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Hi All,


I hope you can provide some insight to this situtation my wife has gotten her self into.


A bit of background:


My wife is here with a UK spouse visa due to extend in six months.


She was accussed at waitrose for shoplifting a product worth 9.99. They took her to the office and took a picture, she was with the baby.


They have given her a letter not to enter waitrose anymore.


What happens next? will the police be involved? Is this considered as a criminal record?


We are due to extend her visa, will this affect her?




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No the police were not involved at the time and they did not call the police.


Many thanks for the warm welcomes.




Other people will be along to advise, but if the police weren't involved on the day, I don't think they will turn up now.


The main thing is that your wife understands not to do this again, and possibly to stay away from Waitrose for a while. Please wait for others to advise.



Illegitimi non carborundum




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No criminal record and unlikely Waitrose bothered even passing on details for intel purposes unless part of a local scheme. Goods recovered so no loss to shop therfore that is the end of the matter. Going back into a Waitrose store can get her into trouble for aggravated trespass which is a criminal offence so she should abide by the ban for a good while.

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I don't think Waitrose even use civil recovery so this should be the end of the matter.

There will be no problem with any visa issues as no criminal record will have been made. We have had a couple of threads from people with visa worries. One got her visa extended even though the police were involved.


As for going into Waitrose again. Not an issue. Shop elsewhere and save a few quid in the process

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