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    • You would be better off trusting the No 10 cat alone with a mouse.
    • If the PM does that, the world may never trust us again.
    • This is probably not the place to put this but I'm sure the Mods will move it to a relevant section.   I live in a council house.  I'm flanked by two privately owned ex-council houses.  One of them has the dreaded Leylandii trees which have grown completely out of control.  The tallest is 80ft high and the rest, 5 of them approx 60ft high.  I've been asking him for years to have them cut to a reasonable size or remove them.  That's fallen on deaf ears.   The issue is this.  The trees have become dangerous.  They have exposed roots at the back and the trees are rotten.  Three large boughs have fallen off the 80ft tree and have landed in my garden, just missing my greenhouse after the last storm we had.  The day they came down, it wasn't even windy.  If the 80ft tree comes down, it will hit our house.  One of the trees fell down 18 months ago but fortunately landed in their own garden and didn't do any damage.  It did take half the branches of the 80ft tree with it so if that tree comes down, it will hit our property.   I have reported it to the Council but they seem to think I'm complaining about the trees cutting out light and blocking my view - despite my telling them emphatically that the trees are dangerous.  They sent me Healthy Neighbourhood information that states I have to pay £375 to make a complaint!   Surely there must be something in Law that relates to dangerous trees and can force the owner to have them cut down or the Council do it then bill the owner.   Any advice on this would be appreciated.   Lady Python  
    • I have finaly managed to find a statement of account I have saved as pdf should I upload this it has no personal details though they could trace it via the payments etc.
    • Rumour mill has it (genuine rumour not me) that Geoffrey Cox was not dumped and replaced by Suella Braverman because of his saying that the illegal proroguing of parliament was 'arguably'  legal,  or for hurling abuse at Parliament, or for anything else he did; but apparently because despite all he WAS prepared to do, he was not on board for 'working around' (reneging)  actual international agreements with the EU whereas Suella Braverman is more than happy to rubber stamp owt.   Johnson has apparently briefed his staff to come up with ways to 'work around' the Irish border agreement... Wait until he upsets the VERY powerful American-Irish US lobby group on top of everything else and see where it gets him.     The UK as a nearer target for Russian nukes in a 'limited' nuclear engagement might not seem quite so attractive to Trump when the Irish-American lobbiests go to town on him.   https://www.theguardian.com/world/2020/feb/24/limited-nuclear-war-game-us-russia?utm_term=RWRpdG9yaWFsX1VTTW9ybmluZ0JyaWVmaW5nLTIwMDIyNQ%3D%3D&utm_source=esp&utm_medium=Email&utm_campaign=USMorningBriefing&CMP=usbriefing_email https://inews.co.uk/news/politics/uk-trident-nuclear-warheads-replacement-us-1888149    
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Payday lenders and credit firms to pay for 'illegal money' enforcement teams

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