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I wouldn't worry about sending anything to quickquid - just prepare all the evidence that supports your case for when/if you need to escalate to ombudsman. It was quick quid whose responsibility to do the checks, not for you to supply it to them!



As I am sure you have read, quickquid will make you sweat the full 8 weeks then come back with some derisory offer

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Hi All,


Sorry I feel like I have asked so many questions, this will be my last I promise!


So QQ came back saying they will use the information they have internally so great.


So I am currently waiting to hear back from QQ and 2 other lenders (PDUK, Wonga) however I have not sent any of them a copy of my credit report to back up my case.


I have a 32 page report generated from Noodle in February which lists all the loans with all 3 PDL companies, am I advised to send this to QQ as additional info now?


Again any advice would be greatly appreciated.






I received generic email after generic email from Quickquid. I filled in absolutely no other questions they gave me and sent absolutely nothing else off to them. I just kept asking if their latest email was their final response. They finally replied saying that they have 8 weeks etc and will be in touch. That deadline passed yesterday so referred to FOS now, fingers crossed! Send them nothing else - though may be handy to keep hold of your credit report to sent to FOS to help your case if it goes that far!


As for your other complaints, I received a decent offer from Wonga after about 10-11 weeks of waiting for their final response, without going to FOS.


Payday UK is currently with the FOS.


Good luck!

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Hi Just been reading through your thread.



Have you tried to email the Uk CEO and the US CFO?



I got the same copy and pasted final response.

It didn't answer any of my concerns and even got the main issue right.

It mentioned my most recent loan and that was it.



Yesterday once I had calm down and had a good nights sleep I did a little digging.

I wrote an email to Mr Drew (UK QQ CEO)

Clare Hardy (named on the FCA register)

Daniel Feehan (USA Chairman of the board of QQ parent company Cash America)

Brent Stuart (Cash America CEO)



I wrote an email attaching my final response.

I also wrote to the media outlets who wrote articles about PayDay Loan especially the ones who wrote about QQ.

I copied in those above to them emails also.



An hour later I got a response from Clare Hardy,

she must be the lower level manager who answers to Mr Drew.



She's said that she will review my complaint herself but needed more time (I gave them by the close of business)

I have replied with a list of all my issues including this new one in regards to their complaint handling.



I've forwarded to her all my evidence and attachments.

Has this happened to anyone else and what was the outcome?



Hopefully Ill have some good news and pave the way for a second chance before the FOS.

Here's hoping!

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joncow, you ever get your case resolved or still outstanding?

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Just update on the CEO of QQ route. It does no good they just reject the complaint too. I have forwarded it on now to the Ombudsman and I am just waiting for an adjudicator to be allocated. Clare Hardy did give me the evidence they will be sending to the FOS and it was laughable. They had that I owned by home when I clearly do not and never have done. They also said I have worked at the same company throughout my history with them that's bull. The evidence spreadsheet they sent was created in 2013 hmmm very suspious.

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Hi all, sorry not been on


My case became quite interesting with going back and forward with the adjudicator. She eventually found in my favour from 2010 through to the end of the QQ loans in 2012 and asked Casheuronet to refund me the interest paid and 8%. This is where my loans went from £750 per week to £1350. It was from when I asked QQ for a refund so was happy with this.


She decided that the Pounds to Pocket loans were affordable as they were a much lower amount per month, and I earned a good wage (I did) so despite QQ and P2P being the same company, they did for a long time operate separately. I have to be honest I agreed with her, my salary was well over £2k per month, so a payment of £180 per month shouldn't have hurt me, but the QQ repayments of £1700 definitely did!


The findings went back to QQ and they decided to agree with her. The said they would repay the interest from June 2010, remove the loans from credit file, but use some of my refund to pay off my outstanding P2P loan, which is a bit cheeky as its up to date, never been in arrears and only had 4 months left on it. However, it saves me £226 per month going forward, so no issue there.


In total I received a £7k refund. It took around a week to go into my account, probably because I chased to find out when the P2P loan would be paid off


However in none of this was any mention of my flexi loan account, which I brought up with the adjudicator. She told me that QQ had not supplied any information for this account, which surprised me. She said as it was a flexible loan then repayments would be smaller and thought that as it was more like a P2P loan it would be unlikely to succeed. I then pointed out how much i'd borrowed, the fact it was at PDL rates and based on receiving the totals borrowed and repaid, I must have paid on average £395 per month in interest alone. This led me to believe that I must have had the max £1400 nearly every month.


She agreed to look at it again but I've not heard anything. I thought I was paying back around £600 per month then borrowing the other £200 back (a minimum payment so to speak) but I've gone back through my bank account today, and listed all the in going and outgoing for this account. Turns out most months I was repaying £1600 or more, so I'm hoping this will be upheld too, as its exactly the same as the PDL that were deemed unaffordable a year earlier. I've sent the adjudicator my findings. I'll update as soon as I have a response

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