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Council landlord data protecton?

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Hi folks,


Can you help me out here in respect of the data protection act?

I'll explain in simple terms.


My partner has recently (a few weeks ago) added my name to the tenancy on this

local government landlord property.

We live together at this property and have done for a few years, our landlords are very well aware of this by the way.

All of our income goes into my partners bank account and she pays all of our bills from her bank account. its simpler tnat way and she micro-manages well.


Yesterday right out of the blue we received two seperate bills from our water supply company.

One to my partner and one to me.


My partner rang the water company to ask why and was told that our local government landlords had emailed them with my details and told the water company to add my name to the bill.

The water company closed my partners account and opened a new one with my name added to it.


Now, my partner is very angry about this because she pays the bill and not the local government landlords. It is her bill and she pays it from her bank account.

The problem we have is the local government landlord did not tell us or discuss it with us and neither did the water company.


What legal right if any does the landlord have to pass my information on to a thrid party and instruct them on my partners behalf or on my behalf?

As fas as we are concernd the water account has nothing to do with our landlords, they don't pay it.

If any arrears were incurred it would still have nothing to do with them. We are not in arrears with any payments by the way.


We are well aware of the dirty dishonest business of our local government landlords and have just won our compliants against them through one Ombudsman.

Our complaints against them is under investigation with another Ombudsman.

We do not trust our landlords at all in any way and I can't go into details for obvious reasons.

Lets just say they behave much like rogue private landlords and very childishly.


I will go to the ICO if needed, not a problem.

Any advice will be much apprecaited.

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I would check your tenancy agreement, chances are there is a clause saying you are responsible for all utility bills and they reserve right to pass your details on.


These people are used to dealing with people with sawdust between their ears.


I would never agree to my information being shared in this way


In fact the first thing I do is change the name on utility bills to a 3rd party, I pay the bills but it is my way of controlling data.

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