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Another Ingeus attempt at benefits sanction

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I always fill out the typical Ingeus template forms when doing a jobsearch at the Ingeus office, I fill in the job i've applied for and the website I have used but have never filled out the space where it asks the name of the company/agency the job belongs I've applied for is with.


Today I was told in pretty harsh terms I had to start filling this out or it was a sanctionable offence.


I record my jobs applied for on the Universal Jobmatch website and I have email evidence of all jobs applied for which I produce every time I sign on at the local job centre.


Does Ingeus have a right to see which company/agency I am applying for when I produce this evidence each fortnight when I go to the job centre and can they send a sanction to the job centre for me not putting down which company/agency I am applying for work at?


I'm applying and recording proof of at least ten jobs each day at home and when I'm on a "jobsearch" activity at the actual Ingeus office too.


Their claim today is that this is for their "records" but surely the only people who have a right to know which company/agency my applications are for is the job centre adviser when I sign on each fortnight and whom I provide the evidence of job search to every time?


Could anyone please provide any feedback or information? Thanks.

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I had (almost) the same issue with A4e when I was in their clutches. Instead of leaving the boxes blank, I'd use abbreviations or initials. It took them a few weeks to notice, along with a change of "adviser", at which point they insisted on names. By the time of the next appointment, the quality of my handwriting had deteriorated to the point of being almost illegible (I was reacting badly to some prescription drugs which made holding a pen very painful). The first comment from them was "I can't read your handwriting", to which I responded "your literacy skills are not my problem, if you need help I suggest you enrole yourself on one of the courses this company provides". Nothing more was said on the subject :madgrin:


In few of the current stricter compliance requirements and the sanction happy culture, I would not recommend a confrontational response. Whilst the JCP are the only ones who require full details, you do have to consider that these Work Programme "advisers" can raise a benefit doubt under the catch-all heading of "Failing to Participate".


If they are just telling you the information is for their records, ask how retaining this information is of benefit to yourself and will it improve their ability to help you find work.


Have you signed a consent form allowing them to retain and process your personal information ?





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I am in a similar situate, however I am 67 and in receipt of attendance allowance which I have had for many years (bad feet). I live in Glasgow. I received a letter from the DWP alleging Benefit Fraud and inviting me to an interview! I was quite nervous about it, however I happened to speak to a friend who had used a lawyer at interview. He says that leaving it to the last minute is a bad idea. He told me that attendance allowance is a non-sanctionable benefit and this means it cannot be stopped (even if the benefits office investigation goes against me).




There is also a list on the dwp website, but that is slightly different.

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Hello and welcome to CAG.


This thread is two years old, it's best to start a new thread of your own for further advice.


Best, HB

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