kurds should be allowed their own territory, even if Turkey are not happy.


I predict that NATO forces with trusted allies will be on the ground in Syria and Iraq within 2 years. They won't allow the current situation to go on for much longer.

We could do with some help from you.



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The single real issue driving the EU out vote is migration.


This isnt prejudice, its the simple fact that people see what their families have worked hard for for generations being swamped by migrants.


Anyone associated with the NHS will have seen the MASSIVE increase in migrants using every service and often demanding interpreters.

It is a cultural thing where a UK raised person will be aware that the services are there and will use them when necessary, but immigrants will use them because they are 'free'.



If the EU does not get its borders and migration under control, the UK will leave despite all the bad things that will come from that, and the EU itself will collapse anyway.


The uncontrolled migration needs to be addressed before the UK referendum or I', quite sure the out vote may very well win.



Note that despite Merkel doing the 'send your migrants' routine there will likely be only a very small percentage of those get German citizenship unless Merkel improperly uses the 'stateless' option for these migrants who throw aay their documents,

Hence Germany now wanting to shunt these illegal migrants out to everywhere else




I express my honestly held opinions - they are nothing more or less than that.

... Its just doing some due diligence that makes them seem unusual ...


Please don't assume what you see here is what I wrote - At least some of my posts HAVE been edited without my knowledge or agreement - or anything showing people they have been amended

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