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    • At 12% I would pay it off, you will save a lot in interest and you will have the extra every week, which would have gone to your loan.   We had a similar decision to make last year, but chose the opposite course. Our mortgage was jut under 2% though and a three year Nationwide bond would give me 3.5%, so we put our money in there, for now.   Yes you can always do a early settlement, and they will refund your unpaid interest from the final bill. Ring them and ask for a settlement figure.
    • Oh dear Business secretary tested for Covid-19 after feeling ill during Commons speech   "During one vote, the minister voted straight after the culture secretary, Oliver Dowden, and immediately before the Labour MP Stephen Kinnock. He was also one of a few ministers who attended full cabinet, a source said. In another vote on the substantive motion, Sharma queued to vote immediately after Saqib Bhatti, the Conservative MP for Meriden, and just before Paul Scully, the Tory MP for Sutton and Cheam. "     'Most of his speeches make us feel ill was reportedly heard, as was, don't worry you can always claim universal credit and have your life transformed , although p[perhaps not for the better.       As the Mp's experience the Mogg supermarket Conga, some queueing for the very first time since waiting to enter their initiation chamber and the awaiting pigs head.   'Completely unacceptable that we should queue. I feel like a pleb at Morrisons must' was rumoured to be heard from some.     https://www.telegraph.co.uk/politics/2020/06/02/mogg-conga-mps-just-tried-mad-new-voting-system-total-chaos/  
    • Hi, we've received your message pointing out that this thread has received no replies and also asking us to delete it. First of all have to say that I'm very sorry that nobody has come back and commented on your letter – which looks very thorough and obviously because it appears that you've now had a result (according to your message) it has been very effective. Once again, I'm very embarrassed that you had no response to this thread. It's extremely interesting and I don't know why it has passed us by – except that everything is very difficult at the moment for everyone due to the crisis, and a rise in the number of problems been posted in other parts of the forum. You shouldn't have to do it of course, but I suppose that if we had received a contact message earlier pointing out that this thread needed attention, then we would have dealt with it. Once again, you shouldn't need to do that and I'm sorry. I'm afraid that we don't delete material. Everything contributes to the knowledge base and your circumstances seem to be so interesting they are especially useful to other people who might find themselves in the same position – and that's what makes our collection of stories here so useful. Finally, I have to congratulate you on the result. It would be very helpful if you would come and tell everybody exactly what has been agreed – and you think that it is a really fair result given the amount of time and trouble and embarrassment you have been put to. If we understand what has now been promised to you, we might be able to suggest some further move by you to claim some kind of compensation – but maybe you have managed that already. Once again, well done on having achieved a resolution of this problem. It's very good that you managed to get Vodafone to listen – most often they don't and that is one of the problems about this company. Please do let us know what happened
    • What makes you think they wont simply rewrite history, claim they did everything right, and blame labour despite the Tory majority? Mind you, that majority is undoubtedly Carbuncle labours fault     Its happening constantly, why would you think it will be different? eg: https://www.theguardian.com/world/2020/jun/03/britain-could-change-immigration-rules-for-hong-kong-citizens   Johnson spins a headline lie and swears its true despite his ministers going ... errr and the reality clearly going to be something different that Johnsons trumpesque headline  
    • The announcement comes as big companies respond to the mass protests over the death of George Floyd. View the full article
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Help with Concentrix

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All I seem to be reading about Concentrix, is horror stories.


I have recently moved and am being investigated for living with someone, however I am not,

after reading everyone's dealings with this company, I am getting concerned.


As I've just moved, I was unable to provide a years worth of bills, and as they very kindly sent me the letter on the 18th Dec

asking for the relevant date by the 7th Jan, there was no way I could ask the utility companies to send me a years supply of bills

as there was no guarantee I'd receive them by the deadline for mailing.


I send April to November bank statements, tenancy agreement, 1 gas/electric/water bill.

A council tax evaluation from the previous address, and an updated for the new address.

I am really concerned that it's not going to be deemed enough evidence.


I receive child maintain for my 3 children, and somethings family help if we're struggling, I'm worried that will affect things.


Can someone just put my mind at ease a little bit?

I can't afford for things to stop, because of evidence!!



We aren't living with anyone, so their shouldn't be a problem. I've just heard so many stories!


Also I sent my documents by Royal Mail Special Next Day before 1pm,

on the 5th Jan, it is, according to there system "lost in transit"!!!!!!



According to Concentrix it arrive on 9th Jan!!!



I could have lost my Tax Credits just for that!!!

Can I claim my money back for posting??


Thank you!!

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Well, I sent all my evidence (2nd Jan) and today received the all clear, so it's not all horror stories BUT i'm sure they'll find another way to try and stop my WTC.


My advice would be to get as many people as possible to write to them to confirm your situation and/or ask them for their permission to put their contact details in your covering letter to them so if Concentrix wish to contact them for their confirmation of your situation, then it's up to them to do so.


It's what I did and being open with them and offering them many opportunities to gain information from people you know, may make them realise you are hiding nothing.


Professionals/employers etc ideally, but anyone who has any clout will be useful. Copy in your local CAB and MP - plus landlord if you have one, and they'll know you are serious.


If you gain any more evidence in the meanwhile, send it in. Don't worry about reclaiming postage costs, you've enough to think about without that.

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