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Paranormal Research Device Faulty Refund Required

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Hi All


A company called GhostArk last year put a device on the market for pre-order called a GhostArk.

If you pre-ordered the device you got a discounted price and two models were available.

Orders were taken around August last year and we were told the devices would ship in December.

In December they told on a post on Facebook in a video comment the unit would no longer have a built in speaker and would come with an external speaker at no extra charge. This upset a lot of people as the device is no longer an all in one as you have to carry the speaker around with you.

They also informed us there would be a delay and the first 200 units would ship by the end of January 2016.

People have started receiving their units but most of them are faulty with various issues below:


Switches breaking Off (Poor Quality). Switches actually stuck (Seem to be glued?)

Units not powering on (On/Off Switch Issues).

An SD card needs to be inserted in the unit for it to work but most units do not recognise the card.

Overheating Issues.


There are lots on complaints on their Facebook page requesting refunds and the company common response is

email tech at ghostark.com People have done this and some get no answer or silly answers not relevant to their question?


I wish to get a refund the reason being it is no longer the item I ordered as it no longer has an internal speaker and have emailed tech at ghostark.com but have not had a reply which is very common?


The company have just announced a statement on Facebook. Their page is GhostArk.


All those customers who have received the first batch of GhostArk devices and who have reported problems related to the shielding system or box assembly can kindly send the defective devices back to Moko Technology in the form of registered letter at this address: Moko Technology 4F, 2nd Building, Guanghui Technology Park, Mingqing Road, Longhua, Shenzhen, China 518109. Phone: 86 13128850716 and inform us by writing an email to tech at ghostark.com in order to communicate shipping and the problems encountered; we will send you another, perfectly functioning, GhostArk device.


However the shipping is expensive ( I was told around £46 by royal mail insured up to £250.00).


My wife paid for this using her credit card company (was going to be an xmas present) and they (her credit card company) have informed her that I must send it back and get a receipt of posting so my wife can then make a claim with them.

I then have to fill out a form to send to her credit card company with attached posting receipt.


The question is how do I proceed? Do I pay the postage to progress the claim through my wife's credit card company?


Any help appreciated



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welcome to cag btw




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Can I first say.. interesting device :0).. pity it about the annoying faults though


Im not an expert (Im sure more experienced will come along soon, but I believe you should have little issue getting chaargeback, although the postage costs I am not too sure about tbh


You will need to return at your own costs unless you can get the company to pay. Once returned and you have proof of posting, I would imagine the credit card company could then action a chargeback.


I can imagine its so expensive to return considering its China based. Good luck, hope it gets sorted ;0)

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The credit card company will not refund the shipping costs to china.

It happened to me a year ago, although with a different item 😊.

I emailed the company telling them that the item was not as described and I was rejecting it.

I also told them that they had to arrange collection within 28 days.

They never replied and my cc company refunded the money a week after I sent this email.

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