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Argos, Missleading "1 days delivery" and Repeated poor service to our household. (RANT)

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So the issue itself is kinda "resolved" as I'm told to wait up to 4 days for it to arrive. But I'm left feeling misslead with the information that was provided when I made my order, and anoyed that whenever anyone from our household orders from Argos it always seems to encounter an issue!?


Basicly I orderd a game that was due for release today, and I chose argos as it stated specificly that if I placed it I would get "delivery within 1 days" shame that's not the case however. As it was only till after my payment had been processed did it give me the typical error of, "Unfortunaltey we're unable to confirm your order at this time and will email you soon when it has been confirmed" or well something along those lines at least.


Anyway I was paitent waited till the late morning which is now for any updates as I was expecting this today.So heard nothing and then I got in touch with Customer service, asked about the status of my order, I was calm and explained in detail what happend, they were short but quick to pass me onto someonelse who could handle with my queries.


When I mentioned that it specificly said "1 day delivery" they told me straight that they "doubt" it said that and was probably for dispatch instead. Which I could understand more if it actually said that, but it didn't so I felt like i'd been misslead and that apperently they "knew" what it actually meant or said despite me seeing it clearly worderd with the words " 1 day delivery" not dispatch.


They then proceeded to ignore my other quires and asked me to end chat and fill out the survey.


In regards with my other quries which were, with what happend with the system as it's not even able to send notifications out or update my orders status? Or will I even receive SMS notifications at least?? When can I expect to hear any updates???


And then from that service it got me thinking about how this kind of thing has happend before numerous times when we've orderd Cookers, and Washing Machines, Tumble dryers and all sorts from them.


I don't know why Me and my family keep trusting them probably becuase I had hopes they'd improve and it was all just unfortunate circumstances but this has been too often now and I'm just rather peeved and needed to vent.


Sorry if this isn't the right place or if my spelling/grammar is off, I maybe dyslexic but I'm not blind and can understand the meaning of the difference between the words Delivery and Dispatch.:mad2:


Honestly it'd be nice to know at least that I'm not the only one who's experienced repeated poor service so I feel less of a personal target by them even if it's unintentonal and just system/human errors.



Sincerly a foolish customer. :violin:

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I ordered an item using Fast Track which means you pay at point of ordering and then you can go to your local store and pick up without queuing. After ordering online and paying for it, I didn't receive the email confirmation to take to the local store. I rang Argos who informed that they "knew there was a problem with Fast Track orders and this happens frequently". So I asked where the money was that I had paid - the answer was it will be 5 - 7 days before you get it back into your account !! So - I had paid once, then had to pay again in store for the item and wait up to 7 days to get the money refunded for the Fast Track transaction - unacceptable ! what if I couldn't afford to pay twice ? disgraceful - beware of ordering with FS if the item is an expensive one


An email to the CEO of argos hasn't been replied to yet..............

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Wow... guess that's another service of theirs I'll have to be warey of... I really hope they get their ass in gear once the year starts rolling. They offer such conviniant ways to order things yet half the time they dont appear to go smoothly with anybody I hear from. :/


Thanks though for the input at least it's not just me.

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