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Souvenir / trophy hunters desecrate the bodies of dead whales !!

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I cant think of anything more disgraceful..







The majestic creatures are thought to have died at sea before beaching at Skegness in Lincolnshire and have since become something of a gory tourist attraction, with people taking selfies with the corpses and some scavengers even attempting to cut off 'trophies' from the creatures.


Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3417179/Ghoulish-trophy-hunter-caught-ripping-TEETH-one-dead-sperm-whales-washed-British-beach.html#ixzz3yTrKxcBg




Meanwhile shocking photos have emerged of a ghoulish trophy hunter was caught ripping teeth from one of the dead sperm whales washed up on a British beach.


Scavengers have been seen going down to the coast at night with knives and pliers to steal 'trophies' from the corpses.


One picture which was posted online shows a man, who has not been identified, apparently cutting out the teeth of one of the whales.


Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3417179/Ghoulish-trophy-hunter-caught-ripping-TEETH-one-dead-sperm-whales-washed-British-beach.html#ixzz3yTrhtgNb




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It is sad. I can understand some parents taking their children to see them as it will probably be the only chance in their life to actually see one of these huge creatures, it can, in that case, be treated as education but some of the things reported that others are doing is just disgusting.

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That is just sad. Nobody should be allowed to go near the poor whale.

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Coastal villagers have made use of bounty swept on to the beaches for centuries. In the past, a whale would have provided oil, meat, and bones to see a family through the dark winter months.


I wouldn't condemn anyone taking "trophies" from these whales. Just make sure they have a long hot shower afterwards and burn the smelly clothes.





No... you can't eat my brain just yet. I need it a little while longer.

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At least the whales were already dead...

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Just noticed this thread.

I am often roaming the shoreline and beautiful though it is at times you do see dead fish,birds,Giant woodlice creatures about 6 inches long,not sure what they are,jellyfish, porpoise,dolphins and it is sad to see.

Usually to myself when checking them out they look the Dolphin and Porpoise to have been hit by ships perhaps.

And muscular as you would expect fighting the oceans currents etc.


Boy did i look for a pod of Dolphins when they were spotted off the coast with a calf a while back.Never mind next time.


I collect the cuttlefish as well when coming across them.

A swimming marine mollusc that resembles a broad-bodied squid, having eight arms and two long tentacles that are used for grabbing prey. Its internal skeleton is the familiar cuttlebone, which it uses for adjusting buoyancy.

Kind of a buoyancy aid.


Now back to that magnificent mammal the Sperm Whale.I have looked into this Whale quite deeply,its migration patterns,what it eats many things.

Unfortunately these poor Whales may have taken a wrong turn and ended up in the North Sea which is shallow and found it hard to find food.

Perhaps starving.One theory anyway.

Eating squid perhaps needing one ton of food a day.

Because the sperm whale hunts for food well below the surface of the water sperm whales use echolocation to hunt for food and navigate the ocean.


In fact sperm whales have been recorded searching for foods at depths of up to 3,000 ft.


In order to obtain enough calories to maintain their energy and blubber supply an adult sperm whale can eat up to a ton of food per day or about 3% of its body weight.


Diving to the depths of the seas their favorite meal is squid.Yum yum.

Often found with scars to their heads,the Wales, making some wonder if and what size squid they have had battles with in the depths.

Getting visions of creatures we can only guess at the size of that are in our oceans.And the battles that they have.

I mean if you are a giant squid you would not be that pleased when a whale fancies you for lunch.And of course you would put your tentacles out and try to beat the Whale off.And they sure do damage.

A bad day at the office,for sure.


Now myself i have never seen a whale but imagine when you have,you would never forget the sight.

Very emotional perhaps seeing one close up.For the first time.


Sometimes when having Sunday dinner the Sperm Whale perhaps consumes a little to much squid and the bones irritate its stomach

and it is sick excreting a great amount,a hundredweight or more which floats about on the oceans for years

before perhaps even here in Great Britain landing on beaches in smaller pieces.

Musky smelling and bones of squid inside this is called Ambergris which is sought out by top Perfume manufacturers and myself as it is worth more than gold.


Now disposing of these Whales when unfortunately beaching costs councils worldwide a lot of money.

Usually when dying they would float to the bottom of the deep oceans and nature would take over.

I have read about explosives being use up to a ton put in a Whale hoping that the small pieces would then

be consumed by seagulls and the rest.

People gathered to watch and cheered and laughed as the explosion happened.

Not for long though.Everything for a quarter of a mile was cover in entails,etc.


Perhaps enough for now have i told you about the Blue Whale.No,just a little then.

The Blue Whale is the largest creature ever to have lived on earth. Their tongues alone can

weigh as much as an elephant. Their hearts, as much as a car.

A child could walk down the Aorta of a Blue Whale.


Let us remember the Sperm Whale and pay tribute to this Wonderful Mammal.Many more videos including battles with giant squid.

But this will do for myself.

Sperm Whale Diving


Oh dear i have gone on a bit again,the sperm whales were disposed off at night by workers and believed they went to landfill

Jan 28th 2016.

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