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Is getting sacked the end of the world?

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I am a very worried about getting sacked. If I got sacked, will I ever get another job?


Welcome to CAG MAtt...


What makes you say that? IF in all honesty you are worried then let me reassure you with a story.


I once upon a time worked for a large outsourcing centre that had a big media client on their books... One afternoon (After 20 months of service with said company) I told someone they couldnt speak to a manager and that there was no one available because they had all gone for lunch.

The chains then followed and i found out this person was the mother a very high up sky employee... I got dragged through the mud for this and ended up being sacked for bringing the company into disrepute. 6 weeks later i started for another company and since then Ive never had an issue of being sacked.


Morale of the story, You will always get back up on your feet, just keep focused if it does happen :)


It may feel like it though, some people function at 25% if they lose their job... Trust me, I know how it feels


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A lot will depend on your attitude to life Matt. If you are a rocket scientist and won't take any other job, then it could be hard, but should the worse happen and you are prepared to push a broom around a factory while you look for that scientific job, then you will have no problem.

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Hello Matt.


We've seen people before who have been sacked and they've moved on. They have normally been advised to tell the truth if the subject crops up, often at an interview if you explain the problem, the next employer will look on it favourably.


Another option is doing temporary work to build up your CV again.



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At first I would say yes I prob would feel like the end of the world but as another person on here said u get back up again and u start again! Everyone is strong in their own ways! I was on jobseekers for 5 years and out of a job for 8 years BUT I found a job early last year and ok I haven't been sacked (Who knows?) but no it's not the end of the world Matt.


Tell us wot's wrong?!


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I once tipped over a forklift in B&Q, destroying 3 pallets of goods. The chain of events that followed meant that the store manager was demoted, someone on my team got a final written warning, all of the forklift trucks across all 330 stores had to be rechecked and calibrated, and fitted with a limit of 1 ton, which meant all of the pallets weighing over 1 tonne had to be handled by an external company, costing £100,000's in total. For some reason they sacked me. I decided not to use them for a reference on my CV. Still got another job within a few months no problem.

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The speed you will find another job at will depend on the fiel you work in, how important a last employer's reference is and whether honesty was involved. There are many companies out there who can be classes as being bad employers so getting sacked from one of them will not necessarily have any real impact at all.

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